Tipsy Taco and Cantina

505 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 890-5581

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Monica Cervantes

I just love the menu and happy hour variety. Great atmosphere and service !! Cadillac drinks were so good!! Yesenia, our server was awesome! We keep going back for more!!

Maria A.

Those who know me know tacos are my life. LIFE and as a vegetarian tacos can range wildly. I am here to tell you this is hands down the BEST VEGETARIAN TACO I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of vegetarian tacos. #1 grilled vegetables #2 fresh vegetables #3 best flavor combination #4 tortillas perfect compliment. There is attention and love and you can taste the care. Again the BEST VEGETARIAN TACO I have ever had. Embarrassing to say but I almost cried when telling Jesse how phenomenal his food is. Plus great ambiance and great service. There are no compromises here. None -full package

R M.

Went there a little while ago, service was extremely slow and our server mostly ignored us even though barely anyone there. Still left her 15% on a large bill that was a big part pitchers of margaritas so she barely had to do anything. She must have decided she did a better job because charge on my cc was more than receipt. Called and left a message and have never heard back.

Angelica Sandoval

My order was messed up and not like I asked at all. There was so much sour cream in the burrito that it couldn't be eaten. Plus not only did it have what I requested it not to have (because of a food sensitivity) but it didn't have what had been asked for. The birria didn't even have consomme with it. Then I guess they were out of an appatizer I ordered and just chose to send something else in it's place without telling me. Talk about getting home to be upset when that was the one item you ordered for yourself. No communication. Still upset and was going to let it go but come on I paid for us to eat and I didn't even get what I asked for and someone else couldn't eat their food because food sensitivity. Smh. No thanks.

Morgan K.

I LOVe this place. Queso Birra tacos are amazing, the Sandia con Chile is my favorite drink, great staff that remembers our order, good music and a fun vibe.

Ricci Pharr

So good! Both the service and the food were great! My friends shared some elote and Carne asada nachos and I had the chicken tostada. Everything was delicious and we can't wait to come back.

Brooks Nelson

I have been ordering from this establishment since the middle of the pandemic and I have been very satisfied with the food,Margaritas and service even though they use Grubhub for delivering. I will continue supporting them

Jay J.

So tonight, I never really had a bad experience here but I guess there's a first time for everything. I did not appreciate how when we first arrived the woman seating us had an attitude off bat. She announced, " our kitchen is closing in 20 minutes." Which is understandable but rushing customers isn't the way to go. Then we placed our orders for our drinks. As our drinks were in the way I had ask my sibling what they ordered for a drink and her remark to my question TO MY SIBLING WAS, "I don't have many hands so I have to go back and get the other drinks!" I was confused at that point because I was just asking what he order yo him not questioning why she didn't bring his drink. So at this point I AM UNCOMFORTABLE. Then my little sister found a piece of plastic film in her horchata shortly after, like plastic film labels that are on water bottles. And instead of correcting her drink right away she left the drink on the table and asked us for our order. With my loss of appetite I decided not to order further but my siblings went ahead and made their orders. Idk what it was but one thing after another just kept putting off bad vibes from this woman. I honestly never had her as a waitress but it is believed that she is the owners wife. Idk what to believe but I am never tolerating that much disrespect ever again. And honestly, I was trying to make the best out of tonight. And when I tried, I died. Fail. F+++ for this place. And if I return I expect something to change with her attitude. That's not the face you want to portray to this community.

flaquis lovely

I went yesturday with my hubby and I ordered a birria plate and orchata drink but I did not love itIt wasnt that amazing as it looksWorkers were nice and treat you well so no complaints about that ?But I think they have to pay more attention on flavor ?Oh also chips were not great ?And bathrooms need attention in cleaning ??

Noah Langley

Today we happened to walk by since another establishment didn’t have a bar and the environment felt a bit off. As we walked in we saw a friendly face as Jesse greeted my group. The friendly staff took care of all of our needs in a timely manner and the menu was amazing. We all got something different and sampled each others items. (My spicy shrimp burrito was off the hook!)we are definitely going back!

bud barcelo

The quesabirria tacos are the best I have had in Santa Rosa. The tipsy tacos are a great choice as well. Great service and personable staff.


Great food great staff great location can't say nothing much more everything was great

Sonoma County Food Blog

The fish tacos and taquitos (not pictured) were so crispy and tasty. I absolutely loved their Michelada, it was delicious and perfectly spiced.

Sonomacounty F.

The fish tacos and taquitos (not pictured) were so crispy and tasty. I absolutely loved their Michelada, it was delicious and perfectly spiced.

Sarah F.

Terrible. Just terrible. I had lunch there today (Wednesday, May 5, 2021), upon sitting down I was greeted with ants along the windowsill and table. The queso appetizer was poorly prepared. I then ordered chicken taquitos and ate 3 outta 5 of them. When I was finished, I paid and left. Only to have a tingly feeling in the back of my throat. I sat outside for some air (i made sure to be away from outdoor seatings and windows visible. Only to regurgitate my entire $63 meal. With a health score of 67 is very dangerous. They have some cross contamination issues to clear out, and ensuring utensils are cleaned. As well as sanitizing in between customers. Very dissatisfied

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