Bonchon South San Francisco

2278 Westborough Blvd Suite 208, South San Francisco
(650) 636-4192

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Erica M.

If you love crunchy sweet chicken, you need to order from here. I was introduced to this place by a buddy and had their boneless chicken cold and thought to myself, this needs to be ordered fresh. It is like crunchy chicken heaven with a twist of sweet! You can order ahead and pick up or they will walk it out to you curbside.

Manish R.

Food is great though a bit overpriced. You can't go wrong with their wings. I tried their fried rice multiple times and it's good too. Their Korean tacos were stuffed with a lot of meat but were too soggy to my liking. Their ordering and pick up system is a total mess and is why the rating is just 3. I had to wait 20min in a line on multiple occasions just to pick my order which was ordered an hour earlier. The food was ready but they have the same queue for people making fresh orders and for those picking up online or phone orders. It's as stupid as it could get. Meanwhile, those who ordered via apps like Doordash, UberEats or Grubhub are served immediately. I thought I was doing a service by making an order directly from their website but apparently not! They have an annoying bug in their website while making an order which just clears the card details when the pick up time needs to be changed. The overall experience to order and pick up is a total hassle but the food kinda makes it up. Tests your patience!

Tennyson Zhu ..

I ordered a 30 piece combo and several sides. I come here all the time, and I usually overlook the overpriced wings, but today I could not stand the portion sizing here. I paid $12 for this handful size plate of popcorn shrimp that doesn't even have any shrimp. It looks 0% like the picture in the menu and it has no meat. The fries make up maybe 1 potato for $7. If you eat indoors back in the day, it was not like this. I get that you are losing business, but it isn't hard to treat the customers that keep coming back in the right way. I am very upset with this previous order and I hope that they fix their portion sizing with Togo orders. I can't say I will ever order any sides from this place again since it's not worth it.

Art Trino

Chicken wings were good. No dine in yet and there was a decent line to order and a wait for the food to be ready

Christy V.

First let me say their service is just ok. The lady got our order wrong over the phone. Said our order will be ready at 12:15p-12:30p. Got there at 12:30p and said it's only half order which we ordered full. Made us wait another 45 min -1hour additional outside while we see everyone's order come and go even the ones they just order. I think they forgot our order till we got there. We did call them before they open too. We have plenty of time to waste...So what's another hour or so of waiting (joking). Ok now the flavor. It's ok. Not all that. The crunch is not that crunchy and light on the flavor. I rather go to other traditional Korean restaurants with way better fried chicken. Oh yes, I also been to Korea and Korea is better. Anyway. Would I order from here again? No. I mean it's not bad just not worth the drive and wait.

Rigoberto C.

I love the wings here. I've had wings from a lot of places and bon chon is my go to for wing Wednesday. Haven't tried other food on the menu but I bet it's all good. The spicy wings come with a kick at the end of the bite it burns so good. I recommend the wings soy if you don't like the spicy.

Alicia L.

I always get the Korean wings large for family or at friends get togethers! I always get split it 50/50 soy garlic and spicy. You get to pick a small side of either cole slaw or pickled radish- I always get pickled radish since it's a more refreshing taste. They currently only do take out,I recommend calling in advance to place an order since it gets pretty cold waiting for your food. The line gets packed during peak hours like lunch / dinner time. They also separated the lines by pick ups and orders.

Liann A.

I previously taught English and lived in South Korea and I love Korean fried chicken that I'm always on the search. My favorite place in Korea was Kyochon and Bonchon would be the closest thing to Kyochon in the Bay Area. We pre ordered online for a gathering of 8 adults and we got half spicy and half regular chicken. Their drumsticks are huge and surprisingly filling. I really like the crispy ness and texture of the skin. They come with radishes on the side to help cleanse the palette and compensate for the taste. Can't go wrong with Bonchon's chicken wings. Pick up was easy also. Parking is really easy, it's located in a shopping plaza so there's plenty of parking available.

Anita C.

The chicken is pretty crispy but definitely has a lot of batter as some people have mentioned. The food is pretty consistent and is similar to other locations in the chain. I have had instances where I call but they don't pick up. It's during operating hours so then I usually just go to get the takeout. The people are friendly that take my order. It's just that you have to wait which is not that great. It's nice that you can order online too for pickup but it's not as flexible.

Daniel Prochazka

Had it delivered after the great sfgate review. I was hoping for the best, but... The chicken is supposed to be the highlight, but it was tough, dry and not particularly flavorful. 3 stars because the other items were good. Not amazing, but good. I won't be ordering again.

Serramonte M.

Taste and services are very poor. Bon Chon plain chicken. I requested extra flavour when I ordered. Because I ate nearly plain taste on every pieces last month .Today order is the same. Disappointment .

B O.

This is the first time at this restaurant. My son brought over some chicken last week. And WOW he told me to check out Bonchon in Westborough Square. So here I am today. I purchased 10 piece garlic soy chicken. And it is one of the best chicken I ever tasted. The wings and drums were good sized too. I'm sold as a regular customer now.

Gary B.

COVID has really ravaged this restaurant! I visited over a year ago and the line to get in was out the door! During my recent visit they didn't allow anyone in the restaurant. They've become a food truck! They take orders and after some time they call your name to pick up your food....they were busy but I miss the energy. I'd recommend calling in your order, particularly if you're hungry! There isn't a Bonchon near where I live( So Cal), so coming here and partaking in the awesomeness of there chicken was #1 on my list. My GPS was set to this restaurant first as opposed to my hotel! Despite the COVID challenges ; it's still all about the food! I ordered the "pork buns" which are a solid meal, awesome! You can't wrong with pork belly! But I couldn't leave without some chicken with the spicy sauce! To die for! So, so good ! Before driving back to So Cal, I ordered a 10 piece chicken drumstick and happily ate all the way home! I even had the foresight to save a piece for my wife! I hope, as things get back to normal, this place will get there too!

Shey D.

Their chicken is like crack, I can't stop eating it. Bonchon is our go to place when my family and I are craving chicken. Our fave order is half spicy and half soy garlic with the daikon radish. That order is always on point. The chicken has a great crunch. The spicy flavor is really spicy, the soy garlic flavor is perfect if you do not like spicy.

Elma V.

Highly appreciated n thank you so much for d honesty of d staff in South San Francisco, where I left my wallet n I realized d next day and still intact with my impt. Credit card n my driver's License I never failed to order your soooo Good fried Korean chicken ..every time I visit d city.God bless you all d Staff

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