Country Cottage Cafe

238 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 873-5478

Recent Reviews

Ara M.

Picked up breakfast during a recent trip to San Francisco. Good, hearty food at reasonable prices served with a smile.

Torp Lyndon

What a very delicious food! That was really amazing and it breaks my diet. The place was also good. Highly recommended.

Rose Davis

Great ambiance, fast and friendly service, and amazing food. It has a classic/throw back feel to it. Easy parking too.

Ellen C.

Just thought about this little restaurant today. I had a chance to visit this diner in July 2019 right before I left the Bay Area, and it certainly was one of my best memories. The owner offered one of the most awesome services I've ever had in my life, and their signature cheesecake is such a delight. I look forward to enjoy their delicious cheesecakes in the future.

Daniel Peterson

This restaurant is the one I always prefer. I eat in many restaurants but to this restaurant I go the most. The stuff is very cordial and the cuisine they cook is so tasty. I would always prefer to have a good dinner here. I highly recommend this place.

Kraft Punk

A delightful sort of "greasy spoon" kind of place as some might call it. The place is small and from what I can tell very accustomed to being busy. The cooks have their game together and crank out food as fast as possible without jeopardizing the food. I had and avocado and bacon omelette with hash browns. It's simple honest breakfast, no tricks. I dig it.

Erika M.

Loved the French toast!!!!!!! And they have fresh squeezed orange juice! French toast took about 15 min to cook (it was slow due to pandemic). Glad I satisfied my sweet craving here!

Cristin F.

This place is amazing!!!!! We did not expect this little place to serve up some flame like this. Most definitely bringing anyone who comes to visit me to country cottage cafe!

Jovanna G.

Delicious food and great service! The gentleman taking orders was funny. We got the monte critso and the bacon avocado eggs Benedict and both were sooooo food. The best part was the Japanese cheese cake! Will definitely be going back

Kirkwood Donavin

Just stopped in to ask for a water bottle fill. They were way friendly about it, thought that was nice. :-)

k p.

This place is amazing and under-rated. The food is excellent (I ordered the avocado toaast and mushroom spinach omelette with rye bread and really enjjoyed the meal. You can tell the chef uses quality ingredients), the owner is a very, welcoming nice lady who came to check whether I was happy with the meal, which of course I was, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Definitely check this place out, especialy if you're in the brunch mood!

Bianka Gonzalez

Small and cozy little spot in South San Francisco. Tasty and filling breakfast. Our waiter, which might have been the manager or owner, was extremely friendly. He even convinced us to try a Japanese cheesecake and we said "why not!? since it was our last day. OM, I can absolutely say that I do not like cheesecake at all, but this one was absolutely delicious! Nothing like cheesecake, although you can taste it subtly. So yummy! Would definitely recommend!

William Litten

I've been coming here for awhile now. It's a small restaurant and the food is great. Their hash browns are unique in that they basically take home fries, put them on the griddle with a bunch of oil, smash them down with a spatula so the potatoes spread out and get crispy. Also, their french toast is fantastic.

Christopher Gomez

The meals and service were ahead of my expectations. We truly enjoyed the environment of this place. Amazing spot to take my family out for lunch.

Maria A.

Omg perfect hole in the wall! Don't let the looks deceive you it might look small but it's the perfect little place for a great American breakfast! My husband is a breakfast lover. He could eat breakfast morning, luch, and dinner and he is very hard to please. So when I find little restaurants like this is always a treat. We order the French toast, milky chocolate chip pancake, huevos rancheros, and the spicy andouille sausage, red pepper, and cheddar cheese omelette. And our server who I think is the owner, (mom and pops restaurants are always the best) offered the Japanese cheese cake to go along with my coffee... Nevertheless it was delicious. Everything was very good. Perfect timing. Friendly service. And child friendly. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the food! It looked to good to stop. But I was able to catch the pancake before my daughter devoured it. Definitely recommend. It was yummy! Reasonable prices.

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