Fil-Am Cuisine 2

321 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 871-5010

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On DoorDash it says unavailable for pickup/delivery. Their website is running but it doesn’t show menu. They never answer the phone, not sure if their phone # is up to date since it rings for a long time then an invalid beep at the end. I can’t tell if they’re even open to take orders because there is never parking available where I can get out of my car to check.

Irene C.

No wonder this location isn't busy.. food isn't fresh. Never again. The pancit I bought was a bit slimey and not fresh at all. I was very disappointed because it was a medium tray that I purchased.

Maria D.

I stopped in San Bruno on the way back home from a family weekend trip to the bay area. I parked and we took a walk up and down Grand Street. There were lots of places to choose from, but Fil-Am caught my eye. The food smelled and looked delicious from outside. I walked in hoping they had indoor dining, but it wasn't available. My family and I ordered to-go. Customer service wasn't the best. The women behind the counter weren't rude, just not warm and hospitable like you would expect going into any establishment. I chose the 2 item plate with rice. I wanted pancit too. When I asked if I could do half and half, that is, half pancit/half steamed rice, the woman said, "oh, okay", but then seemed to have said something regarding the change in a different language to two other women who were also behind the counter. I'm not sure but felt this as they all turned in sync to look at me. I suppose it could have been something else. She had already filled the plate with all rice, so of it was regarding the change, I would have been okay with her saying "no". I always think it doesn't hurt to ask. In any case, I was given half and half. I asked for a BBQ chicken skewer and pork adobo as my two sides. The food itself was really good. My plate was packed too! My favorite was the bbq chicken skewer. It was cooked well and very flavorful. The pancit was a great choice, and I'm glad she added it as half. I mixed it in with the rice because the steamed rice seemed a bit overcooked. Adding the juices from the pork adobo made everything even better. I really loved the vinegar and bay leaf flavors the adobo had. The food overall was delicious.


I found about 2 hairs in my food don’t go here

Saoimanu S.

This place piles the food on! They give you enough for two satisfying meals. I really enjoyed the chicken adobo. The flavor was a nice balance between sweet and salty and the meat was super tender. I also ordered the sausage and it was well cooked and juicy. I wanted to try the pancit so I ordered the small, but it was a bit of a let down. The "small" size is a narrow plate that is not small at all. Like I said, they're not greedy. But the noodles were a little too mushy for me. The flavor was fine, but the texture was a miss. Despite that, if I were in the south SF area and wanting some Filipino food, I wouldn't mind stopping here again.

Christian F.

Ay, do you like good, cheap Filipino food and do not give an absolute f whatsoever about whether the one packing your food gives a rat's booty about how your day is going? If so, this place is for you! Pick your food turo-turo style (essentially, point at what you want), pay the Tita or Lola at the front, and gtfo of there! That's how we roll, dagnabbit! Don't need to get fancy-schmancy with your credit cards and your dogecoins and whatnot - bring cash and an open mind is alls I am saying... Straight to the point, my favorites are the Filipino-style pork and chicken skewers, Turon, as well as the grilled eggplant with egg. Everything else on the menu is standard faire and tastes pretty good, provided that you had the timing to buy the food when they are freshly made. Otherwise, you will probably end up spending $20ish for 2 days worth of food, so they got that going for them and that is certainly good enough for me.

Janet B.

Good food, but DAMN!, CASH ONLY, AND don't try to pay with an older $100 bill. They won't take it. She said, "I'm not trying to say your money isn't good, but..." WTF???!!! Maybe they should've said that before I went there so I brought a 2 fresh Bennies. Just sayin'

Bruce Sylvester

The food is good

LovesToEat S.

This spot it alright. Their prices are affordable and it's genuine Filipino cooking. Sometimes with low prices go with quality. One time, I ordered their chicken skewer, it was seasoned well, but some of the chicken was almost raw. It's hard to tell if the chicken is fully cooked or not because of the sauce it's covered in. Be warned - though they're cheap and it looks cooked from where you're standing. I'd say, cut the pieces to double check if it's fully cooked before taking your first bite.

David Gold

Fil-Am is AMAZING. My whole family loves the Chicken Skewers. I could eat 200 of them


Our go to spot for Filipino bbq. Friendly staff and great food!

Benjamin Scarborough

Great Filipino fast food. Good portions.

Leah C.

Horrible customer service. I have no idea how they got the ratings they did as neither ladies who was working paid no attention nor bother to acknowledge other customers aside from the two Philipino women they were helping which btw took hours just pure acceptable I didn't bother to get any food from their supposed business

Mimi W.

Today 11/20/2020 i stoped by after finished my routine walking exercise , try to get something When on the counter just realized i did not bring enough cash. So i asked to change the item which It match the cash i had. But unfortunately the lady who was at the counter register acted so upset and gave the attitude and dirty look and raise her voice, i got treated like i ask for a free food. so discrimination and really unacceptable with her behavior the way she treat the customer. And she does not look like an employee but an owner. If so then she has to know better how to take care the customer and treat them with respectful without only just look or measure the customer from their appearance . Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Ron M.

Best bbq in town Filipino style. I always get their bbq over rice and get the two item combo over rice as well.

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