Golden Gate Produce Terminal

131 Terminal Ct # A, South San Francisco
(650) 583-4886

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(Translated by Google) Excellent assortment of fruits and vegetables Free and easily accessible parking(Original)Excelente surtido de frutas y verduras estacionamiento gratis y de fácil acceso

Bruce Hanks

Typical produce market, busy, tight parking and a mad house. Otherwise as normal as can be

Luc א

Early AM

Felipe Sanchez

(Translated by Google) Perfect place to find organic and produce too(Original)Perfecto lugar para encontrar produce y orgánica también

Rudolfo Varela

It was a Zoo

Peter Carcione

I may be a little biased on this one, but this is a good place to buy produce :)

Steven Hernandez

It's amazing, here in South San Francisco away from all the traffic and commute- Bay Area Herbs And Specialties for fruits, herbs and flowers.

Drew B.

If you are insomniacs like us, get sugar loaded at the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts Airport Blvd branch and go browse the wholesale aisles here. Drop by during worker's break around 2am-3am, and you should be able to browse the market without dodging forklifts as much. The floor managers may also be more relaxed by then. Feel free to ask for price (displays rarely have them listed) if you want a case of something. The regulars with shop licenses will get the best deals, but you are still getting a few dollars off here (do your research). They take and print your orders, you take your sheet to the cashier counter to pay. We like fresh squeezed oranges and a case here will save you an average $8-$10 vs supermarket prices and no extra tax. Be ready to fork over cash for "small" purchases.

Billy D.

If you have the urge to swim upstream to find where your food comes from, this is for you. Plan on dodging forklifts, getting weird looks, and not having any idea on prices -- but you'll see some unique items in huge quantities. If you're looking to buy produce by the case or palette, this place is also for you, because they will not sell individual items. This is not a farmers market, it's literally two giant shipping docks dedicated to produce. The website is misleading - they start recieving at 10pm. To buy produce or visit, get there between 5am - 7am; after that some stalls will start to close up. Thanks to management for allowing general public to stop by. I'll be back to get a taste at the onsite bar.

Johnny S.

Good prices good produce and the emoyees are really friendly always a pleasure coming here

Vir S.

Security guard charge me $20 entry fee. was not giving me receipt. And he was Talking rudely.

Paul S.

what people should know is that the golden gate produce terminal is a food hub, a place where local and small growers, produce from across california and from other countries come together and is made available to stores, school, individuals and the general public. the terminal is open to the public! they dont sell pounds and baskets though, but cases and boxes of apples to zucchini and everything in between are available to individuals, caterers, restaurants and anyone else who wishes to buy seasonal and fresh produce harvested locally the day before, or shipped from far away. its a true experience, and one which anyone who cares about food quality, safety, selection and availability should come and experience. give it a try, all are welcome and wholesalers at the GGPT are always happy to see a new face. you dont have to arrive early, but coming when everything is put away and stalls are closing is wasting the experience at hand. 6 to 8 am are the optimal times to visit, its thick with traffic and bustle, but when you walk around and see everything you could possibly see at a grocery store but far fresher and with greater variety, it will amaze you! directly off the 101, its a snap to get to. make a visit! take a tour, and take home an amazingly fresh reward you can easily afford. its where the people you currently buy produce from get their produce.

Marty S.

Not for the feint of heart. This is a wholesale terminal for produce. Most business takes place in the early hours. Very early. So you will most likely miss out on the good stuff that day. This is also where Hogan's bar is located. It's inside the terminal in the left side. Bldg B I think. Watch out for people, forklifts, cars, 18 wheelers, and delivery trucks.

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