Grill City

3573 Callan Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 243-6107

Recent Reviews

Cara G.

Pictures online are very deceiving. I ordered from door dash and my tilapia was burnt.

Mz J.

Warning! Do not eat here or pick up food to go. The pancit palabok had dry hard noodles and no taste. I found fish bones in it. WTH?! The Kare Kare is watery and didn't have any peanut butter taste. There was barely any meat!

Wendell U.

Poor management. Whoever owns & operates this place has no value for its customers. They have items in their menu that they don't continously sell yet enjoy causing delays to the food delivery companies by making the drivers wait while they call the customer exactly the same time the driver arrives to pick-up the orders to convey they do not have it available. I stopped ordering from Grill City for over haf a year thinking things would have improved due the on going Covid19 situation. Well guess what today I ordered & tried their double combo again & just to find out last minute they do not have my choice that they were selling in their menu. And this order was placed as early as 11AM & Door Dash estimate for delivery was between 12:08 - 12:18 PM. The lady the Door Dasher passed me to only notified me at 12:17PM that they don't have what I like? Now the order was delayed by another hour. Pure disconcern from their staff & they could probably do better by closing their business to save everyone the inconvenience ordering from their restaurant in the near future.

K Mcmillan

Filipino food and the feeling here is great. stopped in on a tuesday. the staff was very kind and attentive. the prices are fair for the quality of food. they have so many reviews for a reason.

Sandy L.

If I am in South San Francisco, I'll typically make a stop to this little plaza and hit up Seafood City for some grocery shopping and pick up take out from Grill City. I usually only get the BBQ meat sticks which is buy 4 get 1 free - so 5 sticks for $14.99 (price as of 1/3/2021). You can choose pork or chicken, both are pretty good. Cook some rice and veggies at home and it's an easy dinner!

Lourdes A.

The servers here are not the friendliest of all...they should smile and greet you "good morning"...Maybe they are just in a hurry to get your order and bye bye!!

Their breakfast special 3 for $12.95 should at least include the tapsilog not just longsilog, spam silog, tuyo, etc. some other Filipino places are included.

They give generous portion though but their rice is super sticky. No good.

Geraldine Christine Co

Great place to get Asian goods and products from the Philippines

Aletta A.

got delivery from DoorDash and everything was correct and delicious. I got the pork belly meal with mungo, bibinka, 2 waters and a mango juice. i loved that they also gave me a side of that vinegar sauce stuff. all my food was still warm when I got it, even the bibinka which is one of the best I've had, or maybe it's that I haven't had it in forever. regardless, it was all yummy af!!

Ana Jasso

I wish there's a negative star. This place don't deserve a star. Ordering system is so bad. Its so complicated to order food. If you're a light eater don't go here. You have to order a big meal. They won't sell you food just enough for yourself, have to order for the whole family. BS

Michael Y.

Trend Alert! This is the plaza to be for Filipino cuisine! We have been coming here for years and just want to voice our enthusiasm as we notice the surge in popularity in recent years. Yes!

David K.

It's hard to go wrong with the grilled selections at Grill City, located inside the food court at the Seafood City supermarket! This is Filipino fast food at its simplest--the most basic meal comes with two generous scoops of steamed rice, a selection of grilled meat/fish, and a "classic entree" from the steam table. My pick was the grilled jumbo squid and the grilled half bangus (milkfish), both of which were stuffed with a mixture of chopped tomatoes and onions. Both of the proteins were simple yet tasty, though perhaps a bit underseasoned. For my sides, I chose the Ginisang Ampalaya (bittermelon with egg) and the classic Chicken Adobo, a stew made with vinegar and soy sauce. Both of the sides were also underseasoned, and the chicken adobo turned out quite watery and had lots of boney pieces of chicken (not much meat). Overall for the price, Grill City still made for a decent, value meal, though perhaps nothing worth going out of the way for.

Malynne Gonzales

This is my go to Asian store. Today I went to get some items and found out they charged for plastic bags. Since we can’t bring our own bags due to the Covid-19, it’s not right we have to pay. I asked the cashier to get the manager and she said he isn’t there. I called and no answer. Disappointed. So to the manager, you need to help the people and don’t charge us for plastic bags. Shame on you Seafood City.

F Bradshaw

Hire people that want to work. Cashiers repel items the store sells and causes delay in moving the lines. This results in long waits. Then those that supposed to resolve lines with people cutting between social distancing dismiss concern and continue to wipe down tables that are closed to customers. What a waste of paid people. this store should not be supported by public. Nor receive any incentives for calling them workers

Anthony M.

Pork adobo with binakbet was side dishes that someone will get sick from. BBQ pork tasty also squid. Will never try their side dishes again. Sick going home.

Emm H.

Amount of meat on bbq pork skewers has been cut in half. They were over priced to begin with but now with half the amount they're practically stealing my money. Would love to give 0 star if I could!

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