Hung To Seafood Restaurant

221 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 877-0828

Recent Reviews

Kevin Montalvo

They're still going construction/remodeling, but their dim sum is delicious! I mostly get shrimp items, and theirs are some of the best in the area!

Pauline Tom

Marvelous, tasty dim sun. Reservations accepted. Fast, courteous service. Make selections from card with photos of each option.

Christine C.

If you don't know anyone works there or you are not a regular customer, don't go there, customer cut in line even I've been waiting for a table, they gave the table away to someone came after me because they are a regular

William Garnsey

My favorite Dim Sum on the Peninsula. Not fancy but very delicious

Bernard T.

Great place for dim sum for lunch and live seafood for dinner! One of my favorite lunch places.

Tammy Liu

Not a very large restaurant, seating was very close together, tight space. Service ok. Good CP! Dim sums in general were a bit above average.


Checked this place out while I was waiting for my tire to be changed. It was amazing and I will definitely be back.

Anne 2.

My family and I usually go to this restaurant at least four times a year. But due to Covid, we weren't able to go to the restaurant until recently. When I first walked into the restaurant, no one greeted me and I had to keep asking if we could be seated. We finally got seated and had to flag someone to take our order after 10 minutes of waiting. We had to ask for the tea, but before the waiter used to bring it as soon as we were seated. They have a new system where you have to check off what you want in a pamphlet (no worker explained the new way to place your order). I miss the old way when the ladies walked around and you got to choose the dim sum right there and then. They should have left alone the traditional "original" way to order dim sum - that was part of the ambiance and experience. The food was fine, but the customer service was lacking. Probably won't go here again anytime soon.

Amy -.

TL;DR - dim sum breakfast and Monday-Thursday they offer dim sum for dinner! This restaurant is located a little away from major restaurant row in South city, it's next to a Jack-in-the-Box and across from The Night Market. The parking lot is pretty spacious. We got there around noon on a Monday and got seated pretty quickly - maybe 15 minutes. The restaurant is not that big, but the seats here are normally for 4 people or more, it's great for big groups. The food and service were the highlight of this spot. We ordered 6 things: - Shu mai - not my favorite, but definitely still good - Sticky Rice w/Chicken in Lotus Leaf - there were two of them, about medium size, it was really good but also kind of gelatinous - Vegetarian Dumpling - filled with mushrooms, carrots, etc. I loved the skin/wrapper! - Shrimp crepe - the shrimp had a bounciness to it, really awesome. - Dumpling/potstickers in nest - i don't know if this is the name of it, but it was sooooo good. It was a pork dumpling that was filled to the brim, with a crispy side. I recommend this. We ended up having the leftovers for dinner. - Tofu Skin Roll - I know this sounds funny, but it's fried and crispy with shrimp inside! I loved this one so much i would order it again in a heart beat. The service was great, they came and refilled our water and were really attentive. I liked this spot a lot. I'd come back here and invite friends.

Steve Chin

Delicious food and friendly service. We ordered 9 dim sum dishes and an order of beef chow fun (big plate!!), total came up to only $87 and left overs to bring home! Highly recommended.

Sally X.

Good food and good service. My family come here for Dim Sum every weekend. They serve Dim Sum at dinner too


Seated and was asked which tea we wanted. Before we even answered a pot of tea was given to us.2 out of the 5 dishes we wanted were not available so we had to choose other dishes. Not a huge deal but of the 5 dishes we did order, all were not seasoned properly or undercooked. The Westlake Beef Soup lacked salt. The Shiso Spareribs was too salty. Beef with Mushrooms was lacking seasoning. The Hand Shredded Chicken was not hand shredded and needed salt. Very obviously cut with a knife and they left bones in the dish. The Braised Lamb Clay Pot was still tough. It didn't arrive under after we almost finished the other dishes and we had to ask a waiter to check on it. What's funny is the waitress asked how the dish was and we told her the meat was still tough. Her reply was that it was cooked that morning and walked away.It wasn't just our food that wasn't good. The table next to us complained their crab dish needed more salt.Last thing was the rice. We had a table of 4 and the waitress asked if we wanted rice. Well, yea, of course we do. She's like, okay, 3 bowls of rice then. Huh? 3 bowls of rice for 4 people?

Damac (Damac)

A great place to eat. The service and the food was great!! Lots of flavor!! I would visit again.

Daniel Macklin

A great place to eat. The service and the food was great!! Lots of flavor!! I would visit again.

Carrie Y.

My family and I used to come here every week for dim sum before the pandemic. It used to be quite affordable for a group of 9 adults. Over the weekend, we finally got take-out from Hung To. This is our first time ever getting take-out from Hung To. We ordered the Fook Kin Fried Rice, Homestyle Stir-Fried Rice Noodle, baked bbq buns, pan noodles with black pepper beef, Singapore style rice noodles, and pork and chive dumplings (didn't come with a nest). The dish sizes were pretty big but really oily. They seem to have raised the prices as well.

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