316 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 583-8020

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Maria Aguilar

I would have given it 4 stars but I guess they need help. We were greeted very rude at the front by this person that said we have to wait 10 minutes in a very rude way. I understand when you are busy, but you can say the same thing, in a nicer way when you are dealing with customers. I hope you get people to work for you that have good customer service. Food was good though.

Kim Fernie

Proper done omelet, my granddaughter enjoyed the BLT service was a little slow but we had a decent experience.

Root Beer

Hidden gem IHOP. It's so new and big. Good amount of parking and it's in a quieter part of town so it's a chill vibe. The waitresses are very nice and they're so cool. They brought me my favorite syrup. I freaking loved the blue berry pancakes.

Dwight Koroma

I ordered in store for take out the waiter told me my good will be done in 10-15 minutes it's been a whole hr now and I'm still waiting for my food. Never again.

David Scott

Speedy service. The staff were efficient& accurate.

Glen Emery

Prices are a bit high for such a simple menu. Waitress was one of the best!

Ronna B.

Poor quality, it very overpriced. My biscuits were fried, not baked, no sausage in the gravy. Very disappointed

Tania G.

We visited this location on Saturday May 29, the wait was a bit long about 30 min which is understandable for a long weekend. Our waitress was Norma, she was the best very friendly. She brought all of our food out together and was very attentive with coffee refills and anything we needed . Will definitely come back to this location when visiting San Francisco.

LAs Qtst

My pancakes platter was made exactly as I ordered. It was good. However, I cut off the edges because the waitress had her finger on it, which I found to be disgusting.At the very least, these people should be wearing CLEAN gloves when serving food. They should also be wearing hair nets.The orange juice wasn't good either, and neither was the service.

Isabel R.

Great service! Thank you Manuel for taking an extra shift today The sausage was juice loved it ! I'm such a potato person so had to try the Crispy Potato Pancakes - A MUST TRY!!! Manuel the server was right they do have a lil bit of a sweet yummy taste to it. Enjoyed a Breakfast Sampler also! Upon arrival we were the fourth name on the list. Got seated with in 10 minutes it to bad. Don't really have Huge breakfast so my love & I shared a Breakfast Sampler & Crispy Potato Pancakes, with of course COFFEE!!!! Lol My tummy is so HAPPY :) This has been turning up to be a great random weekend trip to San Francisco

Gloria Jarrett

I'm really not a fan of IHOP, however, every time I've gone the food and service was good.

Terry Pratt

Wonderful food. Excellent service.

Ego Oma

The worst one yet. We were given rotten steak

Advaith Naidu

Chicken fajita omlette never goes wrong!

Alex Diaz Manzo

They service was amazing and good was 5 stars.

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