381 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 871-6018

Recent Reviews

Jionghua X.

fck u ashole, if u want comsumer to use mobile app, stop cancel any my order during I arrived


No fork or spoon for the pancake they serve…,lousy food workers


Ordered a fish sandwich and got an inedible dried out cheeseburger. The workers here are idiots. Only fast food I had to throw away. Try anywhere else, even a service station hot dog is better

Barbara Gallegos

I had to place like 6 or 7 different orders, we got everything we ordered....service was excellent!!!

Lawrence J.

Went through the drive thru and it was the slowest service I have ever experienced for a fast food restaurant. Didn't take our order correctly and ended up missing food items when we drove away. The burgers were cold and definitely not freshly made. Don't eat here.

Patrick Chin

Theres being helpful, and theres being overzealous about it... went in for lunch, and was immediately greeted by an employee that immediately "eacorted" me to the kiosk... even tried to order for me... talk about being pressured to ordering... he didnt back off until i said i need a minute. When i finally started the order, he came over and tried to add items to my order...I usually give McD 4 stars... but i am only giving 2 stars for this visit...

Victor Fang

Not good nor bad, just another McDonald's. This one is pretty clean tho.

Jake M.

I ordered a #2 breakfast meal and didn't get the hash-browns. The audacity. Lol! The fact they acknowledged I'm ordering a #2 is mind boggling. Oh well. At least they didn't charge for a meal. ‍

Ireene M.

Being in this line foe 20 mins and one car ahead of me Drive is so slow and poor service Can they faster their service

Lorelei Webster

Went there for breakfast and they were really quick in the drive thru.. my friend had to get to work so that was good for him..

Glo K.

This McDonald's is beyond disgusting, WTF IS IN OUR DRINKS? Oakland's McDonald is better than this mfn trash house. cause WTF! Ugh, I really opened my cup to eat an ice cube and this wtf I see.

David Nunn

Need to teach crew English. They have a hard time understanding then they get mad at the customers because they don't understand. But with that said they're really fast and very efficient

Avelyn Apac

After work I will go there but tonight they closed when we were there waiting to someone to respond but a lady said it’s closed in a 24 hr restaurant! I do not recommend this place because they are rude and do not even want to answer any questions.

J. Caesar Fernandez

Good customer service. Courteous staff. Smoothly efficient and processes lines quickly.

Matt Montag

Great spot for late night munchies in South SF. I’m glad I skipped Jack in the Box, which had a line of 6 cars at 2am.

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