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This hotel has been open for a month and the staff hasn't gotten their act together... First I called to make sure there was airport from and to airport and they advised me that they did have the van running... I'm a flight attendant and had just come from a red eye turn, from San Francisco to Honolulu an back to San Francisco. It's about 14 hrs duty day. And I chose this hotel for the ability of getting the van, price and distance to airport because I had another red eye trip same day which makes my rest about 8 hrs. First thing the employee teld me was that I was checking too early when I was told I could check in early because I was going to check out about 16:30 and pay price for whole stay knowing that some other Doubletree have half rate. So, when I checked in I asked as well about the schedule for shuttle to airport, and the employee by the name of SANA asked me if I wanted to take a picture of the schedule, and that's when I realized that the shuttle stops at 9:40 from hotel and resume only at 17:10. I had to be at gate by 17:15 for my next trip. He tells me to get to my room because there were some other people behind me and that he was going to call me. I get to the room take a shower and no calls... I waited awhile and called him and that's when he told me if he could interrupt my rest at 13:00 to give me an answer and I said it wasn't acceptable because I needed to rest and then he tells me "well, the chance of getting a shuttle for you is ZERO"... I said I couldn't chance taking shuttle so late and I needed my refund. I got ready and took van about 1h30min after so much misinformation. And the employee SANA never apologized, not once, for all the encounter... So, no I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, GO SONEWHERE ELSE WHERE THEY GIVE YOU ACCURATE INFORMATION AND VALUE YOUR TIME AND BUSINESS. General manager reached out by sending two messages back but didn't respond to my last message yet.


Although recently opened after renovations, you will need to wait a good while before you use this as an airport hotel. The Hilton app will tell you that there is a shuttle and an on site restaurant, but there are neither. The manager explained to me that they have struggled to find a company to run their shuttle for them, and I have no idea if the restaurant will ever open. Hugely disappointing because had I known this I would have booked at another property. The place is clean and modern, rooms are nice, but the basics haven’t been addressed yet. Check before you book.


In these uncertain times the hotel was quite. The airport shuttle was delayed the night we arrived. We called the hotel to have them pick us up. Breakfast was good and drop off was great the following morning.


Let me start by saying that this hotel isn't horrible. It wasn't dirty and the staff provided appropriate service. Unfortunately, I don't think I will stay again because of the age. The hotel needs an update. The floors, the shower head, the TV, the cable system, the elevator and even the thermostat feel about 10 years too old. Fortunately, the have an onsite restaurant/bar and are very close to the airport so if you are in a hurry and need a quick place to stay, go ahead...


This hotel had it's better days I am sure and it clearly shows. For airport hotel, people value the convenience over other factors, no doubt. So I am not picky about the slow and a bit noisy elevator, nor the outdated carpet in the hallway. The bed is calling comfortable and the bathroom has no issue. Things to consider is the A/C control. It's analog and has not temperature setting or reading of the actual temp. The cable TV is also less than desirable. Why do they still have both digital and analog ESPN channels is beyond me. I do enjoy my dinner at their restaurant. Price is very reasonable and the food is decent.

Mike A

If you're looking for a hotel close to the airport with reliable/free shuttle service and quiet space, this hotel will offer what you're looking for. I was returning from Asia and needed a place to rest before catching a flight the next morning. The experience is not that different from any other stay at a hotel near an airport - but what stood out was the customer service. It's always nice to get a smile when you check-in and I want to thank the front desk staff for showing kindness which goes a long way. I'm also thankful I was able to check-in earlier than expected. The hotel is near a Denny's if you're looking for a good breakfast spot. Or there's also the Houlihan's restaurant inside the hotel. There's not much else around the area so get ready to find transportation plans if you're looking to get out. The front desk offers a schedule of when the airport shuttle departs from the hotel which is helpful. Overall, the Holiday Inn was an ideal spot for a 1 night stay.


This was the best stay at hotel I have had this year this holiday inn has the best accommodation very nice and clean place the customer service is very attentive and goes out of there way to make your stay enjoyable

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