Pho Saigon

2280 Westborough Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 872-2471

Recent Reviews

Ethan K.

Not the greatest service, expensive for the portion size, and food doesn't taste that good. Quick order to eat time though.

Elizabeth E.

Ate dinner here last night. That server in green needs another job. So rude!!! When someone asks for a fork, you give them a fork, not children's plastic utensils. Who wants to use utensils that were left out for everyone to touch? Especially during this pandemic. And that attitude will never get you any good tips. Work somewhere else were you don't need to deal directly with customers. Luckily, the server lady in a white cap was her very opposite. I hope you got the cash tip that was meant for you. You didn't know it but you saved our dinner. Thank you.

Donny P.

I know I can't be the only crazy person who likes to eat hot soup on a hot day! Anybody else want to confess? When the weather is hot like today, you simply want to go somewhere close for lunch (South SF), fast and decent priced. And you want to just have a tummy filling rice plate w/ a side of bun rieu soup ! Maybe a ice cold boba drink after? Rice plates are legit with good portioned meat and rice. Soups have a good taste and might be a little skimpy on the items. Is this place gourmet or the "best" you ever had? No! But it will treat your tummy right and it gets the job done! Fair customer service and plenty of parking lot parking

ha tran

Food was good, it would be better if the staff was more attentive and checking up on the customer

Helen T.

I give this restaurant a 2 star because I was not fully satisfied with the portions I expected to have. I am very disappointed. The eggrolls tasted so bland and the skimp on the ingredients inside are a disappointment as well.

Marlon Evangelista

Good pho here. $10 for medium or $11 for large. Noodles are chewy, broth has the familiar flavor, and the meat is just enough to balance everything.

Marcus Ronaldi

This is the first bowl of pho that I had in 2021 as I had been out of the country and craving pho. Luckily it was a chilly cloudy day which is optimal for having pho.

Randy P.

I give it one star because I kind of like the grilled pork sandwich. Well, I bought 2 grilled pork sandwiches over 3 separate time periods; 1st time in March, 2nd time in April, and the 3rd time in May (5/10). The total of 2 grilled pork sandwiches there came out to be $17.01 and I paid by credit card. I recently got my credit card bill and the 3rd time in May's purchase came out to be $20.01. Pho Saigon's owner cheated me on this purchase by putting extra $3 to my bill; so wrong! I will NEVER ever go back there again. Totally not cool! If you cheat, you're cheating yourself at the end. You lost my business forever. And I will alert people to be sure to check their receipt and credit card statements very carefully.

Nia L.

Awful food, awful service! We were seated at a dirty table. We asked for the table to be cleaned - ignored. Asked another time - brushed off. Asked a third time- given a look. Finally- they cleaned it. The customer service is terrible, it's an awkward discussion where the server doesn't ask you anything and as you order, they make no eye contact or acknowledgement of your request. They brought out the food but there were no utensils or sauce on the table. I had to get up and get it from another table myself. No napkins at all. The food was not tasty, I left most of it. After paying, we were getting up to leave, no one said goodbye, thank you, nothing! NEVER NEVER again.

Marilyn L.

This restaurant restroom is so dirty . Imagine no toilet paper no toilet seat paper no paper towel . inform the lady at the counter I think she's the business owner but she just ignored me & when I come back to the restroom still she don't put any. They don't even give water . What a poor service . Food is so so. I won't come back here .Stay away in this dirty restaurant.. done

Jun Ray

Food still the same. However, they only have one size soup, large. Their medium is now large. I'm guessing they're trying to make up for Covid lockdown.

Peter Vo

Decent Vietnamese food. Food came out very quick.

tere p.

4.22.21, This week was super foggy and cold here and we craved for pho soup. Westlake has good one but we tried here. We ordered medium for combination pho and seafood, but they say they only serve Large. We said ok. My husband wasn't happy as he tried to compare where we used to eat. The ingredients were not really as fair, the cost of $11.00 per bowl charge with lesser ingredients as Kevin's Pho in Westlake. Funny how my husband noticed only 2 shrimps and no squid and fish cakes. They input in details the squid as charged when the cashier said they don't have squid. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo. Also, the restaurant as of today didn't follow the 6 ft . distancing as all out for tables and chairs (not enough spacing) up to you if you wanna keep your distance. Also, the condiments are all in place- up for grabs, possible contamination in place of pandemic. We decided to ask for a cup of hot water to dip in the spoons and forks. The way they placed as well the kitchen utensils were improper as per HACCP. It's open to handling via bare hands as the head of the spoon and forks are facing up. Again, my bad not taking the pictures as proof. Check if you are nearby to verify.

Andrew S.

Good cheap pho. Cost $10 for a medium $11 for large for most bowls. Really fast service and ample parking available. My personal favorites are the special combo #1 and the BBQ pork vermicelli.

wing c.

Worse practice during covid! I was happy to have found this place for indoor pho. Price is fine and food was decent enough. Although I was so shocked when the lady grab the noodles back from our table then to serve the other customer after realizing she bought it to the wrong table. I told her we had already touched it and started eating. She just kept going to another table and trying to serve it. We were so shocked and probably she realized we were watching, then she quickly took it back to the kitchen. I hope they ended up making a new one for the other table. Despite we are in the Covid, this is not acceptable even before the pandemic. I just can't trust their standard of cleanness anymore. I really tot hard if I should leave this review. I don't want to ruin their business , however it's also very upsetting if restaurants not trying to have a safe practice while we are trying to support.

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