Siam Spoon

427 Linden Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 989-8220

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Clarence A.

Happened to stop by this spot for lunch pre-covid, sampled one of their dishes and it was ok, also able to get few plates door dashed, let me break down what I sampled and how it faired Pre-covid I actually got to eat inside, after looking at the menu, I requested the roast duck over bed of white rice. The duck was very flavorful but oddly some of it was cold, since duck is fairly oily meat on a bed of steaming white rice is perfect to suck up all the juice from the duck. I would recommend this dish but I don't know why oddly some of the duck was cold On another note I did sample their red curry and khao pad pineapple dishes togo both of those dishes were good, I do recommend the red curry and Khao Pad pineapple over the duck plate anyday, both dishes were savory and still piping hot even though they were door dashed. I am open to trying more of their dishes but since the first time eating in and no other customers were there during lunch period may sway me to try other places food ** roasted duck, khao pad pineapple ****, red curry *** price $$ service **** ambiance ***

Zhargal K.

It is very tasty restaurant. There are very tasty soups. I like Tom Yum with beef. Guys are very fast

Thidtaya T.

My favorite thai food in the area. We love pad se ew , Tom yum fried rice and all duck dishes. Good portions and reasonable price.

Willy S.

I really hate to be critical, especially of Mom and Pop establishments in these pandemic times. Where restaurants are barely surviving. Really want them to thrive. But my takeouts are a disappointment. There's lack of soul and authenticity in preparing and execution of the orders. Had to throw the food away after a few bites. To top that, the portions are pathetic. Not worth the price paid. Won't be going back.

Bob B.

I order from here often and they never fail to satisfy my hunger. My favorites are the yellow curry with chicken and a side of rice, or Pad Thai, or the ones with the thick noodles

Chloe T.

Ordered a bunch of food from here via Door Dash and it was delicious! -Fried egg rolls: great way to start the meal. Held up well during delivery time - still crispy and hot when they arrived to us -Pad see-u: great flavor, soft tender noodles -Pad ki-mao: also soft tender noodles, lots of veggies included -Panang curry: great level of spiciness, so flavorful -khao pad pineapple: fried rice with all the Thai fixings (raisins, pineapple) 4/5 stars as they charge extra for specific proteins (beef) and the Thai teas were pretty weak/diluted. Prices were fair/typical for Thai food in this area. Would order from here again, but skip the Thai teas.

Yesenia V.

I love coming to this place their chicken yellow curry it's super yummy I order it at least once a week.

Nancy C.

Quick take: decently priced food My choices tonight were between instant noodles or ordering takeout. Thought about it for 10 seconds and decide to try this place. I only ordered 2 items for myself; tom yum soup and pad thai. The soup container is smaller than other places. But the flavor of the soup was good. I didn't order rice but they included a side of rice....thx. I also ordered chicken pad thai. This isn't my favorite pad thai but it was still good. Definitely recommend this spot if you would like to try something new. The prices are decent and the food is good.

Giao L.

We absolutely love the noodle dishes here! We only started coming here after SIP so we've never had the chance to dine in, and we've never had any issues with our take out orders. Every time, we would call ahead, and by the time we arrived, the food was ready! Unfortunately for you guys, I can only review 3 dishes because they're so good, we can't NOT order them every time we eat here. So here they are in order of our favorites: - Pad See Ew: This is my SO's favorite place for Pad See Ew. We love that charred taste of the eggs and sauce, and it's consistent every time. - Pad Kee Mao: This one might be my favorite here. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. It tastes more like basil than the usual Pad Kee Mao dishes I've had, and it's perfect!! - Pad Thai: This is not our favorite pad Thai ever but still very good. The portion size for each dish is also really decent. We also ordered the Tom Yum Fried Rice before which was also really tasty. I've definitely never seen that at a Thai restaurant before.

Rissi Lewis

Great service and delicious food!

Zoey L.

Papaya salad was so bland - no flavor at all and came with mostly lettuce and 2 pieces of shrimp. The iced coffee was so watered down I could have made a better coffee at home. And the cucumber salad had no carrots just cucumbers and onions with mostly juice. Won't come here again.


I ordered pad Thai, Tom yum soup, egg rolls, papaya salad. None of it tasted like Thai food. Or like anything at all. No flavor. I'd be more upset but my company gave me door dash coupons. They don't really work at any decent restaurant.

Jim K.

Ordered food from door dash. Ordered pad Thai for my wife and asked for it not to be spicy. It was delivered on time however my wife couldn't eat it it was so spicy. This is not the first time they have done this. I made a copy of my receipt which says not to make it spicy. Never going back again.

Jose Palomares

Good Thai food at a reasonable price. Tom kha soup was very good, Tom yum was good, pad thais were a bit dry but tasty. Portions were abundant, and soups come with rice, even we forgot to order some. Overall, recommended!

Ameshia A.

Ok they did me all the way right! Ordered my current Thai fave Pad Ped Catfish. Spicy sweet thick curry sauce, plenty of fish, nice veg red green bell bamboo shoot the whole deal. I will return and try more items. I had it delivered.

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