107 S Linden Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 272-8007

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Mark M.

We hired Spunbyss for our COVID-style drive-thru wedding reception and we could not have been happier! The food was phenomenal. The bacon cheese burger sliders might be the best burger I've ever had and the Korean fried chicken was off the charts good. The folks at Spunbyss were so friendly and wonderful to work with. They really helped make our wedding day great!

Dan B.

the homey Friedchick Neatzschef told me if u eat too long into the SPUNBYSS the spunbyss eats back into u muhfuh so SHAKING NOT STIRRED BEEF sliders + BIZMO FUNYUNS rings bij 20 & chizzange stop actin strizzange BBQ SAUCE got that dank like winter is coming then *spoiler alert* the blue dude kills your dragon spicy 3.summsumm still wanna try slider trio that's what she said

Jaime L.

We recently hired Spunbyss for a private corporate event. Steve was so easy to work with in the lead-up, event day, and post show. His food was super yummy, team was professional and ,overall, exactly what we were looking for!

Noodlez N.

Mmmmhmmm delicious. Ordered the spicy Korean chicken slider combo. Man were my eyes deceiving me. You read sliders and you think small. Boy was I wrong. The portion was just right. I was nearly full after the first one. Fries were delish. Crisp and golden Flavor was amazing. The chicken was moist had the right amount of crunch If you are in the area it's a must try. Next time I'll try the famous shaken beef slider

Heather P.

You would think sliders aren't filling but these little bad boys def are! Got the Shaking Beef Slider combo with Onion Rings and a chipotle bbq sauce and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors! I was full after eating one and they are deceptive in the amount of meat that is actually on them! Would def come back to find their location next time I'm in town!!!

Matthew N.

EDIT: changed from 1 to 3 stars because the owner promptly replied below. Thank you! Original review below. It pains me to write this review, but I'm very unhappy with my food from Spunbyss truck. I ordered the Korean chicken sliders and they were terrible. They were lukewarm and pretty small even for sliders. The chicken was extremely tough. I couldn't even finish one of them because of the toughness. The slaw topping advertised was almost nonexistent. For $12 I really expected more.

Lauren G.

I hired them for my company's holiday party recently and they were wonderful!! Not only were they punctual, friendly and easy to work with, the food was incredible! They catered to our dietary needs and the portions were hearty. I didn't receive a complaint out of anyone (which is rare). We had sliders, fries (that I couldn't stop eating) AND salad at great pricing and no one left hungry. Definitely recommend because not only do you get fresh, quality food, you also get amazing service. Thanks again Steve!!

Aladriene B.

I recently booked spunbyss for a 25th anniversary party my event planning company was throwing and they were a major hit. The food was spectacular. The staff was purely professional I give them 5 stars across the board. They were on time all meals cooked to order the turn around time on each meal was quick everything was fresh and delicious. Definitely excited to book them again soon. Best easiest choice I've made when it comes to catering.

Jeff Davidson

On my business trip to Menlo Park I found out about "Off the grid" night. A gathering of food trucks that moves from location to location. Lucky me. I left the office at 5 and found these entrepreneurs open for business. I looked at all of the menus and decided on Spunbyss. Sliders! I ordered the combo platter. One ribeye, one spicy Korean chicken. Fries. Soda. $20. Food was made fresh and to order. Delicious!Korean Spicy fried chicken : crispy and spiced perfectly. Yum. Ribeye: small marinated chunks that were abundant. Aoili, lettuce, tomatoes. Very good!Fries: fresh and hot. Try them. You will like them.

Kat G.

I've been wanting to try it out since I spotted them on the Off The Grid website. In short, it's quite simply good! In a not so short review: Service: very friendly and very helpful when I had questions. Portion size: more than decent. I got the slider combo with shoestring fries and had to give away 85% of my tasty fries after filling up with everything else. I could've gotten the combo without paying a couple extra bucks for the spuds, but sharing is caring and my coworker was happy to take them away from me. Taste: great! I feel like that speaks for itself when I didn't just fill up on all the fries. Both sliders had the right amount of juiciness, texture as well as balanced flavors and spices. I could've gone for a little more salt in my fries but that's just my preference and I could've fixed that myself if I really wanted to. Quality: A to A+. Handmade Impossible patties, handmade Korean fried chicken, handmade garlic aioli, handmade everything that I know of. Plus any joint that is eco friendly is A-Okay in my book. Price: reasonable. No it aint the cheapest truck on the block, but it's not the most expensive either. With everything else they got going for themselves I think it's well worth coming back for more!

Pasha G.

Korean chicken was dry, and fries were like in McDonalds.

Brian B.

This place has one of the best burgers I have ever had. The flavor was ridiculous. Between the crunchiness and moistness of the meat, every bite felt like little crunchy perfection. I can't think of any more ways to describe it aside from near perfection. They are on the smaller side regarding size. It was just small enough to be satisfied, but left me wanting more. Much, much more. My only criticism would be that the price was high. I can't complain much because the price is definitely worth it. If it was any cheaper, you could bet I would be eating here more often and much more than just one. I really hope one day the prices come down because I would go broke eating these things.

Allie S.

We hired Spunbyss for our picnic wedding and it was a huge hit! I have experience trying to book food trucks for events and it was really refreshing to have someone actually email me back right away. Steve was easy to work with, great communication. Sliders are fairly crowd-pleasing to begin with but we received so many compliments on how delicious they were. Would 100% recommend hiring for catering!

Sheedeh R.

Delicious! We tried both the spicy chicken and the ribeye slider. The fries are good too!

Samaki B.

OMG this truck is so GOOD. I get excited when I look outside and see them in front of City Hall. I had the beef and the chicken sliders and they were NOT DRY. The chicken was so thick and juicy and the beef was the same. I'm a French fry person and their shoe string fries are the Best. Sea salt THAT IS ALL! My coworkers are coming this time

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