The Night Market

230 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 634-8388

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Janice Goh

Great place for taiwan and Hong Kong desserts! Egg tarts were nice and flaky. Weirdly, the mango sago had too much sago which diluted the taste, but otherwise it was an overall great experience.

David Vibat

Nice gem in a good location with great food options and so far a good service experience! Highly suggest to try this place out!!

ginny h

Crispy roast pork is good!

Anthony Tom

The roast pork in a bun, and bbq pork in a bun, is saltier than before. The silky tofu was not as silky as my wife is used to. The won ton filling was dry. The quail eggs and veggies we cooked well. The noodle broth was very good. I didn't sense any msg.They don't clean the tables. They give you paper napkins, but no disinfectant, to clean the table yourself.

norman ibasco

Delicious. Hong Kong - Singapore style. A restaurant for the young and old

Phil Y.

The Night Market is a pretty cool place. We went there in early April 2021 for some takeout as they had not open for indoor dining yet. They have several different food stations serving different types of Cantonese street food. Ordering is at the cashier in the front of the storefront on the left hand side as you enter. Food when ready is picked up in the back. We ordered a couple of their cart noodles and a Hainan chicken rice. The noodles were pretty good, even with a 20 minute ride back to the hotel. The Hainan chicken rice was good according to my wife. She didn't share it with me, so I think she liked it. The Night Market gave us a pretty good meal during the pandemic. But, it seems like a great place to visit especially when the pandemic officially ends on June 15. Hopefully, we will be back.

John L.

My friend and I came here on a Wednesday night. With the mixed reviews we really didn't expect much but we were pleasantly surprised. We ordered a bunch of appetizers and two of their noodle soups, all were very tasty. I love the choices of toppings for their noodle soup. They also have some cool Instagram worthy wall for those that are into that. Give them a try.

Junella T.

YAAYYYY it's open again!! I came here with a little higher expectation this time because it was closed for so long but i still have the same mixed feelings about this place. The atmosphere is there. The decor. The hk video playing on the projector. They even had stations you can see what is being made and they also had Shaolin Soccer playing on the TVs. The food was about the same as before. They've expanded their menu to include baked goods, more drinks, desserts and some larger sized food dishes. We were so excited about this place we attempted to try most of the snacks. This is what we ordered: Mango pomelo sago - I got the dessert and not the drink. Good serving size and you can tell this was made fresh. My dessert didn't have any pomelo inside and I wasn't sure if maybe they forgot it. The texture was creamy but the ice wasnt blended all the way and there were larger chunks of it inside. The desert also didn't have much taste to it. Like not even the taste of mango or coconut milk. Sago was cooked well. Portions are in a smaller to go container. They over filled it so when you open it basically explodes. Deep fried pig intestines - this came with two skewers and four pieces on each. This was good and came out fresh but they could have trimmed the fat off of the pieces more so it's crispier. Some pieces did have funk but that's to be expected. Red sausages - these were just what I was expecting. Same as the street vendors in hk. Curry fish balls - meh just ok. The fish balls were hard and not springy enough. The curry wasn't that flavorful and lacked the spices and kick like from the hk street vendors. It does come with 6 pieces on skewers. I think they should just throw it into the sauce without the skewers. Maybe it would absorb more sauce. Popcorn chicken - huge portions. We had plenty leftover. It was hot and crispy but for some reason it lacked flavor and it even had the powder on it. Pork belly bao - this was on the menu previously and it's still as delicious as we remember. Overall I would come here again but the food isn't the star attraction. It's more the atmosphere and the variety of things you can eat. Food does take a decent amount of time to come out and stuff also comes out at different times so you have to wait around and make sure you hear the number being called.

Yuan Yuan

I always go here when I'm missing warm homey food

Hanyu T.

My new fav around my place! God knows how I loooove HongKong style street snacks and they have all! When I'm not hungry it's the perfect time to order the black sesame paste (legends say black sesame is good for hair) or Mango pomelo w/ sago (forever my favorite in all HK dessert). Cold silk tofu pudding is so refreshing (and low carb) in a hot sunny day. And why do I need to drive to get egg puff waffle or boba? They have it all here. If I like something savory I will go for curry fish eggs or fried chicken steak (and don't forget to let them know you would like much much more spice!) If I'm actually hungry, there's even more to order! My go-to is a customized cart noodle with broth (because I always love noodles). If you get cart noodles, be sure to add some turnips. They are full of broth. Sometimes Hainan Chicken over rice or Curry chicken over rice are both good enough for me. Yeah they are not as good as the ones you can get on HK streets but it's not HK and this place is good enough to make me happy.

Kwan A.

Was excited to check out this place as it's hard to find authentic Hong Kong food/street snacks. The concept is nice but based on the items we tried, the food was a bit underwhelming. Since we had dinner before arriving, we only tried snacks, drinks and desserts. Wanted to try the HK Milk Tea but they were out. The salted egg yolk chicken skin was by far the highlight. Savory salted egg coated the perfectly fried crispy chicken skin. Be sure to share as the portion was big and definitely too heavy for one. The boba egg waffle, red bean pudding cake, tofu pudding and brown sugar taro milk tea were just ok. The tofu pudding was not silky smooth like it's supposed to be. The brown sugar taro milk tea tasted artificial. Though the items we had were slightly disappointing, I'm still curious to check out other items as they do have a great variety of offerings.

Sally C.

Their price is reasonable and the food is so authentic! $13 noodles with four toppings, and taste really good. The inner decoration is so unique. Staff there is friendly.

Bragging Brat Righteous Rights

Chefs in the back kitchen wear no masks... casually working without masks...and Terrible customer service. Some Cashiers are rude. And old Asian chefs holding cooked food in a pan without masks on. It is a safety hazard. Don't go there! Be aware!

John G.

This is hands down the best place in the ENTIRE WORLD to get Hainan Chicken Rice. I believe it was the first place I ever had Hainan Chicken Rice, and nowhere else's Hainan Chicken Rice has ever topped this place for me (not even the ones in Singapore). The skewers here are A+, the restaurant has its own amazing night market vibe too. I used to order takeout from here all the time back in 2018, was really sad when it closed for a bit but just recently found out it opened up again. Don't listen to the haters in these reviews, they is CAPPING. Haters can't stop the winners from winnin, one of the places you need to eat at before you die for sure!


Congee with bamboo shoots, salted duck egg and pork belly was excellent, braised beef was good, pork bun good.

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