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236 W Alpine Ave, Stockton


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Some meals are a whole meal in a box such as the Combination Plate which has the Falafel, tabouleh, hummus and dolmus and pita for 9.95 They also have hummus alone. a Lebanese burger, grilled skewers. and a lot of other things It is really good. You can also go for the American standards such as fries but you will miss the experience of eating authentic Mediterranean food.

This has to be the worst Middle Eastern food I've ever had! Have your chef go back to school and learn how To properly season your chicken for shawarma and learn how to make hummus! Your hummus tastes like garbanzo beans and a little bit of tahini only! Add garlic lemon and blend it smoother because it's too chunky! The chicken shawarma sandwich is mostly bread and no seasoning what so ever! They're too cheap here to make a proper sandwich. Their falafel also sucks and lacks seasoning! full review

Friendly staff and clean inside. If you've eaten at Petra Deli (the former restaurant that occupied this space), it looks way different but they have somewhat of the same menu. They have "fruit cocktails" that look more like smoothies topped with whipped cream. The pictures of them looked good so I might try that next time.

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