2670 W March Ln, Stockton
(209) 478-1633

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Santos Barragan

Take out was not bad here in Stockton,Cali. .. it was delicious as usual. I had to get it out here in Stockton..??‍♂️

T H.

I ordered Moon over My Hammy. Ivory was very pleasant, but my sandwich was FULL of butter. It was so much it tore my bread. They need to cut back 0n the butter, please.

Lito Orosco

Great place to get good food. Food was very hot and fresh.

Lalaina McKeever

Every order has been wrong, and sloppy, but somehow, still good, lol.

Christopher Ferguson

What a great, friendly night crew this location has. Very fun and funny. We instantly became friends with two of them after only one visit. Honestly, they deal with so many people on a daily basis that it's surprising to have them go out of there way to make someone feel unique. But they did. They even gave me whipped cream and bacon bits for my dog. Thankyou guys. What a great group of hardworking employees. The night crew definitely deserves a raise. I will be coming back as often as possible. The food was great that night too.

Miss V

Loved the service. Always have good servers and quality choices off their menu.

Shelley Rolo

Our waitress was bomb. Anything we needed she went and got with no hesitation

Nikolas P.

It was an overall ok experience coming here. The food didn't take long and the workers were quite nice to us. They forgot the egg my wife requested on her skillet and the eggs for both my wife when they came and for my daughter seemed overly greasy. The chicken on her skillet also seemed to have a rubbery taste to it. My omelette didn't seem that greasy as the other eggs, but they forgot to butter my toast. We all finished most of our food since most of the problems weren't enough for us to stop eating. One other problem we had was that the high chair for our daughter had a very sticky feeling to it which wasn't pleasant.

Joseph Sanchez

There was hardly any wait to get a table and the staff servers were very polite.As for the food it was average although I didn't like paying well over two dollars for a soft drink and never getting a refill. I know that most restaurants are understaffed but there has to be a limit and regards to how long you wait for your food. The servers I believe I only saw three we're very apologetic but we're so busy they couldn't check on you. For the time being I recommend you stay away from Denny's until they get more staff otherwise you will leave their hungry and angry.

Paul Maki

Grand Slam breakfast is what I ordered. Pancakes were really fluffy. I sampled my friends flax seed whole grain pancakes which were really good. This location near the freeway has become twice as busy since the other Denny's closed down.

Jane Usatin

I always know what to expect when I go to Denny's. And I always order the same menu item: the Everyday Slam--Two eggs, two bacon or sausage, and two pancakes. That's it. No hash browns. No four pieces of meat.This time I ordered it by name, explained to the server what it contained and how the eggs were to be cooked. I thought everything was clear until the meal came: It was the Super Slam with potatoes and more meat. Not what I ordered or wanted.At the cash register, I had to once again explain what an Everyday Slam was and that's what I wanted to be charged for. After several back and forth exchanges, the check was reduced two dollars. Although one server said she'd found it on the list of Slams, the cashier was clueless.As always, the quality of the food was just what I expected; the service was confused and not really interested in helping the only elderly patron in the shop.Next time I'll be really specific, especially with younger servers.

Bun Soth

I had a great breakfast! And the waitress was very cute!

John S.

Nice staff but filthy windows, doors when you enter restaurant, they rarely answer the phone for to go orders, no one wearing face coverings, parking lot full of trash. Food is good for the price, I hope they start cleaning the place a bit better, makes you not want to order food seeing the uncleanliness.

Sabrina G.

I came in a few weeks ago with some friends late on a Friday night, and Brandi was our server that evening. She had great energy, was very welcoming and provided great service to our large group during our visit. I am glad we got her as our server that night. We had to wait about 10-15 minutes to be seated, but that is understandable as it was a Friday night and there were at least 1 or 2 groups ahead of us. The other employees I interacted with were friendly as well.

Suzie S.

My husband and I came in, it wasn't that busy they had us waiting and waiting and not once did one of the employees or the hostess say "we'll be right with you!" We turned around and walked out the door I do not recommend at all!!!

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