Go Falafel Greek Food

236 W Alpine Ave, Stockton
(209) 546-7555

Recent Reviews

Nazli Mahmoud

Awesome food, their family plate is more than perfect, Must try.

Ava Canestrino

The food was delicious and the people were incredibly friendly! I tried the vegan plate and baklava and will definitely be going back for more!

Maurice Simpson

We enjoyed the tasty Falafel Pita wrap, veggie plate, and chicken combo wrap that came with a variety of nutritious veggies (e.g. beets) on its own. Reasonably priced as well which always leaves a good taste in the mouth, no pun intended. Go Falafel!

Kay Gasca

Look no further for perfect falafel! Their crispy falafel salad is great for these hot summer days. If you’re not ordering a lot, their service is pretty quick & no matter what, friendly. If you’re unsure of what you want, the employees can point you in the right direction :) Did I mention they have baklava cheesecake?!

Susy P.

I stopped here on my way back to San José, from camping. I was so impressed with the falafels and their hummus and tzaziki sauce. I have tried many falafels, since I'm vegan, but these were some of the best I've had. Not dry, they taste fresh, and so delicious. Thank you Balsam for the warm welcome and chat! You are making some good food!

William C.

I was hungry and wanted lunch, so I called and I tried to place an order for a lamb kabob plate. They said that they only had chicken kabobs, so I went with that. I ended up ordering two pieces of baklava to go with my chicken kabob plate. My total was $22. It was an expensive meal. On top of what they charged me, they expected a tip, which I refused to give since the meal was already so expensive. The food was okay. I am not coming back to this restaurant. I can get better food at better prices.

Caren F.

The Gyro Wraps and Chicken Shawarma are fabulous, as are the garlic fries, pita bread and tzaziki sauce!!! Will definitely be a repeat customer!!!

Lightning Gamer

I love the food here, my mom and I go after my aqua therapy sessions and it makes for an amazing lunch. I wanted to make my review a bit more critical but honestly for what I order and have I really have no complaints. I get the Gryo plate with feta and extra pita bread and even after a day or even two days it’s still delicious if I heat it up. Fresh is the best of course but I also like being able to have it as leftovers. A full plate will usually get me two meals out of it. My only gripe is sometimes the salad has too much oil making it quite soggy but other than that it’s normally quite good. I love the sauce that comes with the plate and will eat all of it and the rice is delicious! In my opinion you get the perfect combination of rice, meat and salad. I personally enjoy how much rice you get in the plate and having a bite with a little bit of everything is delightful. This is my go to Greek place. I do wish there was a website with the nutritional facts cause I would like to track my meals but really it’s not a huge deal. I just been trying to watch what I eat and how much I consume and I figure I’m not the only person who is seeking that information, if it is available I can’t find it. Other than those reasons it gets a 5/5 from me. My gripes are pretty minor and I’ll gladly wait for it to be prepared because it is worth the time. It does take about 15-20 minutes depending on your order, I usually get two orders of chicken kabobs with rice, the gyro plate with feta and extra pita bread and an order of the baklava, so expect it to be similar times depending on your order but it’s worth it :D

Debra V.

We found not as good as when we would get food from food truck on Pacific. Don't know why quality and quantity has suffered.

Tawnya C.

Ordered the chicken Schwarma wrap. Order came quick and service was worth a smile. The wrap was huge and had a good amount of sauce, which I love. Many goodies in the wrap: tomatoes, onions pickles, sauce, chicken, feta, etc.

Sylvia O.

My favorite place in town to get greek food! Anything you order here is good, so I often have a hard time ordering because I'm so indecisive. I'd start with the combo plate to get a sample of everything.

Giovanni F.

Terrible service I drove across town I'm not from Stockton was looking forward to a falafel update your Yelp profile wasted my time and you guys are closed and that's only 4:00 p.m..

Cam H

I've eaten here before, food is pretty decent but today I'm sitting outside and they're closed but thier Google account shows them being open.If you decide to make a random business decision the middle of the week.. you should at least update your Google account for the day so your customer don't waste thier time. I drove all the way over here and wasted half my lunch break, not cool!There's another good Mediterranean downtown, think I'll just start going there.

Sam Andrew

Visiting from out of town and so glad I found this place. Food was amazing, very fresh and made to order. Got the Chicken Shawarma Plate with the Australian Root-beer, it was delicious.

Maseeh R.

They are one of the best Middle East and foods and I really enjoy all the time and my food from them the only recommendation that I have please when you send the order make sure to put napkins and forks sometime customer Will be in the area or a spot they were not having any napkin or forks so especially the garlic fries it stays really good but you cannot eat it with your hand and you have to have a fork

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