Michael's New York Style Pizza

2300 W Alpine Ave, Stockton
(209) 462-6668

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Chris Lewis

Great food as always and love the new bar. Staff was fast and friendly.

jaime wyman

Hit or miss. Its close to home so we go there a bit but sometimes orders aren't correct and prices are kinda high.

Ethereal V.

Not good at all and owner pretty arrogant. I grew up on Michael's it was one of the best that intell about 10 years always soggy,dense, not cooked really sucks as it was a staple for nostalgic memories of going to Webster and grabbing cheese bread or fries from Grad .... No longer staples to enjoy.

Watzndabox 1

Michael's pizza has always been 1 of my favorite restaurants. When I lived across the street and was single I would go there twice a week. Last night I had dinner with family that have moved out of state and was in town for 1 night. They wanted Michael's. So we showed up around 6:30 with a party of 15 people and didn't have to wait to long for them to clean and push together a couple of tables. The young lady came right by to take our drink orders and brought them in a timely manner. We ordered 6 pizzas in total. The waitress seemed a bit overwhelmed understandably, but seemed to forget about our end of the table but after a couple of times of trying we got her attention. And had her refill our drinks. She came by to assure us that all the pizzas were in the oven but wouldn't be coming out at the same time which is completely understandable. So the pizzas began to arrive and came out about every 10 minutes all except 1 the first one ordered and the simplest one . So we waited and the waitress returned 3 times in an hour and a half to assure us that the pizza was in the oven and will be right out. The last time she assured us she said she was trying to get the manager to comp. It but he said no but we could have a free app. That was fine as long as we could get it asap because we were starving. And before you question why we didn't just eat the other pizza and shut up. My wife only like pepperoni. Then the waitress comes back out to collect credit cards and ask who was paying for what? When she got to me she seemed completely confused when I told her to charge me for what she hadn't brought yet. Then finally she brings the pizza and the free wings boxed up to go . Not at our request but because they were closing. So we took our pizza and wings and left at 9:30. Needless to say we will not be going back to this dumpster fire. It is so sad to see a once great place go down hill so fast. So many bad reviews about terrible customer service. We can't wait for David's to open in quail lakes because we will never spend another dime in this place. Gina needs to grab hold of the reigns and get this place back to its old glory.

Taylor M.

Nice locally owned pizza place. My go-to on nights I just don't want to cook. Pizza so good I ate it even when the pizza sauce gave me heartburn at 9 months pregnant to where I had to sleep practically sitting up. Quality meats, nice wine selection, and their salads are delicious as well! Love supporting this local business!!

Jeff Green

Ok this place is slowly changing for the worse. I get the same pizza every time I order. Last night pizza is the worse that I have gotten from this place. I posted 3 pictures the pizza I just got is the one with some of it missing slices. What I order is Xtra canadian bacon, sausage with extra sauce and thin cut every time and it cost about 25 dollars.Last nights pizza was a joke very little sauce hardly and sausage and looked like normal amount of canadian bacon. And look at the others in the past the were awesome. Looks like I need to find a new pizza place.

Linda Gutierrez

Did take out and it was ready! Ordered the Garlic veggie pizza. It was loaded and it was so good!! First time going here. Can't wait to eat inside. It was very busy and everyone looked happy.

Charles R.

I have been coming to Michael's pizza since the early 90s when I lived down the street I would go twice a week. I have always loved their pizza and the service. That being said I had family who moved away and were back in town for 1 night and all they wanted was Michael's, so we went over about 6:30 and got a table for 15 with only a few minutes wait. We all ordered 6 pizzas in total and I completely understand it was hard on the young lady who was helping us, but my pizza was the first 1 ordered and the simplest 1 at the table. She seemed to be catering to 1 end of the table and not checking on all guests. So I'd call her over to let her know we also needed drinks and napkins and things of that nature. We'll the pizzas started coming out 1 at a time about 10 minutes apart which is understandable. Well everyone has their pizza but my immediate family. Which like I said was the first and simplest order. Well the young lady came to assure us that it was in the oven and would be right out. 3 times in the course of an hour and a half she came by to let us know that she checked and it was in the oven and would be right out. The last time she said that she offered to try to get it comped. We said ok and she came back saying the manager said no way they could do that but we could have a free app. So we decided on chicken wings which she assured us would be right out. And before you think why didn't you just eat the other pizzas. It's because my wife only eats pepperoni. So that's what we were waiting on. Well the manager never came out to talk to us or let us know what went wrong but the waitress came by to collect credit cards and ask who was paying for what? And when she got to seemed like she had no idea she was asking me to pay for food I hadn't received. So I reminded her that I would be paying for the pizza she hadn't brought yet. To put an end to this ridiculous story she brought the pizza and wings boxed up at 9:30 not at our request but to let us know that we had to take it to go because they were closing.i still left her a very nice tip just so she might learn a lesson about how to treat people, but I'm sure it was wasted. Needless to say we can't wait for David's to open on March because we will never be going back to this once fine establishment. All things must end but it's sad to see so many bad reviews of the dumpster fire this place has become.

Billie Jean Jones

Great food! The best! No other pizza compares.

Vince L.

Great place to eat and drink solo or as a family, the bartender was super aware of the state I was in and gave amazing customer service. I ordered two Dinoganizors and one madelo, and a half pesto half Greek pizza. This family owned pizza parlor is a excellent pizza place to eat. If the bartender reads this add me in ig vvinnyy92 . God bless this family owned restaurant.

Dennis Thomas

Been coming here for 20 years it is the best pizza in town hands down. And now they have a full bar with great customer service.

tom cisper

So I'm from out of town but I have started to make it a point of getting pizza here every time I'm in town. We placed a Togo order of 3 pizzas for pick up. We arrived way early for pick up but it looked as if they'd gotten them done a bit early as the nice clerk behind the counter informed us they would be ready in 7 to 10 minutes. We dispersed for about 10 minutes and returned to find 2 of 3 pizzas ready , another nice girl behind the counter said it would be another 4 to 5 minutes. We waited a whopping 5 minutes and returned to the counter.... With our imposing selves they looked high and low and no 3rd pizza was to be found. What appeared to be the manager joined the search for our 3rd pizza and determined it had made a break for it and had escaped capture. She kindly offered a beer to my brother and I while we waited. In the end it was still fantastic pizza and well worth the wait. So don't walk , run to this fantastic establishment ?

christine wendland

First off the Convenience fee for using debit or credit is new here and really high! Cash only to not get charged this $2.48 or 3% of your order. My sandwich came first then when I was 3/4 done eating my sandwich my husbands pizza came. when we were all done eating the potato wedges came! They npw have a full bar but the drinks are not well made! So sad to see this place lose us as we were good customers.

Kennedy Aguilar

The best pizza. The friendly atmosphere

Rago Mark

Service has improved tremendously from when it first open back to indoor dining. We are here right now and I can already tell the difference , great staff and service …. We always come here for pizza and I’m glad to see great service back …

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Michael's New York Style Pizza

2300 W Alpine Ave, Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 462-6668