10424 Trinity Pkwy, Stockton
(209) 235-0251

Recent Reviews

Karley Lynn

Every time I go here the workers are more concerned with gossiping than making a drink correctly. Every time the drink taste wrong.

Nikki W.

Coffee tasted like water I asked the employee to remake my order and she said store policy will not allow her to do that this business any more of my money

Anthony Gragg

Love this Starbucks location! Very clean, well stocked, and very friendly staff! Quick and efficient service at this location. Love the smiles and greetings and friendly hello. Definitely makes you feel welcome. Highly recommend this location when out on a shopping trip with the family!

Phan N.

Worse place's to get an Espresso frap. Employees need to pay more attention to what they're doing.

Thomas Krop

Great place to just chill and charge up devices with free WiFi .The staff is phenomenal! Very friendly.

Peter Dell

Great coffee as expected.

Evelyn D.

I don't really like this target Starbucks.. I have order drinks that just don't taste right. I know they will remake it on the spot but their is usually one person and I didn't want to wait so I called right away. They said to go and ask them to remake it and when I went back and tried to get it they closed way early. I know they close at 9 but it was 8:10 and they had the lights off. I asked the guy if he was closed and he replied I don't know. So I left I probably won't get my remake at this point. If they mess up your drink just ask them to remake on the spot

Lucy Bustamante

Wonderful customer service.

Howard Chapman

It was good

Jennifer D.

I love this Starbucks. I come literally every day and have been for 6 yrs at least. The staff are friendly and under a great deal of stress after reading some of these "very particular " reviews. Its coffee, relax people. Haven't had any issues with my drink, hardly ever. Tip: if you use the mobile app, it's pretty hard to misunderstand what you want since you type it in yourself. Sometimes the drive thru is hard to hear it does face a busy street and its very loud inside with blenders and people in a small space. My total go to place!

Sh J.

Used to be my go to place, rude azz people . Went this morning at 5am to get my morning. Sign says they open at 4:30 , waited a few minutes in the drive thru to order but no voice came through the mic. Pulled around to the drive thru window 2 people inside would not acknowledge me for a few minutes.. one server looked and rolled her eyes and the nicer one shrugged her shoulders and said they were not open. She quickly turned away from the window and went back to doing her chores. What I truly wanted was to know when they would be opened , so I parked and went to the door and knocked so that I could ask but neither servers would acknowledge jthey just ignored me standing there and knocking. Finally I knocked loudly and the friendly server walked over to the door and explained that the manager did not arrive so they can not open the store. I thanked her for the explanation . Maybe posting on the window that the store is not open would alert your regular customers instead of ignoring like they are invisible. Manager should be ashamed and the rude ugly girl too!!!!

Christa C.

I really liked this Starbucks until I accidentally pronounced something wrong while ordering in the drive thru and when my order was handed to me at the window, the girl made fun of me by saying what I said and the 3 of them laughed. Your attitude and customer service got you 1 Star from me!


Slow lines, service sucked. Was out of most of the sweets behind the glass. The garbage was overflowing. Atmosphere was good.

Brian H.

Every. Single. Time. Something is wrong, forgotten, made poorly, etc. The drinks always taste bad. One time in the drive thru they handed me a frappuccino that was overflowing and got all over my car and clothes. The response? We'll remake it. Not "Hey we'll replace it and give you a couple free drinks to cover your car cleaning and dry cleaning". I swear these people are incompetent and cannot read. Might as well go over to the Starbucks inside Target.

Andie M.

I want my comment to please be seen and spread I came to this location at around 4:30pm. Placed my order. Waited by the handoff plane to watch the young lady do the measurements in my cup. I was a little shocked only to know my refreshers always get shaken. The person making drinks at the moment was beyond rude and just seemed annoyed with life and customers. This location really needs a reality check. I will definitely be getting in touch with their DIstrict manager and corporate office as well. This situation should be taken care of ASAP..... Starbucks already has enough on their plate with things going on and to see this I see why.......

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