2819 W March Ln Suite B10, Stockton
(209) 472-9444

Recent Reviews

johanna perez (joji)

Delicious Healthy Sandwich they have Veggie Patty??

Kevin Sellstrom

New menu is expensive and lacking in flavor. Staff were good.

Amanda Singh

Customer service is horrible. Everyone looks miserable. They cross contaminate. No one in there knows proper handwashing. Ended up throwing my food away because when I mentioned a concern to them she caught an attitude with me. Wasn't worth the argument. Will not return.

Daniel de Vera

The customer service was good. My sandwich was as advertised, very good. I would return to patronize this establishment.

Bob Davis

Good food friendly and will give togos a run for their money.

Jeff K.

Still one of the better places to eat.

Gregory Jules Ferguson

Friendly helpful server, great fresh food!

Gregory Ferguson

Friendly helpful server, great fresh food!

Winifred Hagan

Almost $12 for the new sandwich they are offering.......steak melts.

Jeremy B.

Ordered on the app for dinner tonight to pick up. Ordered a pizza since it was on the menu. They called and said they didn't have any (which is understandable) and that they would replace it with a 6" sub. Turned out it was a kids 4" sub with barely anything on it. Also ordered a protein chicken and bacon ranch bowl. The most pathetic excuse of a bowl. 1 piece of bacon barely any lettuce. I live super close to this location and will be going to a further one just so I don't have to deal with this again. Shame.

Gina G.

these workers have no brains ! do you want jalapeño? no! puts jalapeños! do you want tomatoes? no! puts tomatoes?!? really!?!?!!?!?!

David R.

Stale bread. Pretty discussting. Cheap flavorless turkey. vegetables all bland. I don't know how but this is the most flavorless bland sandwich I've ever had. Will seriously consider not eating at this location again.

Dev N.

First, I enjoy subway never usually had a problem, but the guy making my sandwich cut me a 6 inch and cut it uneven and gave me the smaller piece, then he gave me very small pieces of meat and cheese but gave me way too much veggies and then when I asked for olive oil gave me wayyyyy too much oil and my sandwich was oily and hard to eat. Also put way too much salt and pepper. They seemed polite but didn't bother to care how they make the sandwich.

Joe O'Leary

Clean, fast, and positive vibes. Don't sleep on the soups, especially now that the weather is getting cold.


Subway is notorious for serving a miniscule amount of meat and cheese on their subways but this one was the worst. One skinny slice of cheese cut in half and two skinny slices of meats with 99% of the sandwich being veggies and a bun! Will never eat at any Subway again, especially this one.

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