Thai Me Up

2125 Pacific Ave, Stockton
(209) 981-9040

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I had very high hopes for this place. The only thing preventing me from giving one star is the attention to detail and world class care that the servers provided.To be fair, it is post covid-19, I did call on a Friday evening, and it was busy, but that is no excuse to forget about someone and leave them waiting on the other end of the line for 20+ minutes. By that time I hung up. So, I went in person to the restaurant to place my order. Adding another 40 minutes before my family could eat. Where I am most insulted is the portion size of the entire meal. It wasn't one entrée that they skimped out on but all three. All three of those black plastic containers and it didn't even fill up 3/4 of the way. Thai take out is supposed to leave us feeling sabai, but in this case it let me beyond disappointed. Thank you for your time.

Ģeorgette B

I ordered take out. Special requests and they adjusted order. Very busy but polite. The food worth my wait ??‍♀️?. Keep coming back Spicy Vegan and ? variety. Not to mention the Curry choices. Ohh my goodness.

Shannen Stenerson

Service was excellent, drinks were great. The food was large portions and excellent. We had a party of five and everyone was thrilled with the meal, drinks and service. Took home what we didn't finish and had it for dinner later. Excellent value and we will he going back soon.

Aurora Y

First time there, it was beautifully clean and the ambiance is relaxing , dining on one side , bar on the other. Staff was super friendly. The food was good a little pricey but definitely doing date night with hubby or the girls.

Addison Allen

Great food, excellent service, all in all a great experience.

Roger Gibson

My new favorite place for Asian Cuisine.... 1st time eat here but will become a regular. Great food!!!

Dan A.

Our first trip to Thai Me Up. Definitely won't be our last. Food was great, service was impeccable. Felt like we met everyone working there. The attitudes of the servers was enthusiastic. You could tell they loved their food and drinks. I really like hot food, and would still suggest staying at the medium yellow curry. It gets your attention. Fellow Stocktonians, support local business. You won't be disappointed!!!

Deidre Debski

This place was nice and had a good vibe to it, nice and clean, following the Covid rules. They also let me charge my phone. The staff were super polite and they let my dog and I hang out on the patio. Be sure to CLARIFY if you like spicy. I said I would love my meal spicy and it came out kind of not. The food was super good if not as much of a kick as I like, having a Leo was great, the mango sticky rice was delicious but I realized after the first couple of bites of my main supposed to be spicy course that this was 'American' spicy, not 'Thai' spicy.

Kevin Taylor

I went here after reading the reviews not have eaten alot of Thai foods. I tried the beef soup the broth reminded me of a top Ramen beef packet or bullion. My meat balls had the texture of a gizzard and only one tiny piece of tripe. The waitress was very nice but I did have to ask for a refill on my drink.There were only 2 other parties there it wasn't busy at all. I may try again in the future because I really seem to like Thai food. Also the restaurant and restrooms were very clean.

Heather R.

I loved the drunken noodles here! Very good and flavorful.. staff is very friendly and the place looks amazing. We love it here, we can't drive by without stopping by!

Angela S.

Delicious, clean quality food! Great customer service. I wasn't sure what to order but when I talked to the waiter he helped me find an item I'd like. Would definitely come back to eat here.

A K.

Great restaurant with a very friendly employees and chef. I came here during a hot day and their food was so refreshing. Definitely recommend the spring rolls and the mango sticky rice!

Michelle Abelong

Great place to eat. We had nice seating outside. Service was professional, and friendly. It was my 1st time here. My friend recommended this place because she uses to have dinner dates with her hubby here. But, since COVID, hasn't returned...until recently.

paul sjarudji

This was my first experience walking into the restaurant, because we're still coming out of the pandemic I had asked if they did dine in or take out only, to my pleasant surprise they were doing dine-in. The waiter was friendly and helpful, the selection varied enough, and my end product meal was excellent.

Kevin Boerner

Delicious Thai food oh, the Drunken Noodles are awesome. The service was friendly and attentive, never missing a Beat. Will definitely go again when I'm in town!

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