Carnitas Michoacanas

8729 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley
(818) 767-5265

Recent Reviews

Jose D.

Horrible. It's kind of hard to mess up a burrito. Dry, old meat. Definitely not good and will not be going back.

Shanan nicole Atherley

Food is great

Julie E.

Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy the food I had here...the customer service was good but I agree with other reviews that express concerns about the cleanliness of the interior, the pricing, and the quality of the food. There was fat and gristle in every other bite of the asada tacos I ordered. I ordered the three taco combo which is pretty prominently pictured as coming with a couple slices of avocado... none came with mine...not a crazy huge deal but definitely gave the impression that corners were being cut....idk...I might try again another time, I hate to knock a small local place like this

John B

Seems a bit expensive but the plates are quite big. Theyre the only place within a few miles of the sunland and glenoaks intersection that has tripas so they're very special in my book.

Carlos Santos

Really good carnitas burritos

Maria M.

First time,  had a carne asada burrito, so good!!! After going to Theodore Payne plant sale I was hungry!! So good

Juan V.

If I could give this place 0 stars I definitely would. This place is OVERPRICED for the quality of food you get and on top of that they still charge you $1 dollar if you are paying with a card. I ordered the taco dorado plate and let me tell you the beef has to be extremely old I'm beyond positive Taco Bell gives you fresher ingredients then this place and for half the price. So if you want to pay $17 dollars for an horchata and some crunchy tacos you could get at Taco Bell then this is the place for you. Definitely never coming back here again and would not recommend this place to anyone.

Patrick P.

Bad service, over priced, rude,  and nasty food!!! Do not go here.  I leave a lot of reviews on YELP and always try to give each restaurant the benefit of the doubt, but this place is horrible.  2 burritos for $30??? They were cold and nasty!!! I repeat do not go here ever!!! Shut this place down!!!   THE CHIPS WERE STALE!!! just go to chipotle instead!

Vincent R.

Love this spot! Never disappoints. The food is fresh, delicious and consistent. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. You can't go wrong!

Angélica Gudino Cárdenas

100%Recomendadas riquísimas y excelente atención!

Angélica Gudino Cárdenas

100%Recomendadas riquísimas y excelente atención!

Giselle F.

Have been going to this place for a couple of years now since it's close to home. The birria never disappoints! It's my favorite thing on the menu. Staff is friendly, too. And we all know the best Mexican food comes from hidden gems like this place! Yum!

CozzmickSounds R.

If you wanna pay over $25 for 2 burritos then this is the place for you if you wanna pay extra for paying with a card on a $25 sale then this is the place for you .. nasty food doesn't fallow COVID-19 regulations wares the mask hardly on his mouth I had to ask him to put it on correctly

Angel Avalos

Worst place ever everything over price ridiculous price for virria 12 for the small over 20 for the large

Steve T.

Nasty ass place, dirt Ordered over $150 worth of food took them home Found a long white hair in one of the burrito And a another piece of hair in one of the torta How dirty can you be to have hair in 2 orders You guys don't care to be clean , maybe you should be reported to the health department then you should be worried You only care to make your money not to serve good food Called you to tell you how nasty your food is but you don't answer your phone DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE

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