Baja's Catch Fresh Grill

32459 Temecula Pkwy d107, Temecula
(951) 302-0052

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Kevin Kerr

I stumbled upon this place one time when I was in the mood for some shrimp tacos. I ended up getting a surf and turf burrito and a "machodilla" and omg it did not disappoint.I've been back a few times since then and everything I've had was delicious. The home made guacamole was great, the surf and turf burrito doesn't skimp on the good stuff, and the enchiladas were amazing.They have a small salsa bar with a few choices of salsa and some sides, and the salsas were pretty good but the sides didn't look fresh so I steered clear.Overall, I would definitely recommend and will continue to come back for the surf and turf burrito and machodillas alone. Don't forget the horchata while you're there too!


Carne Asada Fries were great but shrimp taco had only 2 pieces of shrimp and lots of cabbage, so it was more like a cabbage taco.

Mike G.

Great seafood tacos. All really fresh. We will definitely be trying them again. We had fish, shrimp and calamari tacos. All really good. Looking forward to trying the rest of their menu.

Adam Puentes

First time here and I will be back. The marlin crisp was delicious and the fish tacos as well! ????

Carla B.

Consistently one of my favorite place for tacos. I am partial to the fish tacos but have tried other flavors. I have never been disappointed by any of the tacos I have tried. Their micheladas are sooooooooo good! Ask for it spicy (if you like it spicy, but don't ask for it spicy if that's not your thing. Not trying to tell you what to do...geez!). While in there, sign up for their text alerts for the specials. It seems like they are always doing some kind of lunch special.

Trevor S.

Service was on-point. Fish tasted like Rock Fish or Tilapia; was not a white fish like that which should be used in Baja style tacos. Breading was soggy and foul; undercooked, ambience and vibe was great with iron fence and Baja decor. Sadly, none of us liked the tacos and we have had many great Baja tacos including those on the beaches of Ensenada where a man has an ice chest, a burner, and someone nearby fishing for sharks and delivering them. Bar is high with that but you have to have a good foundation: a true Pacific White Fish like shark. Again, service was good.

Tanya Stepp

Tacos, shrimp bowl, and Mexican corn the best! Large portions

Aida D.

This place my favorite. Will definitely coming back over and over again.The service, cleanliness,accurate and awesome customer service. The price is good too. We really like the taste of there French fries . There tacos mahi mahi , shrimp and calamari the best ever.

Phantasia F.

Tacos were really good. I was very impressed. They lots to select from and everything

Rigo Morales

First time here and the food came out fast and was fresh. I had the shrimp cocktail and a Dos Equis michelada. Will definitely go back again. The one and only bathroom needs repairs and more upkeep.

Rose Calderon

First time trying Marlin taco it was delicious!!I also ordered mahi-mahi taco and a salmon bowl everything was sooo soooo good!!! to bad I don’t live near by but when I come to town I am definitely stopping by this place to eat .

DaddieO Outdoors

This place was delicious! Had one of each and they were all good. The calamari taco was probably my favorite!

Dakota Q.

New favorite fish taco joint! So delicious we tried the fried fish tacos, the grilled fish tacos, salmon taco, the pastor chicken & the pastor pork. I will say that the fried fish didn't really hold well on the way home & was really soggy by the time we got to eat it, but I'm sure it's really delicious if you have the time to eat them at the restaurant. Here are my ratings for what we ordered. Grilled fish tacos- 10/10 Fried fish tacos- 4/10 Salmon taco- 8/10 Pastor- 7.5/10 Chicken pastor 9/10 I really liked the pieces of pineapple Beans & rice- 8.5/10 so delicious!!!

Janette S.

I am really disappointed with the quality of the food at Baja catch lately. I ordered the carne asada taco which they didn't have on a crispy taco but they had a chicken on a crispy taco so doesn't make sense that they couldn't put carne Asada on a crispy taco, anyway the Asada was over cooked and dry there was nothing on the taco except for a-little pico and then I also ordered crispy chicken tacos which fell apart. I've ordered the fish tacos in the past and they are tasteless. I'm finally done with this place.

Christian N.

Tried this place out for the first time and was pretty impressed. They have daily specials and the Monday special I tried was 2 shrimp (grilled or battered) tacos plus a drink for $7.50. The tacos are street taco size so if you're super hungry, don't expect it to fill you up. They're exactly what they say, a lunch special. Taste was good. The corn tortilla tasted authentic, not like those Mission tortillas you get at a grocery store. Each taco had about 2-3 pieces of shrimp, enough to fill up the small tortilla. Cabbage, a white sauce and then you can add your own salsa from their salsa bar. I had the molcajete salsa and it was great. Also tasted the Baja 1000 burrito. Basically their version of a California burrito. It was super good. Flour tortilla was great. The fries in it are seasoned so it adds to the flavor. The carne asada was grilled nicely with good seasoning to it. Overall, I'd say it's a solid place for Mexican seafood. Will definitely go back. Edit: Only reason it's not 5 stars is because I've only been once so I need to try other stuff first before making a final decision.

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