Pho Ha

27536 Ynez Rd, Temecula
(951) 506-0862

Recent Reviews

Leila W.

Ridiculous place! They close at lunch time but I saw lots of people eating inside, if they really close should notice on Yelp! Waste my time!!!

Martha Whitfield

so so good to know they have multiple locations closer to me in OC cuz I was pleasantly surprised at how good their pho and egg rolls are very authentic and like my mom's homemade dishes!! the only negative was/is that they didn't have anyone on staff to make boba drinks or any dessert drinks ? bummer but I understand cuz of limited staff crisis

Min Li

This is my second time to eat. The tableware is really dirty,Give me water. There is milk outside the cup. I can wipe away the dirty things with my hands. You really need to pay attention if you are clean. My friends are afraid to drink water with this cup??

Rocio Sandoval

So good, I got a P8 as a take out. I got home and the broth was still very hot. My food was so delicious and the serving is huge. I now have lunch for tomorrow. Totally recommend thus place!

Heather Newman

Food was excellent. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Menu is huge. I will definitely be back to explore more.


I ate at your restaurant yesterday and ordered pho with well done brisket. This is the second time I have ordered this and both times I have had food poisoning. The first time I let it go as didn't think it was your soup. Yesterday (08/27/2021) I ordered the same thing and been throwing up ever since and all food poisoning symptoms. I will never eat here again. Please use fresh meat.

Samantha C.

Been a couple times and the food has been amazing. Staff is very nice. This will definitely become a regular place for is. Would def recommend to friends and family.

Ashly T.

Great service, great food & such a full belly when you leave! The Pho is AMAZING + the springs rolls are so fresh. Their Thai tea is also so tasty. Your food comes out so fast too!

Sabina M.

I used to love this place but it's gone downhill. The restaurant seems either a little dirty or at the best run down. I ordered a bahn mi to go and when I got home and tried to eat it, it was inedible. The bread was so hard it sounded like dropping a rock on the counter, and even banging it on purpose didn't crack the bread or loosen anything up. Everything was falling out of it because you could tell they couldn't get the bun open enough to properly make it. I won't be coming back.

Aaron Thornburg

Consistent, excellent food. The pho is delicious, the service is great and atmosphere is cozy. Best pho in town!

DeLese B.

I stopped here one time on my way back home to the city. I wanted something warm in my stomach and this place was pretty close. The food was good and pretty standard for pho, but the reason why I am writing a three star is it because I feel like the restaurant wasn't as clean. I took a picture of the table because it wasn't set properly and the items on the table weren't clean and sticky. I was seated immediately when I came in and it only took about 10 minutes for me to get my food. The server that was working with me literally came over to my table to take my order, bring me my food, and then bring me my check. So it was there anything that was outstanding. Overall the food was solid.

P. Flinn Schanuel

Easy location, easy parking, quick service, nice people, very good food - especially the little to Target and several other interesting places.

Pedro Valdivia

Great pho soup. Anything from the menu is prepared fresh. Prices are very reasonable

Rigo C.

They close at 9 not 10 do not drive out of your way. It was 90% empty on a friday at 9 when they started turning people away. That lazy staff is going to cost the owner in the long run.

Julienne F.

We ordered takeout but they missed a large chunk of our order. We ordered pork barbecue vermicelli and it came without the pork and vermicelli... the main part of it. We called the restaurant multiple times and no one has responded. The rest of the food is good however.

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