Saigon Noodle House

27523 Jefferson Ave, Temecula
(951) 693-1691

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James S.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner. It exceeded my expectations and was delicious. I'll definitely be back. I had egg rolls, pho with shrimp, and a noodle dish with shrimp and oyster sauce. There was so much food and I ate most of it. The flavors were right on point. The restaurant was clean and well maintained. It was a stereotypical, strip mall, style establishment with an Asian cook and server. Had a Ma & Pa feel based upon the casual atmosphere and their attitude. Service was good. I will definitely be eating here again.

Monique M.

We stopped by this week to place a to-go order and the older lady was already annoyed. She was impatient, and after a while, she handed us off to the older man because she couldn't wait anymore. Her attitude only got worse from there. After we placed our order, all of a sudden she wanted to help us and insisted on cooking our food personally. The menu they had at the counter was outdated and prices for things had gone up $2-$4 more, so we were surprised when we got our total. Not only that, but the older lady added a $2.00 fee for placing a to-go order. When we asked about it, she gestured with such attitude and argued back about it. We paid and took our food, but honestly didn't feel safe eating it with how she treated us.


Best pho in Temecula. They are very clean including their bathrooms as well. I went to another restaurant and they had a really dirty bathroom that made me cringe and made me think that they don't keep anything sanitary, but Saigon Noodle House is the best so far keeping everything clean and sanitary with fresh food

Blue Klahh

We had item #1 on the menu (large pho) and it tasted great. The broth was delicious and so were the noodles and meat. We also had chicken & shrimp spring rolls which was wonderfully made. We rounded it off with iced coffee Vietnamese style and were hyper the rest of the way home lol. Great owners and wonderful food, definite recommendation from me.

Lily X.

I was so excited because I haven't eat pho for months since I moved to Temecula. The flavor of the soup was ok but there was only rice noodle , eggs and some cilantro for $10, the rice noodle's value was half size pho in LA . I guess they only got Customer like me who want to try there but they will never definitely get same customer come back. I wouldn't.

Roxanna CrayCraft

it was the first time we ate here and they have really good food and very nice people that work there

sermar Garcia

The best food in temecula. I love the attitude of the onwers. Very kind people. The pho was delicious. I do recommend this place.

bailey m.

great staff, super friendly, food was amazing!! great vibe and would def recommend. so much flavor and great show too!!!!

Angel M.

The food at Saigon Noodle House was delicious & tasty! We ordered the beef pho, Banh Mi Pork Sandwich & the Vermicelli Bowl with egg rolls & pork. I was not able to finish the Bahn Mi considering how we devoured the other dishes, but we were able to still take it to go & it still hit the spot later that day. I took off one star because customer service was pretty slow in the beginning. We got into the restaurant and no one was assisting us. After about 5-10 minutes the lady at the cashier finally told us to take a seat anywhere. Most tables were still occupied because they weren't cleaned and dishes weren't put away from the previous customers so that made an impact as well. Overall, food was delicious and authentic, but customer service could be better.

Taejin James Chun

Great food and great people. They are a staple in the Temecula community.

Felix Hipolito Jr

Good Service and order is fast.

Gilda A.

Do you want to classic original cook made a Vietnamese this is the place. Food is good and costumer service is good for the right price. Me and my family has been eating in this restaurant. Own by same person since they open that is why food always taste the same.

cindy stewart

Loyal customer to this place. Best Vietnamese food compared to others. The staff are also very nice.

Adam Grano

Great bahn mi, bread is crusty, and the veg., was picked just right. STRONG Vietnamese coffee.

Christina C.

Wow this place was amazing! It's honestly my favorite Vietnamese cuisine place I've ever been to living here in the inland empire for the past 10 years. The staff were so nice and welcoming, the restaurant was nice and roomy, clean, and tables weren't too close together either. The food was so delicious the pictures I took really don't do any justice.

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