31093 Temecula Pkwy D6, Temecula
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Traves O'Neill

And because the kids are back in school, the wife and I celebrated by enjoying a brunch together at Toast. The food was delicious! I had the corn beef benedict with potatoes. The corn beef is house cured and was delicious. I also tried the man-mosa, an orange juice and blood orange beer concoction with tajin. I'm was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The wife had two eggs, fresh fruit, toast and sausage with a flight of mimosas. The sausage was delicious! Overall, the service was great, food was prompt, drinks were good and I would definitely recommend this place.

Angelena Jones

We came here at the recommendation of our friends. We got there about 9:15am or so, on a Saturday, and we could clearly see that people were already waiting to be seated. We waited about 40 min or so, and were seated inside at a booth. Jolie, our server, was AMAZING!! She recommended a few delicious dishes and drinks. My husband ordered a Spicy Bloody Mary, and their shrimp and grits. I got coffee, and Creme Brule French Toast, with a side of their potatoes. ALL of it was delicious!! Enjoyed the service, and the food! Just know that they don't take reservations for parties under 8 people, so get there early!!!

Lena Van

I'm not sure how or why Temecula has so many trendy breakfast places. But it does. And it's great!TOAST has some pretty creative takes on classic breakfast staples as well as a selection of lunch sandwiches, salads, and soups. But it seems like breakfast is what is known for. There's also a drink menu serving up both coffee and booze. Any order of the French Toast or pancakes is just that, sides are extra. Presentation and portions of the dishes is superb, totally worth snapping a pic before you dig in!

Alex Ogleton Photography

More than expected! Polite service, accommodating on a very sunny day & the food… you won’t be disappointed!

annita zamora

Honestly it’s pictures for the gram and not food for consumption. My French toast were soggy. My 12.00 Bloody Mary grossed me out because it had to much going on and throwing on a piece of cold steak didn’t make me want to drink it. Fried olives with mozzarella didn’t have an amazing flavor to the drink. Then a pickled jalapeño just added to the garnish but who the heck is really going to eat it and drink the Bloody Mary. Nah it should of had the celery. I didn’t get pictures of the other food because they failed to bring it out on time.

Kimberly Giardina

The drinks and food were delicious. I loved my cotton candy and champagne! Highly recommend the creme brulee french toast and breakfast fries. The only downside is that the wait was pretty long.

Anita Lopez-Salazar

I actually didn't eat anything here! But my two adult children & my nephew who were all visiting from out of town, along with one of their in-town friends, really liked it. I had just had dental surgery, so I couldn't eat anything, but it looked & smelled delicious. And even my daughter who is vegan, found something she liked & said she would like to eat here again.

Erica S.

Ok. Let me go in whatever order my thoughts come out 1. Immediate smile and hello. 2. Cloth napkins!!!!! What??!!! 3. Greeted by waitress within a minute 4. "Elevated " (look it up, it's a thing now) menu 5. OMG the avo toast 6. Coffee in nice glassware WITH a complementary biscotti (in most countries is normal but not around here) 7. Manager (Bella, thank you for the extra biscotti) going to tables to check in customers .... Whaaaatttttt? Where is the candid camera? It's is more than obvious that ownership had a lot of love and pride in what they do. Now.... Can u come to Oceanside?

Krystal Reyes

There was a long wait but it was definitely worth it! Our server, Terrell, was fast and brought us exactly what we needed without even asking! The food was delicious and innovative. I also highly recommend the mimosa flight ?

Katalina C.

First time going & I'll give this place a 5 star! So the wait time was pretty quick, we made reservations for around 12pm and it ended up being ready by 11:30 or before ! Went with a group of 6 ! I got the chilaquiles but was thrown off with it coming with meat (originally pork but I sub to chicken) yea I did see it on the menu but I mean it was good to try out, next time I'll probably get it without meat! But overall was really satisfying & good company! Definitely recommend and will go back & try something different

K N.

This place turned out nice. Parking is ample for a late afternoon lunch. Food was great. Just too much topping on French toast and lot of cream in crepe.

Fanny H.

We went to Toast for Father's Day for 2 people and we knew it would be a wait. We called at 9am and they told us it would be an hour. We ended up getting to the restaurant at 10am and the wait time they then gave us was an hour to 2.5 hours. That was a really long range and we were not really sure what to do since Toast had no clue if it would be closer to an hour or 2.5 hours. We got called after about 90 minutes but it took us some time to get back to the restaurant that we missed our grace period (15 min) and it was more like 20 min since the call when we returned. They gave up our table and told us they would seat us next and there were actually a number of openings, so we did not wait and got seated right away. Now, I did not mind the wait to be seated since I understood for Father's Day. However, it took forever to get served and we had a change in servers immediately after we sat down and got menus. The good thing is that after placing your order, the food came very quickly. We ordered the Reuben Benedict and Crab Cake Benedict. We were quite underwhelmed. All but one poached egg was overcooked. Once you broke into the egg, you expect the yolk to ooze out and spill over your benedict, but it was a little ooze and more of a soft-boiled egg. That was minor. However, one of the crab cakes in our Crab Cake Benedict was a potato cake instead. It was straight up missing crab! Luckily we had the legit crab cake first and we even mentioned how airy it was and packed with some veggies as well. The second cake was just potato, we had bites and bites of potato with no crab and nothing else. By that time, we were finishing our meal and pretty stuffed. Everything was heavy--the Reuben Benedict was cheesy and loaded. All the potatoes became too much (preferred the hash brown over the Pecorino potatoes). I think we would spring for a salad as a side instead for next time. I can't imagine how people finished the french toast and pancakes. They looked like big portions. We really looked forward to this place, but it really was not worth it.

Denise Guerrero

The food was so good and so was the coffee! I was so impressed. The detail that topped it off was our waitress Dawn. Talk about ideal! She was naturally kind and super attentive. One of the best waitresses I’ve ever had. Thank you.


Super cute place for brunch! The menu is on the smaller side but offers up some really incredible, unique options that I haven't seen anywhere else in the area. The cocktail and beverage menus are impressive; it was hard to decide what to choose because everything sounded so good!At 9:30am, on a Wednesday, both the inside and outside seating areas were starting to fill up. By the time we left, around 11:00, there wasn't a single empty seat -so I think it's fair to say that there's a good likelihood of having to wait for a table during traditional mealtimes.Our waitress was really friendly and was happy to offer recommendations - the toasted coconut latte, which she recommended, was not only beautifully presented but it was also delicious! We ordered the creme brulee French toast and the shrimp and grits - both meals looked as good as they tasted! We cannot wait to go back to try some of the cocktails and other items on the menu! Definitely worth checking out!

Sylvia Coronado

Service is amazing some of the friendliest staff around! The food...I have too many words or maybe not enough to express how fresh, perfectly made, so much flavor. Insanely delicious everything was there. This picture shows the corned beef skillet and mimosa flight. The corned beef is cured in house and is so tender!!! Inalso had the salted caramel iced coffee to go. By far the best coffee locally around. Starbucks who?

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