La Taqueria

2151 W Main St, Turlock
(209) 664-9719

Recent Reviews

Karla H.

I didn't like the nasty food!! Cheap store bought tortillas for flavorless taco de pollo!!! Asada burrito very skinny this Restaurant it's a joke very Expensive!!!!! We paid $31.62 for this worthless food! BEWARE OF HIGH EXPENSIVE NOT GOOD FOOD!!! I Don't mind paying for good food but this food is totally NOT Worth THE CRAZY AMOUNT OF MONEY this People charge!!! $7.35 for that 1chicken taco in the photo $13.98 for that skinny asada burrito and $4.00 per each drink with No refills!!! JUST CRAZY DUMB EXPENSIVE FOR NASTIEST CHEAP FOOD IN TURLOCK!!!

Josh Rangel

Way too expensive for OK food. The only thing great about this place is the variety of fresh fruit drinks.


Love love ??the tacos ??with everything ❤it's so tasty and makes you come back for more....

Raz Lev

Tasty food, lots of veggie options. Service was very friendly and all items in our take out order had super clear labels which made it very easy.

Salina Marie

This place is okay. That's it. The quality of the meat and other ingredients is good, and they have a pretty good salsa, but the food still manages to be a bit bland. Definitely not worth the price. The base prices for tacos and burritos are already pretty high, and that is for the simple version. Anything extra will cost you dearly. On top of that they've increased the prices "due to covid" , and they charge an extra 3% for using debit or credit.The services kind of harried, and the employees are just okay. For these kind of prices I suggest going to a nice sit down Mexican meal at any one of our fine restaurants here in Turlock. For more basic taqueria type food at more sensible prices, go to El Asadero!

Kayla M.

Incredible flavor and fresh ingredients. They have nearly every type of taco you could want and each of them is I'm sure delicious. Would strongly recommend the camarón (shrimp), chorizo, and pollo (shredded chicken). Guacamole is also fantastic. Hope this place continues to do well -- go support them!

Melanie Diaz

A bit pricey but worth the money. Great tasting good sized portions fresh taste one of our favorites. The loaded chips and the shrimp cocktail are OUTSTANDING

Suzie B.

This place is very overpriced would be okay if it at least was good. The food is so bland, the meat was honestly so disgusting even my husband who usually isn't picky at all forced himself to eat half the burrito. The burrito was soggy & cold. I promise you don't waste your time!

Marco Haro

Very good tacos not exactly the same tast as the SF location but close enough

Omar Murcia

Great food and great service, the super burrito is a must for this location...A++

Liliana M.

Don't listen to these reviews that are only complaining of the price. This place is delicious, big portions, fresh Mexican and spicy. Actually, the salsa on the tacos is way too spicy for my taste and that's why I only gave 4 stars. If you're looking for something yummy in Turlock this is your place. Support local and fresh!

Isabel V.

Tacos were amazing like always but they are not worth $8each we had 2 regular burritos and one supreme burrito one super taco and it was $64+ dollars I know meat was high at one point but the price of meat is back to normal. So if you want good tacos be prepared to pay San Francisco prices.


Great food. Try the pork supreme burrito yumm

Jasmin K.

Gave this 4 stars, only because their prices are getting ridiculous. Food is bomb though. The cabreza and lengua need seasoning. Add birria

Joseph F.

This place is way over price, and the fact that they do not allow people inside to order take out is ridiculous. Especially for us truck drivers that do not have an option to do a drive thru, I rather just buy the food next door at sonic. The food does not taste like authentic Mexican food, la comida no tiene nada de sabor a Mexico. I say go somewhere else, try crowlanding road in Modesto for good Mexican food at a reasonable price.

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