Sizzler - Turlock

3101 Hotel Dr, Turlock
(209) 667-6047

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I Perez

Delicious and great service here but is not a 5 star quality restaurant. For the prices I'd rarely ever come here

Mary Franks

One star for the hostess and one star for the bus boy. They did a great job. 0 for the cook and server. The waitress never came to our table. I had to tell the hostess no server came in 10 minutes. Bread is only on request now. Steak over done. Med and med rare looked the same. Dry on outside, slightly pink in middle. The hostess was the one coming to check on us. Where is the training? And they still expect 20 percent tip. I'm old school. They are tipped by quality of service.

Timmy Tarquino

Awsome food and service will definitely be returning when i im in the area ?

Rocky Bridgford

The food is great. I love the salad bar. Hopefully they bring it back soon.

Carla Alfonso

It all depends on the chef. Food was excellent.

Rachel P.

SMH.... our visit today was terrible.... hostess got our order wrong, brought out wrong food. They had a terrible substitute for there Malibu chicken, it was a bland chicken patty.... asked for a refund it was so bad. My daughter went to bathroom and flip on soap that had been leaked all over the floor. She promptly told staff and it took over 10 minutes for staff to attend to bathroom. My daughter told manager about situation and she made excuses for high risk accident. My daughters concern, Sizzlers is frequently by elderly which I am and a fall brings so many health and safety concerns. My daughter got a replacement gift certificate, In the end staff was courteous.

Rob M.

Son wanted to go to burger joint, but I felt like a salad, so I talked him in to going to sizzler. Placed his order for a bacon cheeseburger then I said I'll take the salad bar. Cashier said they aren't offering salad bar at this time. Should have walked out, but saw a special offering steak and all you can eat shrimp, so I got that and a side caesar salad. Salad was good, but not worth the $5.50 price. Entrees arrived after quite a wait and they were very disappointing. Sons burger was fine, but the amount of fries was lacking. My steak was super small and overcooked. Medium should have some pink, mine had none. The all you can eat shrimp were what most restaurants call popcorn shrimp. Even though it is all you can eat, I figured it would be normal sized shrimp, not popcorn shrimp. The service was outstanding, but the food was not even close to the $60 price our bill came to. I will not be back unless they open the salad bar. I see no way this place can survive unless they open that back up.



Brian Pena

Food was good, if a little overcooked(steak) but waitresses were very nice and helpful improving things imo. The food was served pretty quickly, but remember no salad bar during covid(not their fault of course)

Claudia Paola

?The Manager named Elena had a very bad attitude. The BBQ ribs were raw, with blood still in the meat. We sent back the ribs and the manager said no one was complaining, but other tables were also complaining about the food. Arrived at 8pm and got our food until 9. I hour waiting on food!

David Ellis

Okay , but I really do miss the Salad bar . Thanks to Pandemic, we all suffer.

Albert Martinez

Had wedinng anniversary dinner on April 30th 7:pm 2021 at this place food was good.But was so uncomfortable eating .Their was so many people coming in not wearing masks .Management and employees did not question when there's a sign on door when you walk in .NO SINGN OF common courtesy

Chuck H.

We used to love coming to this restaurant. The entire family enjoyed it. It was nice, clean, and the food was worth the value. But now for some reason, this restaurant has definitely gone downhill. For three people to eat, with sodas to drink, it was $92. I don't mind paying good money for good food, but this food was subpar. Everything was lukewarm, and didn't taste like it used to. The clam chowder was barely warm, and the ribs were nothing but fat and grease. The restaurant was not busy, so there was no rush to get the food out, and no excuse for it to taste that bad. The restaurant was clean, our waitress was very nice and polite, but the quality of food is no longer there. Especially for $92 for three plates of food. Save your money and barbecue at home.


That shi was godly. Them BBQ ribs were cool.

Lyndi Maines

Was so good. Service and food were great. A great 3 meals.

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