Quechan Casino

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven
(877) 783-2426

Recent Reviews

Donna P.

Casino is fairly decent for a small casino but it is freezing cold - absolutely ridiculous. All the players at the BJ tables are shivering. We actually left to get dinner. Was planning to eat there, but left to thaw out. my husband actually had the heater on in our room. Thermostat has to be at 50 degrees.

Chefq Q

Nice casino. Their table games suck. The 3 card poker game is the worst!! The food needs help. They give out nice gifts. The steakhouse was nice, we came in near closing time(sorry) they accommodated all our needs. The bartender Jenny in monsoon is an amazing person. Overall it’s a nice stopover to San Diego.

Steven Martinez

Nice, clean and friendly. They had RV parking which I took advantage of. I spent the night there.

Dan Juckett

stopped in for a while casino seemed nice, had a breakfast that was good, staff was all friendly.


Stopped here on my way back from San Diego. Sat an ordered food from the sidewinder, sat there for 40 mins never got a refill an then they proceed to tell us that our food order was never put in . So we sat for 40 mins for nothing . They didn't even offer to comp our meal just said if we wanted to wait another 30 to 40 mins we could possibly get our food . So if u do stop here, walk by the sidewinder unless u wanna wait to be told u food ain't coming. 2 thumbs down for sidewinder .

Patricia Morrison

Check-in attendant was terrible. She asked me what room we wanted. I said, you know what's great, you select. She gave us a room overlooking the parking lot! That was the pits. Breakfast was terrible! The pancakes at the Sidewinder where like rubber, even after asking for a new plate. The only good thing about this resort is the convenience to the border.

Sydney G.

I had booked a room over the phone in mid august for my birthday in late September. My credit card was charged and we were told we had a king room with pool view . We live in San Diego and drove out here for over 2 hours . Upon arrival the front desk woman said we had no room even after showing her our bank account that was charged . She had a terrible attitude towards me . I left there in tears on my birthday with no where to stay and my day completely ruined. Don't waste your time and hard earned money coming to a place with a low class staff who treat customers with disrespect.


We called in mid august to book a room for my birthday. We live in San Diego and they charged our credit card and told us we had a room. Drove all the way out to Yuma which took 2 hours the day of my birthday and they say they have no rooms available and nothing they can do for us. The girl at the front desk had a terrible attitude and wasted my time . They offered me a free room but I honestly don’t want to come back here ever again. Save your time and hard earned money and don’t come to a place where they are rude and don’t accommodate you ! I have never felt so disrespected and had my birthday ruined. I left in tears !


Not big on gambling but you don't have to gamble to enjoy these surroundings. Hotel, several eating establishments, live entertainment, Starbuck's coffee, little mercantile, beautiful Native dress display, community events center, bars and if you are a hotel guest you can enjoy the lazy river via inner -tube and just relax while the water current carries you around the pool. The down to my visit is that it is a smoking establishment so you walk out smelling of smoke ? ? Otherwise I'd have given a 5. 4s aren't bad though. Hope you enjoyed my post.

Cindy Guerra

You can only have 4 people.at the pool, well we are a family of 5 i didnt know which kid to.leave in the room. They would not budge on letting us 5 in they said it was only 4 per room, guess one kid also has to sleep in the car. Booked for 2 days we left no refund either. BEWARE IF THERE ARE MORE THAN 4 OF YOU.

Maria P

To start off. The hotel is okay. It’s starting to become run down. The room we were in was nice but we seen a baby roach in our room. So imagine this hotel probably infested. The employees are VERY RUDE and have attitude problems. The food at the restaurants is 4/10.Overall won’t be coming back. The pool is nice though!

Brian S.

First off the staff is very friendly so let's give them 5 stars for the casino gaming area a big fat ZERO!! If I wasn't stuck at this casino I would have left a hell of a lot sooner but because the border closes at 2pm I had no choice but to stay the night. The cleanliness of the gaming area was terrible with cigarette ashes spread all over the machines and discarded water bottles and drink cups showed a lack of floor personnel, probably because they are understaffed and getting a drink from a floor person was nearly impossible, I saw the beverage girl once in the 4 hours I was there . The machines are as tight as legally allowed by the gaming commission and most are outdated The pool was closed for "maintenance reasons " so I can't tell you anything about that area. I ordered food from one of the restaurants and it was "just ok" but again the staff was friendly. Bottom line is I hope I never see this place again. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!

Morgan E.

My boyfriend and I decided to stay here just for the lazy river this weekend, and it was amazing. We spent most of the day outside at the river and under one of their cabanas. It was 105 degrees yet the water was cool and clean. Not too crowded either, it started getting crowded around 4pm so we left for our room. The room is nothing special, but it's very clean I must say. Perfectly white towels and sheets. They let you control the thermostat too, so our room was super chilly. There's no mini fridge or microwave which I thought was odd. We ended up paying $140/ night, which I think is too pricey for what you get? We will most likely come back just for the lazy river, but they need to lower their rates on their rooms a bit...

Kenneth B.

My friend I spent 2 nights at the Q. Overall, people need to put the amenities in to context with the rest of the hotels in Yuma for the cost. It was cheaper than the holiday inn. Beds were pretty firm but the room was clean and quiet. I really liked that the floor was truly smoke free and financial penalties for people who violate the policy. Both the sink and tub had problems draining. The steakhouse was very good for the cost and location. The wine selection could have been deeper. The ocotillo cafe for breakfast was also very tasty. Don't bother with the casino unless you get lucky enough to sit at the blackjack table. Slots are tight and have extremely low pay outs.

Ed M.

Prior occupants left clothes in room, that cleaning Lady missed, snooty staff, and the slots don't pay out, this place sucks

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