Bonnie Brae Tavern, Inc.

740 S University Blvd, Denver
(303) 777-2262

Recent Reviews

Pam Milavec

I've been eating at Bonnie Brae for a large percentage of my life! So happy it is still there!

Alyssa M.

Great food, and great service! We all enjoyed our meals, and I loved the atmosphere. The original booths and vintage feel add to the charm. We will definitely be dining there often.

Tom Nosewicz

Good service and quality cooked meals. Just like home cooking.

Stephanie Vigil

Was yummy! A blast from the past..opened in 1934. Good food

Gary Shackleford

Great people working there and great food

Landon Verbrugge

The pizza here is delicious. We usually go here for family gatherings and the staff are usually very positive. The only downside is there our limited parking spaces sometimes. Although, this is a great restaurant by far compared to other pizzerias.

Jenny Biernat

Amazing pizza, either to go or take and bake! I would highly recommend taking the time to stop by this piece of history!

Clay Thomas

Always great! But it's closing sometime in 2021 maybe early 2022. Cheap Eats Good Food!

Scott Newbury

There is nothing else like the Bonnie Brae a city where everything constantly changes it's nice to know nothing has changed here in more than 80 years. In my opinion their pizza is one of the very best with a taste completely all it's own. (try a bacon pizza!).....

George Dorman

Great food and service. Brings back memories

John Derr

Have eaten there before but today the food was rather less than appetizing. My salad was wilted and a little slimy to the touch. My daughters meatball sandwich had raw on the inside meatballs; my son-in-law's Mexican hamburger was overdone. My grand daughters hamburger was dry, it was disappointing. As I said , I have eaten there before and it was great but after this experienc, I will no more.

Brittany Blea

Food is great! Cant beat the prices. Staff is amazing!!

Jim W.

We first went to Bonnie Brae's 42 years ago on March 2nd. It was our first date after DU/CC hockey game. We went back a year later on 3/2/80. We had the same server and sat at the same booth. Her husband was working on the Alaska pipeline. We're in Chicago now but have great memories. Jim and Susan Weber

Les Barker

Pizza was the Best we have had We have Been a regular there since 1990

Julie Mirr

Bonnie Brae Tavern is favorite pizza in town. Also, love their italian side salad and famous onion rings too!

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