Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1747 Wynkoop St, Denver
(303) 446-2337

Recent Reviews

Mistie Baldwin

Loved the burgers....very yummy. And the fries, lots & lots of fries! We ordered 2 large fries for 5 people & left half a bowl cause we were so full. A must stop!

Ben P

The best burger I’ve had in Denver with 100% certainty. Possibly the best burger I’ve ever had (Double jam bacon). But even the classic was unreal.

Aren Avon

This place used to be great. Lately they cant seem to even build a standard burger off their menu right. Worse, the manager randomly decides she isn’t taking orders and shuts down. I’m certain the problems start and end with the manager, floor staff all seems great. Really too bad their livelihood is subject to bad leadership

Jim Doolittle

Cool concept for a burger bar! The ordering process is pretty straightforward, the burgers and fries are very good and the beer comes in a giant glass chalice! Will be back to try more beers and burgers!

Paul Orange

We're vegetarians so the food options were a little slim but we got Beyond Burgers with plant based patties. You simply cannot tell the difference between real meat. French fries were delicious too. Excellent service, and attentive servers made the place an "all cashless" vendor so be prepared to use a credt/debit card. Located in Union Station, the environment makes this establishment very hip and trendy. Would definitely return to this eatery.


Amazing food. Highly recommend the BBQ fries! Great atmosphere!

Andrew Griess

Burgers were awesome, fries were the really skinny type but well seasoned and came in a metal bucket. The presentation of "the classic" burger I thought was the best ive seen in a while. It's right next to the tram/train system downtown Denver has and supposedly down the street from the baseball field. Really nice looking place, and I would definitely go again!

Bruce G.

Honestly, the food here is very good. My bacon poblano burger was juicy and delicious, and the hand cut fries are as good as any I've had. My only complaint is that the place is pricey. A burger, fries, and a beer was $28. It was tasty though!

Mary or Jon Dreger

Only burgers, but very good burgersBut no service. Wait in line to place your order from QR. Get assigned a table. Them somebody brings your food. Hope this place pays their staff well cuz there's no reason to tip except out of mercy .

Denise V.

I have eaten at this burger place many times and have never been disappointed. If you're not interested in juicy yummy burgers they also have a wonderful impossible burger that I actually crave. And the other night I tried the ahi tuna steak sandwich which was scrumptious their fries are hands-down some of the best friends I've ever had.

Brooke S.

I'm a 20 year old girl who still eats off the kids menu and boy oh boy was the hamburger delicious. The fries are bomb. Perfect portion for me and I can usually eat a lot.

Jennifer Michelle

my husband stopped in for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised with fast service and delicious food and margaritas. out if 5 stars, most definitely a 10

Caden A.

Giving it 4 stars cause i never give 5. Interesting how you order. It's not like the normal sit down and they bring menus. It's you pick out what you want at the counter and then go sit down. The fries are priced high because you get a bunch. Burger was small but the fries made up for it.

Jason Lihani

Super fast service, although it wasn't too busy (I went at an off time, like 3pm). Easily the best burger I've had in a long time. They have all sorts of awesome burgers, but they are cooked PERFECTLY. Like perfectly. I don't get burgers cooked that well when I go to a steakhouse most of the time. This place is seriously impressive for what it is. (I got the Double Bacon Jam based on the host's recommendation.)

Mark Scherer

The burgers are tasty and they have good beer options. Is on the more expensive side for a burger but definitely worth trying. They also have a great patio next to Union Station.

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