3500 Walnut St, Denver
(303) 863-7326

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Pilar Rivera

Love the space and variety of music! The bar is super efficient and friendly. Always a wonderful time no matter what. Cannot wait to visit again in the near future.

Muni Tox

always found it to be a very supportive and safe venue to go to!

Alice Q.

Who ever thought this Decades-old bar & dance hall, would be my new favorite floor to boogy! The nightclub has featuring rotating theme nights & music on multiple floors with an outdoor patio with a food truck. I've heard plenty of good things from Tracks Nightclub, but I've never thought this place has been jammin' since 1981. We absolutely enjoyed the company of the staff, the management and even bouncers. We had a problem with our reservations, but (John?) the manager was incredibly understanding about our troubleshooting with loading the tickets and made our night an unforgettable one. They have sooo many dance floors, with laidback bartenders who whipped up some delicious drinks. We saw a beauty pageant show, aerial dancers, pole dancing and performers the entire night. The Red Carpet walk was also super classy and retro fun. We enjoyed the crowd, everyone seemed to be respectful and nice. I absolutely was pleased with the easy parking accommodations. My vehicle was incredibly safe around the area!

Heaven H

Tracks has a really cool atmosphere. BUT make sure you pay the bartenders in cash because, they like to overcharge your credit/debt cards=stealing from the patrons. Not cool.

Caden Pazo

Tracks is filled with kind people all looking to have a good time. Every night is a blast and the DJs are great.

Sophie EW

Trans friendly is always a plus in my book. Not fancy, but fun

Julia J.

Cool place, however the music is super loud and you will not be able to hear anybody. My friends wallet got stolen, my other friend got his shark watch stolen, and lastly my other friend kept finding her purse half unzipped. Needless to say there was definitely a thief on the floor last night. The bouncer was a little rude as I got kicked out last night for wanting to sit down. May be back soon

Bart McDowell

I bought tickets in advance for the Pride 2021 party on 6/26/2021. The event started at 9 PM. I arrived at 9:45 PM and the line was HUGE, nearly 2 blocks long - multiple people wide. TRACKS failed to manage the line and process guests quickly enough so the line was completely out of control and chaotic. The people at the front had no sense of urgency and were processing one person at a time. Some of my friends wasted 2 hours in line before they were able to go inside. Being able to manage a line and process people quickly is absolutely mandatory for this type of business. Shame on TRACKS for letting their paying guests waiting outside - this is unacceptable. There's no excuse for this, TRACKS should have planned for this.

S Bats

Good dancing and a fun atmosphere but they need to upgrade their bathrooms and bar staff. There is not enough of either to keep things moving in the way it should in this place.

Heather Taft

Super dope place ? Might even be the best club venue I’ve ever been to !

Calvin B.

It's all straight people now... sooooo if you wanted a good gay bar for dancing this isn't it.

FallonRaye S.

Okay... there really needs to be a cut off limit for anyone skating and drinking. People get sloppy and it becomes no fun, real quick. Before entering, you need to have your waiver signed. I suggest also purchasing your ticket beforehand. The line can get long and people are obnoxious. You don't want to be waiting for the entry line because there is a massive line for skates. I have my own skates so luckily I'm able to zip right through. This place is 18+ so the younger crowd definitely shows. It's such a great concept but please up the age limit. You will seriously benefit from it. You're able to stay on skates the whole time and put your shoes in the provided cubbies. There aren't any lockers so you're going off an honor system. Don't wear any shoes that you don't want stolen. Not saying mine were, but still, the possibility is there. The main skating rink is located in the back and there are a few other rooms where different music is played. Karaoke is one of the rooms. Seriously, such a fun concept. There are also multiple bars so there isn't a long wait for drinks. For you smokers, the outside area is nice and easily accessible. Will I go back..... ehh. Do they have weekday skating when hardly anyone is around? I'd be down for that!

Tyler Trent

Terrible service.Update: Now that I'm not angry about this anymore, let's add some context. My s/o and I spent 30 minutes standing at the bar. we made direct eye contact with the bartender, politely waited our turn as people who were there before us placed orders, and we had cash in hand. I know we are all re-learning how to buy drinks since COVID but this is how I've always done it, and never had a problem at other bars.Instead of helping us when it was our turn, the bartender elected to spend time helping people who had just walked up...who were clearly their friends. I tried to speak to the bartender but it's so loud in the club that even if the bartender heard me, they could justifiably say they didn't.When the bartender finally got around to asking my partner what she wanted, my partner tried to tell her, and then...(this is where blatant disrespect happened)...another one of the bartender's friends walked up from nowhere and the bartender was like "they were here first" and proceeded to literally cut off my partner while she was trying to share her drink order, and help the other person.We immediately left. I will never be returning to this bar. We waited patiently, followed the process, were summarily ignored and it was not fun. Garbage.

Zoe Hughes

I literally have never been inclined to leave a review but my experience last night was probably the weirdest at any bar ever. The bartender with green hair in the smaller room seemed to be on a completely different planet and not in a fun way. Not only did she take absolutely forever to take any orders, but when she finally did she wouldn’t even let me finish my full order. My friends and I decided to do it all on one card so it would be easier and she wouldn’t have to waste time going through all of us, and by the time I said 1 of the drinks we were ordering she was like “Can I get your card Can I get your card Can I get your card Give me your card” again and again and I tried to tell her I had more to order but she just took my card out of my hand and closed the tab. I totally get that it’s busy and crazy after covid, I am in the service industry too, but for her to only be running half the bar with a bar back helping her out too it was kinda wild she was acting sooooooo crazy about me wanting to order a round of shots..Maybe yall should put her somewhere else in the club or retrain her because that was for sure my weirdest bartender experience ever.

John Graves

Not the same. It's gone down. Not fun anymore. Much better clubs to choose from.

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