Watercourse Foods

837 E 17th Ave, Denver
(303) 832-7313

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Christi van Os-Ghey

It’s very unfortunate that we had such bad service here. We heard about the place and wanted to come see what everyone was hyping. The hostess and bartender were very helpful. Our waitress didn’t know the menu. Didn’t know about the wines. Didn’t come back and check on us. I had to go to the bar for wine and my check from the hostess. The food was just okay.

Krystal Taylor

Top notch flavor. All vegan. Super friendly staff. Food made me smile. Must eat inside food is so fresh.

Elise Dudley

Best vegan meal in a while. The fried cauliflower and cornbread waffle was incredible and moroccan chickpea and carrot salad was a perfect addition.They informed us at the beginning of the meal that there would be an automatic 20% gratuity to the restaurant because of minimum wage increase, and that if we tipped it would be going to a tip pool for all FOH/BOH employees. A little misleading to not have this info on their website menu — maybe they should just lift their prices to account for this?? For two ppl/entrees we paid nearly $50, without drinks & including tip

Letitica Mayrant

The Cuban was amazing and the environment was very laid back and welcoming. I will definitely be back. Great Vegan restaurant!

Christina Gloor

Just amazing. The cauliflower buffalo wings were to die for - the cornmeal batter was perfectly crisp, the sauce was zippy, and the cauliflower was perfectly tender without being mushy. The curry tomato soup and Caesar salad were both fresh and delicious. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his caprese sandwich. The atmosphere was cozy, clean, and fresh and the service was prompt without being overbearing. I also love that they put a 20% service fee on the bill to give their staff a living wage. All around a wonderful experience and a beautiful place to enjoy some quality time and food

Alec Gildner

Amazing food! I had no idea this was vegetarian upon first arrival but I was blown away with how good the food was. The turkey and Brie was so good I’ll be going back! I got a side of the fig sauce to dip the sandwich in per recommendation of our host, it was very good

Elle Beecher

The menu is expansive and entirely vegan, which is great. Relaxing environment to go on a date or hang out with a group of friends.The Cuban sandwich was UNREAL… you have to get this, probably the best thing on the menu. However, the other food we tried (truffle fries appetizer and burger) were subpar and didn’t have much flavor.Warning: There is a 20% service charge, and multiple unexpected up charges for sauces that they didn’t tell us about.

Hayden Hess

Always a reliable and delicious spot to get some vegan food. I’m not vegan, nor vegetarian but I enjoy the occasional plant based meal. I usually get the Cuban. And I always like the cauliflower wings for an appetizer. The carrot cake cheesecake was a nice bonus!

Beverly Soto

My oh my. I made a point of coming here for brunch on a short trip to Denver. I was the only vegan in a party of three but, we all more than enjoyed the food. We had a a round of Colorado Mules and charcuterie plate to start. Mules were excellent and cheese plate served as a perfect sampler of cheeses and textures of dishes to come.I had the prosciutto benedict sandwich. They were pretty good however, one I tried my brother’s pastrami sandwich I completely forgot about my dish… that pastrami sandwich is what dreams are made of. Truly. And I have NEVER been known to enjoy pastrami. The bread is a perfect marble rye, with the right level of crunch, and a soft mound of “pastrami.” I can just picture it now… Dip it into the mustard for an added yum factor.We also ordered the danishes which were a pleasant surprise. Light and buttery.We payed a little over $200 for 3 of us. But, we ordered quite a variety of dishes.I’ll be back in Denver in a few months and have already set an allotted time to come here with breakfast. Already looking forward to it.

Nicole Olerich

the best vegan food in Denver. Cauliflower wings, Turkey and Brie sandwich, carrot cheesecake omg

Kozmo Flores

I love the jackfruit bbq sandwich, the staff is so friendly and awesome. The lavender lemonade was delicious as well, and the cauliflower chicken: so flavorful. Not sure what people are complaining about, the 20% charge extra is for a great cause. States clearly on the check and on the website. Has to be my favorite Vegan ? in town.

Christopher Padilla

I did not enjoy my meal. My fries were soggy and did not look fresh. My breakfast sandwich had an off-flavor which tasted like multiple remnants of whatever grill or stove it was cooked on. The sauce was an off-greenish color which resembled slime from the Ninja turtles. I did not enjoy my breakfast at all. Perhaps this is because I ordered for pick up? I may or may not try to dine-in but for a first time run around my experience was not good. Shame because this is one of the few Vegan options in Denver. Better luck next time I hope.

John Douthit

The food here is incredible. The pretzel and cheese were amazing. My family let each other take a bite out of each other's meals, and the Pastrami and Gouda sandwich taste the best with the Smoked Turkey and Brie coming in second. The Roasted Chicken and Prosciutto had a little bit too much meat on it for my taste and would have either preferred less meat or more sauce to compensate. Overall, delicious.

Victoria Varga

Top notch vegan food!! Everything I’ve tried on their menu is awesome. The best thing, in my opinion, is the pretzel with cheese! Perfection! When I was in Denver with my partner, we ate there 3 separate times. Thanks for being rad, Watercourse.

Raven Jade

A really decent choice for vegans/vegetarians/those with dietary restrictions. I really like that they make providing a living wage for their employees a priority.The food is tasty, but not neccessarily outstanding. I wish they wouldnt name their meat replacements with meat names as you cannot help but compare textures. That being said, I was super happy to find a hearty vegetarian meal with sandwiches and fries.The cherry limeade is really good but prepare for the sour! Its also a tad expensive at $7.Outdoor and indoor seating, and water is already at the table.Seems like a super inclusive space too.

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