Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

2440 Highway 6 And 50, Grand Junction
(970) 245-8227

Recent Reviews

Connie Newberry

Loved the food. The service was great happy friendly staff.

Scott Peirce

Nothing negative to say about this location, but they menu has been cut to shreds. No more baby back. No more dry rub. And a bunch of other stuff nixed for no apparent reason. Used to love this place, but probably won't be back.

Ena Gibbons

Famous Dave's is one of my favorite restaurants to eat. The food is always delicious. And the staff are friendly and courteous.

Tyler S. Spear

Ordered a two-meat plate with brisket and rib tips. Brisket was fine, but the rib tips were tougher than a dog chew. Alerted my server and couldn't even get a "sorry," much less have anything done about it. Won't be back.

julie faktor

Yummy BBQ I miss my home state. This close. Thank you!

Peggy J.

Have always enjoyed Famous Dave's in the past. My husband and I took my son and his wife to dinner on Sunday and it was a huge disappointment. I had chicken strips and they were so over-cooked I couldn't chew them. They seriously were inedible. My husband and our guests had chicken sandwiches, same problem, chicken so over done it was inedible. Wait staff seemed disinterested and didn't seem familiar with menu items or what we were asking for. We ordered bread pudding and peach cobbler to take home with us and asked specifically to have NO WHIPPED CREAM since we were taking it home. My bread pudding was small (these are pricey desserts but we normally don't mind because they are usually large portions), it was a corner piece so was dry and brown. We discovered when we got home that my husbands peach cobbler had whipped cream on it and needless to say it had turned to a watery mess. Our ticket was over $80.00 so including a tip, we left behind $100.00 for a meal and service that was embarrassing. Probably won't be back since there are other options in town. PS This is the first time I have ever left a bad review for a restaurant and it doesn't feel good, but there it is.

Crystal Bickford

The food was awesome as always. The waitress was wonderful, which I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy about. I've been to several restaurants recently, and am finding that it is increasingly difficult to get a good one. My only complaint was that it took them a while to seat us despite it being somewhat empty. Other than that, it was a good experience.

Tom Ehlers

Understand short staffed in today's world. Food was great. New waiter (2nd night) took a bit regarding drink order and refills, but I fully understand and appreciate he was working hard.

Carol McCahon

We had a less than famous dinner experience. The service was slow on Father's Day. The waiter told us they were under staffed. About 50 minutes in to our wait for food at the table he told us it would be another 50 minutes for food. We decided to leave at that point. We'd like to try it again on a mid week day to see if it's better.

William Burgess

Traveling through the area we stopped here. Servers are excellent. Food was excellent. Best meal and service during our trip.

Lorey Wood

This place has gone down hill fast. Stoped in to eat and the host said 30 min wait when there was maybe a couple tables with people in the dinning area. 3 people came in after the other 2 parties have been waiting that obviously knew the waitress and she took them around the side and seated them. We waited 40 minutes just for the host to come back saying the kitchen told him if we wanted to stay and eat we wouldn’t eat for another 1 -1/2 hr to 2 hrs. All of the parties left very upset. You guys lost a lot of money today.

Frankie Rogers Cooper

Very friendly service, great waitress, nice environment, temperatures great inside. Not too hot not too cold

Gil S.

Stopped on our way west for a quick lunch. Everything was generally ok but my wife wasn't so happy with the Sassy Salad, she said she had some salad in a different Famous Dave's and it was better but she wasn't sure what it was. My food wasn't bad at all, I got a lunch combo with 2 meats and no complaints there. I haven't been to a Famous Dave's in a while, but seems like prices have gone up a little if I remember correctly. I still think that the value is good though. I'd give this place 3.5 stars but since this option is not available I went with 3 because I don't see it as a 4 star restaurant. I saw in other reviews here that some people say the food is inedible, personally for me the food was not only edible, but also pretty tasty so not sure what happened in those other cases.

Loan Shark

The food is awesome but when you order a rack of ribs you want some meat. They shaved the top down so close to the bone I had to eat twice as many as usual. We used to have a few left over but now we are left wanting, we are two people eating, are they cutting it off an feeding their dogs with it? for sure someone's taking part of my meal home and I'm paying for it. too bad this is happening, we won't be back.

mandabougg H

All the meat I got was dry and I got the sampler. Who uses the sweet bread and butter pickles for fried pickles? It's just crazy and gross. Also there were very few people in there and food was slow.

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