Suehiro Japanese Restaurant

541 Main St, Grand Junction
(970) 245-9548

Recent Reviews

Angela V.

Omar @ the Sushi Bar is truely amazing! He is the reason I'm giving 5 Stars! Everything was fantastic and tasted so good! I'm surprised to see so little reviews because the restaurant was packed. Even with the wait, it was perfectly worth it. It was so good, my kiddo and I devoured our rolls. Definitely recommend and will be back!!

Kaleen H.

Average sushi. The miso soup is complimentary which was nice for me because I got to enjoy both mine and Nicks :) The edamame appetizer was standard, yummy. I got the Tokyo peach roll and couldn't really taste the peach but I ate the whole roll. Nick got the Las Vegas roll and he ate the whole thing but wasn't impressed. The service was quick and attentive.

Mandi B

BEST sushi in town! We have been going to Suehiro's for the last 4 to 5 years and it's absolutely the best! They also have a wide variety of non sushi items for those who aren't sushi eaters. The restaurant is always clean and we love thier traditional seating. If you love sushi you have to try Poison Ivy and Hulk! We have also gotten take out and the food is still super fresh. I prefer rice paper to seaweed and they are always more than willing to accommodate ?

Lawrence Bloomfield

The hostess was slightly rude to me when I entered, my wife was seated prior to me arriving because I needed to do a quick thing on main Street before they closed. She didn't give me any direction and told me to find her myself. The people I went in front of obviously didn't know this, but they made a lot enough statement to be heard around "did he go in front of us?" In a judgemental attitude, as an individual eating at the restaurant I don't think that's a generally acceptable way of thinking. I did make mention loud enough about my wife already being seated, but it wasn't handled properly.I'm 6'6" and the traditional seating, which was recently rug washed was still wet,and I could not get my muscular legs underneath the table properly either. It was incredibly difficult and the table is booked into the ground which makes anyone of a specific size incapable of experiencing that. Though,genetics and biology play a significant factor in this particular role.The server we had was exceptional and has a huge heart. If you have Hiro, you have been blessed, you can feel the passion for individuals in his heart going into yours. My wife explained a similar experience.Lastly I got diarrhea the following day, and I didn't order any fish, which leads me to believe that the kitchen isn't following the strict food safety guidelines that all restaurants, including mine, follow. This leasing me to believe that cross contamination was the source as my wife didn't order sushi but I did. That day in general I didn't eat much else the entire day based on my schedule not having time for it.The only other thing I could say is upon entering, it smells like cleaning supplies, which is a turn off. As someone who has a massive cultural cuisine diversity and one who very much enjoys food. This shop should not, by any means be as busy as it is, for the multi-day wait my wife and I had.Food:3/5 tasty but got sickServer:5/5 heart of heartsHostess:1/5 unprioritizedAtmosphere: 1/5 crampedSmell:1/5 chemical residue


Food was amazing once we got seated! Very busy but definitely worth the hour wait! ?

Marie T.

I went to this Japanese restaurant in downtown Grand Junction for a lunch. When we got there around 12:30pm on a weekday, we were told that it would be a 30 min wait. We got seated after 20 minutes. Somehow the service was really slow. The waiters and waitresses were running around to serve customers. Wonder if they simply had a shortage of staff on that day. I could see they were really trying to do their best in that situation; however, I wish there was a little more consideration and attention to customers. We ordered lunch bento boxes. My husband's chicken was over grilled and got a little hard to chew. The taste was ok.

Donovan Kahler

If you are visiting from out of town. Definitely visit here! They’re busy for a reason!! Great service, great food!

Marty Hammonds

Don't go to Suehiro's unless you want super food, wonderful food and beverage service... Amidst a Sublime ambience. My only wish? Stay open an hour later.

Melissa Robitaille

Called ahead for seating for 3 got there and was told it was a 45 minute wait to be seated as they closed in 30 mins. Was told they would call for us to be seated. Never got a call

Michelle M.

Great prices, great Japanese food! I'll definitely be back again. We sat in the traditional seating in the back which may be a little difficult to get in and out of for those with limited mobility. Fun experience though!

T Jenkins

What an experience at this fabulous restaurant. From the service to the amazing presentation to the very tasty food. Never had such wonderful Japanese food. Go hungry. Huge portions for a reasonable price. Don't go anywhere else for Japanese in Grand Junction. In a cool area also. We enjoyed walking around.

Patrick Egan

Good food good service great lunch with friends. Portions are good and they can customize rolls just how you want them A+

Alford Triplett

If you like Japanese and others have failed you this place will not! We came in late but they took us in and took care of us! The food was excellent and the staff just the same! It was well worth it!

Michele E.

The service here was absolutely abysmal. The waitress was too worried about chatting with the men at the tables next to us to provide service. When she was at our table, she kept interrupting and obviously wasn't listening. The restaurant automatically brings soup, we had to ask for ours twice before it was brought. The table that sat down after us, received their soup without having to ask for it at all. We ordered 3 drinks, she brought 2 of them. Had to ask for the 3rd drink again. Watched her then take a drink order from the table next to us and bring it out. Had to ask her again for the drink for her to come back and say they were out. We also requested a specially made sushi roll that on two prior visits was no issue. She was shown the ingredients but failed to write it down. She came back to get the ingredients only to come back and say they couldn't do. The sushi chef then came out and said he would make it. She then sent the "owner" over who then proceeded to attack us about the order that they "have never served since his family has owned the place since 1986". When we explained what had been requested, he then said "well we wouldn't serve it for $5. No one at our table said anything about being charged $5 for it. The price had not been discussed before. She then proceeded to avoid us at all costs and tell her friends that she was going to go cry in the walk-in. The food was alright but not worth the hour wait and the side of drama.

Travis Gilbert

Wonderful atmosphere and top notch wait staff combined made a very pleasing dining experience. Easily some of the best Asian food I've ever had!

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