Mac & Cheezary

7961 S Broadway Unit B, Littleton
(303) 797-3649

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Cortney P.

Got this for dinner after having our baby (it's basically across the street from the hospital and it was SOOOOOO delicious!! I got the Buffalo chicken Mac and it was "melt in your mouth good". We will definitely be back!

Faith Culler

Our first time at this location, but we are huge fans of Mac & Cheezary! The food was ready quick but was very fresh. I love that they offer gluten free and vegan options, including the ability to build your own bowl! I’ve had their delicious vegan mac at their other location but was blown away to find out that I still had the option to customize my toppings and proteins even with the vegan cheese. The portion sizes are generous and $10/person seems like a steal for such delicious food. We have definitely become big fans of this place and will be returning often to more delicious macaroni and cheese!!

Caleb C.

Honestly had high hopes for a Mac and cheese themed restaurant, but it's just a depressing scene. The food is ok but not up to the standards I have for a specialty restaurant. If you have a specialty restaurant you got to be great and it's just not. Also the environment is bland all around not great.

ian blanchard

If you haven't tried it yet I suggest you make the time. We had Colorado Favorite and the Buffalo Chicken and it was amazing. There's a solidified crust of cheese on top and a creamy mac and cheese under. We will most definitely start frequenting this restaurant. Has to be some of the best mac and cheese I've ever tried! Give it a shot you wont be disappointed!

Paul Merrill

My wife and I are big fans. I never liked mac & cheese very much, but they bring it to an entirely new level... it is super delicious! And the variety of flavors keeps things really interesting.

Shaela Schrack

Wow! I’ve never had such tasty Mac n cheese! I ordered the Buffalo chicken and it did not disappoint. My husband had the green chili pork. Both amazing! We will be back for more.

Tammie Young

Have eaten here twice now. And omg. If you want to splurge on calories, this place is amazing!!! The Colorado is the best! Buffalo chicken a close second.

Keebler F.

Absolutely mind blowing mac and cheese. Tried several mac and cheese combinations and had the best time enjoying the explosion of flavors. Had the Colorado favorite, the BBQ pulled pork. The classic, the Pizza and the Vegan. YES VEGAN AND IT WAS AMAZING. Rich cheese sauces, perfectly seasoned, and balanced with plenty off add ins. You wont go wrong here with Mac & Cheesery

Natasha B.

What a great idea! Loved that there were so many options for adults and kids. I am grateful for a place that caters to children who are picky and only eat mac and cheese (my son) ....AND their poor parents! Clean, sanitary and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Alex T.

The Mac and cheese here is great. They give you a lot of good options on their menu and suggestions. The Colorado favorite is very good! They do have gluten-free options as well as vegan options. I did not partake in those but if they are like the rest they are very good. They also have a pierogi section from a sister store that looks really good. The only reason I didn't give this place for stars is because it's not incredibly inviting inside and the staff didn't seem to interested in the customers (not just us, we watched for a while). Could be a bad day, but still something to consider. Will recommend!

Kristyn Ahrens

Delicious food and incredible service! I had the Colorado Favorite and it was amazing! The manager Hernando was helping serve food and was so genuinely kind and funny that it made the whole dining experience feel special!

Juan Carvajal

Great place to eat. Food is amazing and the staff are really friendly. 100% recommended.

Stephanie Bell

Consistently delicious! I've tried three different menu items and loved them all. I've also ordered 60+ bowls for a work lunch event and these folks couldn't have been better to work with - so organized and professional. Love this local small business!

Nancy Lesan

I work at a school nearby and have bought lunch here a few times. They crew is wonderful to work with, have offered us educator discounts. The most important thing is the Mac N Cheese is incredible, truly a treat. Yummy!

Diane Gaston

Our teachers enjoyed a special treat yesterday of Mac & Cheezary. I loved my Cajun Mac that I ordered. It had an excellent spice kick and was super cheesy. I would have shared a pic but I ate the entire meal!

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