The Lost Cajun - Littleton

5350 S Santa Fe Dr F, Littleton
(720) 535-8862

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Ernestine Fishburn

My food was great! red fish and crawfish etouffee.

Linda Riggle

Have been to this location several times. The lobster bisque is so great! Creamy, rich flavor. If you get a cup, you'll wish you ordered a bowl. Wonderful appetizers. I'm always happy with the shrimp and crispy catfish.

Tim Sander

Food was great, service was fast, all in all a great little lunch or dinner spot. I love gumbo and the seafood gumbo had great flavor. The cat fish was very tender and the fry breading was flavorful. Try the gator bites! They're worth it.

William D.

Nola native, was craving some home food. The fried oysters were nice but the Étouffée tasted like brown gravy with tonys and cayenne pepper and the rice was mushy. I'm gonna recommend it but to the people not from New Orleans.

Dretsel Johnson

First of all I have to say Javier makes the place go. He is the Lost cabin at the Santa Fe location. We had the all you can eat catfish on Wednesday which we regularly go to! Things were going slow not quite up the par with food coming out slow waiting 20 minutes for another piece of fish just Mass confusion to the spin around that kind of deal. Javier pops in everything is solved immediately. Javier is a professional in the first degree he makes it right time and time again. The fish was well fried and seasoned and we were satisfied! You won't be disappointed especially if Javier is working.

Staci Nunn

Our first time here, had a variety of items! Service was good and friendly, they were out of Jambalaya but everything else we tried was pretty tasty!

Beth Machann

Great food! Jambalaya, Gumbo, etoufee, and the service is excellent!

Miatsu K.

We picked this spot for my birthday lunch as I am crazy about Cajun food. As we entered, the first thing I noticed was this place was was immaculately clean. That's a great sign during the times of covid. We were met by Javier, who seated us a d welcomed us. He was extremely pleasant and professional. When he learned we had never been there before, he brought us a very cool sample paddle with half a dozen of their specialities. It allowed us to taste various options and make an informed decision. I ended up ordering red beans and rice and a fish poboy sandwich. Both were absolutely amazing. When lunch over, Javier, having learned it was my birthday, brought me a bengiet that was amazing. The food here was really good but what made the visit was Javier and his extremely personable and outgoing personality. Thank you Javier for making my birthday lunch amazing.

Jojie Jordan

The tasters were so good for newbies...the hurricane drink awesome


I did considerable business in New Orleans and grew to love Cajun food. Crawfish Etouffee and seafood Po-Boys are among my favorite dishes. The Lost Cajun makes these actually better than almost all I've had in the Big Easy!

Mary Elizabeth Young

A little taste of home. Great atmosphere, service and food. And there's Louisiana beer & coffee!


My husband and I loved eating here! The waiter was very friendly. We ate catfish and it was fantastic! With it being our first time there, they also gave us a free sampler of some of their most popular foods, which were also delicious.

Sean King

Never again. Ordered the combo platter to-go, arrived 2 minutes after they said it would be ready. I live 2 minutes from this location. Got home, and the FRIED okra, fries, and fish were just soggy, mushy, and steamed. Tried to rescue it with my air-fryer, but it was beyond saving. Took 4 days to finally talk with a manager and the best he would do was 30% off our next meal. I’m never eating here or at any location again, I’m done.

Shelley Grant

Went for a Birthday celebration and had a blast with family. Food was great. Stir fry shrimp and veggies was amazing. Not brave enough to try anything else. Highly recommend the CHICORY COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST. staff was amazing. Great waiter. We loved our experience.

Debra Dunlap

So much food!!! I actually made 3 meals out of it. We asked if we could sample the gumbos. They brought out this cute plank board with 6 samples. It was wonderful! I really enjoyed the seasoned fries. I would have liked more seasoning. The catfish was a tad bland. There tarter sauce was great too. I even got some to bring home with my leftovers.

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