The Pint Room

2620 W Belleview Ave, Littleton
(720) 283-3200

Recent Reviews

Nate & Christy Culkin

This is one of our favorite restaurants both for beer selection and amazing food. The burger special never disappoints and it has one of the best beer selections in the state.

Travis M Reynolds

Stopped in for lunch and a couple beers. The burgers were amazing, onion rings were good but ridiculously big- plenty to share. And the beer list was extensive. Staff was good and to the point making everything a perfect lunch experience. I look forward to going back.

Ryan Grant

EDIT: The below review in quotes was my original review. Since then I have stopped back in and the lines taste much better. I appreciate ownership attentiveness to the their reviews and investigating the issue. I will come back."The service here is great, which is what the 2 stars are for. The beer is terrible, everything tastes wrong. It's as if the lines have never been flushed or cleaned. I challenge the owner to get canned or bottles versions of beers on tap and taste them next to your tap pours. They will taste nothing alike. What a shame, with the selection they should care more about the integrity of their beer."

Heath Shuford

Amazing beer selection, not the best service. Food selection is decent but almost no options for vegetarians. We sat outside with our dog and the staff rushed to take the umbrellas in over a predicted 0.03" of rain. I suggested to the waiter that they get umbrellas that they can leave out because I've literally never seen a restaurant react so oddly to a few drops of water. Our server took our umbrella in and all he said was they're more concerned about their umbrellas not molding and his manager not wanting staff to serve customers in the rain. Taking your umbrellas away from customers already seated shows your priorities might need revisiting.

Paul Williams

Great selection of beers, cider and seltzers. Good food and nice dog friendly patio with sunbrellas.


I live this place. Great salads, great burgers, fantastic cheese curds, and the largest selection of beers anywhere around.

Mary H.

Probably the last time I will come here for food. Not sure who they hire as chefs but the food here is SO bland. I have tried several items on the menu and every time it tastes like a child makes them ugh. Y'all ever heard of spices, let alone salt? Try it, might make your food taste better.


Food, service and drinks, all amazing!The service was amazing. Our server came quickly and always kept up on us.The drinks didn't take forever and were all tasty, something a lot of places right now seem to struggle to provide.The food was delicious. I had their salmon BLT special and added avocado.? It was the "the move". Get their jalapeno poppers, it was one of the most delicious / different appetisers I've had in a while.The location is great too. You could bring your kids, dogs, family, friends or just a date. There is a bocce court, that backs up to the river, the outdoor seating is fantastic, and the inside booths are comfortable. No matter where you go, you'll be happy.Overall, super awesome find, glad we came!

Garrett Hall

The beer menu was extensive but the taps aren’t being maintained well so the pour isn’t great. The staff was friendly but a couple of them seemed to be pinned in outer space. The food was delicious (shout out to the kitchen). Not bad for a quick bite.

Mark S.

Great outdoor patio, EXCEPT, the new skirts on the railing have eliminated the view of the bike path and the river, which made the ambiance so good. Restore the view and I'd give you 5-stars. Burgers are good, fries and chips are great. Get the bar bacon!

Jason G.

Fathers Day brunch didn't go as planned. My wife made reservations at another place close by. She called ahead to ask if dogs were allowed and we were told yes. Apparently we were misinformed and that restaurant took no accountability. Now we had a dog in tow and nowhere planned to go. I found The Pint Room and they allowed dogs on the patio. Everyone was super friendly including staff and other customers with their own dogs. The food was really good, way above average for this type of establishment. Great beer list. Than you to The Pint Room for saving my Father's Day meal with my family!

Brittan H.

Hands down our favorite joint to visit. The food is great & the service is outstanding! Love the variety of burgers & the fact that they always have seasonal drinks on their menu & best beer selection on tap! Quinn, Brady & Robby are top notch!!!!

Annie T.

Hidden Gem! Good food, good service, good beer, good atmosphere, good music...good times!

Walter W.

Worst bar ever with an awful, awful miserable manager, which trickles down to the staff leading to an environment where no one working there smiles or even appreciates their guests. Only Jon Taffer and bar rescue can save this dump.

Danielle D.

Fantastic selection of beers on tap, and a cool patio area. We ordered the Summer Thyme burger, which was fantastic, and a side of mac and cheese as well as the Steel Curtain sandwich. The flavor of the mac and cheese was good, but it came out cold. The corned beef on the Steel Curtain was very thin and tough like beef jerky so pretty disappointed with that one.

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