Waffle House

201 E County Line Rd, Littleton
(303) 738-1000

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Sarah Mccarthy

Always great and I swear the staff never goes home. It's sad how understaffed they are but they make it work and I have never felt uninvited to come in. The food is the same guilty breakfast. Waffle with eggs and potatoes, there's no going wrong for 11 dollars. They are always busy so getting a table can be hard but worth the wait.

Rosemarie Beckerman

My server Toni went above and beyond on customer service. we did not want for anything on our visit there. friendly assertive, amazing personality and great attitude. will be back to Waffle house to see Toni again.

Brandon Wade

Guy who was cooking tonight did a great job.The restaurant was packed and he held it together and served up everybody. Give that guy a raise ? ?

Robert King

Best place for a delicious meal at 2 am.

Stacie W.

This was my first time going to a Waffle House. I know...I've been living under a rock. The food was ok. I mean nothing was bad, but all in all, the food didn't really stand out. It was typical diner food. What did stand out were the cooks. It was pretty busy, so we had to sit at the counter. I'm SO happy we did. Hubby and I like to cook, so watching the cooks is fascinating to me. I haven't seen too many places these days were the waitresses are calling out orders to the line. These cooks were just on the top of their game. They were cranking out orders quick while working in their little spaces. I don't know if this was the super star breakfast squad, but they sure looked like it. Next time I go, I'm definitely sitting at the counter again!

Marissa E

Came in at 1 pm, the place was packed and only 2 employees were working. The waitress deserves a raise! She was not only sitting tables, but she was taking orders, serving food, making waffles, cashiering, cleaning tables and as if that wasn't enough she did the dishes too!! Both of the employees were beyond friendly despite the chaos. I left a hefty tip because in the midst of all of that our waitress was never without a smile. She was amazing and these stars are hers. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marbeya duran

Let me tell you that service here was amazing the food was great the cook was very nice went all the way to the table asked if everything was okay. She took us some more bacon it was just great food was just great I would come back to this place

Elizabeth C.

First off all, it's annoying enough that they are too lazy at this location to even take your order over the phone. Who doesn't do that nowadays?? Went in Saturday to order something to-go & was flat out turned away and told that they weren't doing to-go orders because they were busy.....WTF? Lol. Just turning away business??....that's brilliant, very professional.

Carrie Fortune

Good food, Friendly staff.

Tyler Boverhuis

Love this place. Food is Great and Riley was our waitress and she went above and beyond for us!! Didn’t expect to receive such great service!!

Silas Oswald

The food was great! And the staff was friendly and helpful!

Dawn Minor

It's an old favorite still doing it good! The menu has trimmed down considerably looks like they made slot into bowls?????? Not a favorite of but the good ol eggs and hash browns still hit the spot!

Tristan D Bohnen

Meko was an excellent waitress!We dined here just after midnight on Tuesday, Jul. 20. Apparently that's when their business ramps up, 'cause shortly after we arrived the booths and bar filled. As far as I could tell it was just Meko and one other employee to get everything done, but I was surprised how efficiently they handled the transition from two full booths and one person at the bar to a full house!The food was good, hash browns nice and crunchy, egg whites not runny but yolks nice and gooey at over medium.

Mark J.

Came off a flight craving some good sloppy steak and eggs. Very nice greeting and on point service from Meka. I love sitting at the bar because I'm always impressed with how on point the cool is and how he can relay orders into quick turnarounds. However, the other older grumpier woman working there was on the cooks ass for no apparent reason. She was completely nasty to him, saying how "messed up he was, why did she even come in tonight, who pissed in his Cheerios," and then even scrambled to do his job for him. Extremely unprofessional and took all the childhood enjoyment out of the experience I was craving after a very nice trip. Not happy with this experience and I can't believe the cook did not just walk out then and there from the harassment he took from this woman. So so wrong!!!!! Waffle House I hope you do better.....

Diane Crockett

I took myself out for a single gal breakfast. I had all the ingredients at home, I was just tired of cooking!!So the eggs were flat, not fluffy. The bacon was insignificant. The country style potatoes felt like from a frozen dinner. It was worse than airplane food. And not cheap! Over $10.00 for breakfast? The whole restaurant looked tired. People, decor, menu, all need a slight update. Like maybe a small fresh cut fruit bowl with the breakfast, (free). And, Some tiny cinnamon rolls that are complimentary, like rolls should be.

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