8040 S Broadway, Littleton
(303) 347-9476

Recent Reviews

G L Shannon

Great Wendy's in a great location location which means the drive thru can sometimes be busy.

Chris murdock

Little bit of constructive criticism here, to help alleviate the back up in store, take all the orders from people in line before leaving the register to do other things. The person who ordered before you shouldn't recieve there food before you even place your order.

Drew Brewster

Fast, accurate and friendly. Thanks for the nice visit at a buddy lunch rush.

Colorado dude

Good but the girl at the drive turu was a little snarky but everything else was great

Micaela Rae

I go to Wendy's a lot and over the past 3 months this location isnt doing well. It doesn't matter if your shorthanded or not. If you can keep things moving smoothly then your never going to keep up. There's not much "Hello, welcome to Wendy's." Or verifying the order is correct. There's no "Welcome to Wendy's, please give me a minute and I'll be right with you." These are the procedures to any fast food restaurant and yet that welcoming greeting is vanishing to unwelcome greeting. When I come all the time and order the same thing every time they still manage to mess up my order. Come on fast food restaurants get it together or get out of the fast food business.

Luis Zafra

Out of all the Wendy's in the area this is the best one. It's always clean, the food is fresh and hot.

Evan Hoke

Depends on the day. Some days things are great, with fast service and good food. Some days you order in the app and select dine-in only to find the doors are locked and you'll have to wait in a 45min drive thru line. Attitudes among the employees are also generally not great.

Kevin Bickford

I have never had cold food from this Wendy's always hot fries hot burgers

Sabrina Farmer

It took 30 minutes to get our food. They looked disorganized and had to many ways to order food.

Rico Ruiz

Well done special ordered burger & baked potato. Friendly staff. Table cleaned as soon as I was done, although I was not rushed.

Fred Wenholz

Just got back from drivethru. Order is perfect and I noticed the gentleman even wiped off the top of my drink before he handed it to me. A+ Service!

Linda R

Want to give kuddos to Ethan. Great customer service and cool under a stressful situation.

Don Divelbiss

Cant get an order right the first time

Ray Grau

It's a fast food restaurant so it's Wendy's so if you get the same burger no matter where you go

Casey A.

I have come here a few times because I work nearby. I'd had never been a good experience. Today everyone was super rude, they doubled my order. I paid with a credit card but they gave me cash back for the extra order rather than putting it back on my card, and did not refund the amount for tax, but at that point I was already too frustrated to care. The fries and frosty tasted very off. I don't know why the frosty tasted gross but the fries tasted like they were using really old dirty fryer oil. Ew. Would not recommend.

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