1900 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 281-1640

Recent Reviews

Taylor Hauck

The manager Joe is a good guy and always makes sure my order is perfect. His staff is super friendly too. I enjoy seeing them in the morning!

Jeffrey Hamilton

Slow service. Out of items. Burnt avacado toast. Usually great service. Really bad day


Staff was really nice. However the coffee was terrible very strong bitter after taste.

Tichina Williams

Alex and Dena were great. They were friendly, kind and made my order well. First time trying a drink and I was truly impressed. Thank you

N Borrero

The coffee ☕ awesome as always as well the services but the rest of the restaurant was very dirty and dusty..I understand it was rush hour in the earlier morning ? but please ?God bless us ?? ? ❤?

walt bradley

The big fella who runs this place isn't bigger down by such ideas like moving fast or properly staffing at rush hour. Can't understand how he hasn't been shut down by corporate yet

Akhil Pandey

Staff was really nice. However the coffee was terrible very strong bitter after taste.

Armand J. Cobb (A9 ARTS)

To be honest with you. This time was not one of the best experiences. I ran into a couple very irate customers before I got to order. And as I was ordering it seemed as if all of the employees had bad attitudes this morning. Very unhappy with the service. But overall this is a fairly decent Dunkin.

Dorothea Nelson

Service was good...just mad l can't use the bathroom???don't know about you but coffee makers me pee

Amitai S

Love Dunkin' coffee and their blueberry muffins.A great location with great staff.

Danielle Williams

My 2nd home...LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Dunkin'

Keya C.

The only reason I am giving this branch a 3 instead of a 2 is because I like the branch in the early hours of my morning for work. When I go in the late morning to afternoon, there is one woman there with a rude attitude and disposition comes off standoffish. I am very pleasant everytime I go in there and she has a saying instead of saying, "how can I help you?" She says, "what can I get ya?" I'm appalled...speak to me with respect as your CUSTOMERS do to you. Please remind this woman she is in customer service!! I will NEVER go at this time AGAIN. I will not tolerate her behavior and still give my money

Gregory C

Liked it a lot better than most Dunkin donuts. Workers were good and the donuts were fresh and tasted great.

Melissa Fragola

If I could give it no stars I would the employees don't want to work, no customer service what so ever, I will not be going to this dunkin donuts ever again. Who ever owns this place needs to regroup and hire a whole new staff.

Brendan Reig

GROSS!!!!!Wearing gloves but touching money then food without changing gloves.The young man took more time constantly pulling up his pants then performing tasks (pulling up his pants with gloves on using the same gloves to touch food and drink lids) - buy this kid a belt....I was so grossed out seeing them handle money then food I had to leave.

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