Fat wedge U

3835 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 248-3777

Recent Reviews

Greg M.

Fat Wedge is fantastic, The food is superb and the young couple who own this restaurant are great. Great food, fair prices, and great service.

Audrey LoCastro

I cannot say enough good things about this dynamic duo! What an amazing couple who really show teamwork makes the dream work!! I called with a rather large order and they got every single item correct, labeled everything so there was no confusion, seasoned the fries perfectly and made some FAT delicious sandwiches for everyone! They had it all ready as promised and delivered on flavor. Everyone really enjoyed all the food! When we are in the area again this will be our go to spot! Mangia!

Sharon Dion

What a wonderful couple that own and run this little jewel, whose sandwiches etc are never little. I've been there twice and never a complaint. Prices are good for the amount of food and care of preparation. If you have been you know..if you haven't, get down there!

Anthony C.

This spot has great food with an awesome atmosphere! The personalized service makes it a hidden gem for sure. We will definitely visit Fat Wedge U again when in the area.

Casey G.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Fat Wedge U. Immediately when I stepped through the door, the owner gave me the run down on their menu and gave us recommendations on foods. We ordered the Fat Blunt, Chili tots, and the 420 Burger on a glazed donut! Everything was beyond exceptional and the service was very quick! I will definitely be back again soon.

Trist S.

Best food!!! Such a creative menu and the staff makes me feel so special every time I go. Like family! Favorite new spot!!!

James Tatum

I went to fat wedge and had an awful experience. I go into the restaurant and look at the menu to choose my order. I chose my sandwich and asked for them to take off the mozzarella sticks. To witch the lady the responded “absolutely not I would be pulling my hair out if I did that for everyone”. What kinda service is that? How are you pulling your hair out to put less on the sandwich and still charge me the same price? Just a poor experience and will not return.

Karla Hesseltine

My husband and I just moved to Hamden a month ago. We are so blessed to have this place just down the street. The food is outstanding and the service is impeccable. We called real late tonight after a long emotional day with our dog who had to have emergency surgery and they stayed open for us. Thank you Fat Wedge. THE best!

Paula R.

Wow! This place was great. When we walked in and saw menu, I got a little nervous because the sandwich descriptions reminded me of Munchies, which my husband and I tried about a month ago and found overrated. These sandwiches, however, were AMAZING. I had the Greek Stacker and loved it. I never would have imagined Greek+bbq sauce but I love both things so of course it was delicious. The bun was toasted perfection and every bite was full of flavor! My husband had the Fat Smoking Blunt Wedge and it was also great: juicy, flavorful chicken and mozz sticks plus soft, warm bread. Plus the people there were SO nice! We will definitely be back.


This place is great. Not that often do places with a near perfect rating surpass your already high expectations. Mario and Sarah made my family some awesome sandwiches and provided us with great conversation on a rainy Saturday evening. The prices were very good and the portions were even better. As new residents to CT we have finally found our favorite sandwich shop. We will definitely be coming back here again!

Bryan Cannata

So anyone looking for great food at afair price look no further. Mario gives you an insane amount high quality food . worth the trip from anywhere. 5 stars

Jessica Crane

I went for the first time last week & everything was great. Food & customer service was amazing. I somehow got charged twice on my card & the owner Mario was very understanding & cooperative. He personally mailed me a check so I could get refunded for the second charge along with a gift card. I definitely recommend going here & will be back soon!

Bill Corcoran

The sandwiches were insane and the owners were the nicest people and were very accommodating to me and my family. They even were able to accommodate my handicapped mother in law. Please go check these guys out.

Stacy S.

Ate here for the first time today and it did not disappoint. I can't wait to go back!!

JC Orbista

I ordered while thinking that the Fat Wedges menu were combo meals where you would get the items separately. Totally wasn't expecting my fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders to be placed together inside one large sandwich. Definitely a cool and unique experience.

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