Number One Fish Market

2239 State St, Hamden
(203) 624-6171

Recent Reviews

Doris Albrecht-Gaanderse

Everything looks soooo good. From fresh, frozen to prepared food they have everything. AND local fresh eggs and produce.

Bellaner Gutierrez

Great place to get your fish and seafood.

Beryl Benson

The customer service was ok. My issue is with pricing. Purchased king crab legs. Picked out 3. Honestly shouldn’t have been more than 1 1/2lbs. But they’re frozen solid, hard as a rock. Also got one very small lobster tail. My total was $158 for a lobster tail and 3 legs. Was told “they’re not cheap” (after pointing out another customers bag worth $200) as if this was my first time ever purchasing king crab legs smh. Unfortunately Whole Foods is out of them until September. That is where I normally go. I can get a pound and a 1/4 - 1/2 with 2 lobster tails for no more than $65 - $70 total there at $34.99 per lb. for king crab. And lobster tail at whole foods is usually no more than $10.99. Essentially you’re paying for ice at this market. And ice should never cost more than a couple dollars literally. This was my first and last stop here unless they can find a better and fair way to charge for king crab legs.

Robert Perelman

Very fresh, high quality fish and seafood. Sometimes they open at 9 instead of 8, with no online or phone notifications

Alfred Ian L.

I believe this is a RACIST BUSINESS. I had the worst customer service experience in several years today at Number One Fish Market. This afternoon, I brought my elderly mother, who is Asian and visiting from out of state, to the market, as she wanted to treat us for a seafood dinner. After picking out a large order (over $200), my mom asked where to checkout, and I directed her to the front of the store. At that point, a middle age man who was running the cash register - he looked like the photos I've seen of the owner - looked in the direction of my mom and another younger woman nearby and asked if one of them had been helped (it wasn't evident whom he was speaking to). My mom said she was next to pay - at which point the man at the cash register snapped at her and literally snarled, "I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to her!" - as he directed his attention to the woman next to my mom. I was totally shocked at his behavior, especially considering the large order we were in the process of purchasing. We then made our purchase and left the store, and when we got to my car, two separate *customers* came out of the store and approached my mom and me in my car and independently said they felt terrible about how the guy at the cash register had treated my mom and actually apologized to us - including the woman he had brushed my mom aside for, who advised me to write a negative review (hence, what I'm writing now) and said that she herself would never patronize the store again because of this man's behavior. In our current cultural climate, this man's treatment of us felt like anti-Asian racism. I hate using that term, but that's how both my mom and me felt. He treated my mom like some worthless elder who didn't belong in his store - and the spontaneous support we got from two customers in the store who witnessed our interaction only further corroborated how denigrated we felt from our experience there. The owner should be absolutely ashamed! I will never patronize this RACIST BUSINESS again.


Too bad, the price is expensive, when you take the blue crab home, you will find the dead blue crab.

Big Vinnie

Greatest fish market in New Haven County. If they don't have it they will get it

Mahda M. Bagher

Very friendly. Fresh see food.

Dave Allen

Purchased shucked oysters yesterday, asked employee price said $14.99 then noticed on price board $14.99 Purchased 2 thinking $14.99 X 2 containers, checked receipt at home {Southington} price charged $15.99 X 2 final price $35.34? Confused on the math???? Clearly over charged!!!!!! Hope transparency, honesty and trust is highly practiced at #1 FISH MARKET 2239 STATE STREET HAMDEN!!!!!! Benefit of doubt you made error, Had planned on future business with you but not until issue is adjudicated!!! Thank You!

James Roundtree

Best fish market in town

Sue Carbone

Everything was nice and fresh.

lawrence dorfman

The product is great but it’s a small place and it is hard to stay distanced. Some of the counter guys weren’t wearing masks and were chatting up a storm. Nobody was watching the door and there were more than the posted “4 customers at one time.” Aggravating. Trying to buy a piece of fish shouldn’t necessarily involve taking your life into your hands.

Jim Pompano

Very fresh seafood

Mary Harding

Terrible. purchased over $40 of fish salad. Was salty and dry. Called several times. Was told the owner did not believe me. Going their since they were across the street.

Joe C

Went there today wait outside because they had a sign saying only 4 persons at a time in the store okay that is good the fish top notch my problem is in 28 deg weather waiting your turn to go in they allow some one to walk in ahead of me and get served and the reason well they pre-ordered .Pre-order does not mean not waiting your turn.It is too bad I have been going there ever since they were at the other location 80's

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