101 Sandhill Dr, Middletown
(302) 376-3530

Recent Reviews

Vincent Jason

I love all they do here

Jesus Name Patriot

They had a little trouble taking the order in the drive thru. They did not give us an item that was ordered but we also didn't pay for it.Food was good and hot.Arbys sandwich and mozzarella sticks.

Stephen Cook

Jr is very good server. Polite and prompt.

Ray Gonzales

It's ok not my fav to go to my wife likes to eat there. Food is always ok nothing to make me go there unless she is asking

Ronnie Martin

Food came out great. Wasn't a very long wait in the drive-thru even though the lone was pretty long. Only about a 10 minute wait. I had a coupon for the 5 sliders for 5 bucks so I did 2 turkey, 2 chicken and 1 roast beef. They were good, I'd get them again. I saw they had the orange creamsicle shake back, so I had to get one of them too. Those shakes are delicious!

Paula Keplinger

I love the new crinkle fries

Renee Watts

Fast serviceI And very polite

Corey Williams

Great service but cold food. My fries were stale.

Beatrice Berkley

My sandwich was not wrapped very. The sandwich was all over the place.


good food but navigating thru the drive thru seems not safe. cute..but the drive thru needs to be re-done for the ease of making turns to get to the window. tires hitting the curb is just not cool

Karen Baker

I mean, it's fast food. I got the regular fish sandwich. It was fine. Wish I had done my research. I would have tried the fish in the Hawaiian roll.

Niamh Holland

"Good service and selection a good place to stop when variety is your pleasure.""They gave me a regular chicken sandwich with either ranch or blue cheese on it.""Good food needs outdoor dining and trash can"

Ebel Monroy

Fast and my order was right?

Willoam MacMillam

My favorite fast food place never a bad meal the only fast-food place I go to some coupons would be nice

Marcos Perez (Unprotected)

Quite nice, the drive through is a little small but the food is so worth the squeeze. The lines are rarely long and your food is done nearly instant. I recommend this Arby's. Its clean and does not look like an abandoned business.

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