Shing Kwong Restaurant

307 N Broad St, Middletown
(302) 378-7939

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Mark Nemec

My experiance with this restaurant is limited. I was in the area and had a craving for pork egg foo young. So I gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprised I've been back 4 times now?I did notice that they don't speak or understand English well. So speak clearly and repeat and verify what you ordered.

carmen kelly

Shing kwong has a 3.9 rating for a reason. I ordered wings and their was no meat on most of the drums i also ordered the Singapore mai fun I requested not spicy it was really spicy. Called and asked why they stated cause of the curry ingredient it automatically comes spicy. I requested for them to list the ingredients online for people to mmake a choice on which ingredients they wish not to include in their dish. They could of exchanged it but they chose not to. I guess the rest of the ratings were lost in customer service


This is the only Chinese take out place that I know around here that offers chicken pad Thai on their menu which I is fast, food comes piping hot and they give you a generous portion..if your in search of Chinese take out delivery after 9pm in this town this is the place to go to.

Reeniecaramelblonde md

Nice people and delicious food and clean!

Nikki Archie

Went in for take out and watched the cashier take orders and cash with gloves on and then go right back to fixing and bagging up food without removing soiled gloves or washing her hands.

Vicki Gorman

Two orders of sweet & sour chicken delivered burnt. My son had nothing for dinner. It was so obviously burnt. Why give it to costumers?

Kristin K.

Hello. I first want to say the young man answering the phones is very nice! With that said, I ordered chicken and cashews and sweet and sour chicken. The chicken for the chicken and cashews meal almost tasted gamey. Like it was old. The chicken with the sweet and sour chicken tasted the same, but was covered in breading thicker than the chicken. I have always had good food here, so was surprised.

Bobby Crissman

Never have had a problem with Shing Kwong in the 3 years we've lived here. It's our go-to for chinese take out. Delivery is always fast and food is always hot. There's usually enough leftovers for two people the next day.

Nancy Protin

The food is fine. No problem with the food. But I find it ridiculous that they charge extra money if you want Shrimp and Broccoli in a separate container. ? Actually last time I ordered something with Shrimp they would not separate it.It makes no sense to me...

Madalyn Humphrey

Staff is great, especially the 2 brothers and the owners are wonderful. The food is great. If you need to make a change is any of the recipes Angie will work with you.Beef chow fun (on left).Shrimp & broc in white sauce (top).Shrimp Meifun (bottom).

Bobby Crissman

Food is always great, delivery is always super fast. Not sure why there's only a 1 star rating - we've never had an issue in the 15-20 times we've ordered here over the years.

Mommy X3 (Mommy)

Good food. Fast service. Clean area

Nicole Moses

Good food. Fast service. Clean area


We discovered this place a few months ago and have had delivery several times now. We just love their food. Their steamed dumplings are the best ever, and we get them every time. General Tsao's chicken is outstanding. I love the roast pork lo mein, moo shu pork, shrimp roll, wonton soup. We order online, and they deliver promptly. They even called us once when they had a question on our order which I really appreciated.

Julian Hart

Beset service I mean super friendly clean food cooked right every time I only go to this restaurant in Delaware for the past 15 years trust I tried every place but this is hands down the best place ever

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