Steak 'n Shake

100 Sandhill Dr, Middletown
(302) 223-2505

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Raymond Immonen

Changed my review due to far better service now that COVID is over and you can eat indoors. Try the garlic butter burger, delicious. The shoestring fries are crisp and delicious as well as the shakes.


Burgers are made too small... You're basically eating just the bun, the lettuce and tomato and ketchup which is 85 to 90% of the whole sandwich. I didn't feel satisfied at all and I'm still hungry. Even the fries are flimsy at best. Nothing special.

Brittany Heverin

Right now, with all the short staff issues, it did take some time in the drive thru to get to the ordering speaker, but the employees are always friendly, and the food is always excellent, it's worth the wait!

Joshua Garreffa

The man in charge (owner/manager?) was awesome. We drove 30 minutes to our closest Steak ‘n Shake for my nephews birthday, it’s his favorite burger place. The manager went over and beyond to accommodate us even though they were extremely short staffed and restricting dining hours.

SimoneSweet Eats

1st visit to this location and nothing will make me return. I should of walked away when the sign on the door said drive thru only due to staff shortage. The burgers were old and dry, the shakes tasted like colored water no whipped cream no cherry no candy in the shake. Ordered chicken fingers and the honey mustard came in a unmarked container.

Lakya Roberts

This was my third time here coming through the drive thru and had the rudest girl. She responded with uh huh for everything. I think her name was Makayla. Didn’t smile and she obviously didn’t want to be there. Burger was good and the fries are over salted. The shakes are great that’s why I gave 2 stars.

Eric W. (Mozart123)

We hadn't been to a Steak 'n Shake for many, many years, back when we lived in the Midwest. Just happened to run across their pretty new location in Middletown, Delaware, and really liked it once more. The burgers and fries are top-notch and the staff was friendly and helpful.

David Cooke

Best fast food burgers hands down. Excellent shakes. Friendly staff. Great prices. This is my go to. Try Steak N Shake and you'll see why.


Terrible experience! They got the 1 star for the milkshakes. We went through the drive thru and after digging through the 1 bag that they dumped everything in, I noticed multiple things missing! They had no record of our order, so they had no idea what was missing! We had to pull around front and the lady made us repeat our order, but had no idea herself, what burgers went with the numbers we ordered! We had to open and unpack everything to see what was there. This "drive thru" experience took 40 mins! We left there still not knowing if we had everything right, but no longer cared. The most unorganized and confused staff I've ever experienced. Never again.

Cindy Ruth

cat. May have been one of the worst steak n shake experiences ever. The fries were cold. I got a burger meal and they don't have the mustard relish anymore and gave me a packet of regular relish.. They no longer have pepper sauce in a jar for purchase. I probably won't go back to this location.

Nicole Green

First time there the food was AWESOME

Sheika Ontopofeverything

First time here & it will be my last time here. Fries cold burgers cold and not condiments. The only good thing was the shake. And the blonde hair guy who was outside when we pulled back in….became real nasty with us Poor customer service

Billy Greene

The man that took our orders was not so good. He would come over like to take our order and then walk away to say or do something else. I told him 3 times no cheese and no onion, well, I got no onion and scraped the cheese off. The burger was hysterically small. The fries and milk shake were very good. The restroom needed some attention. The worst was the odor of stale cigarettes.

Angela Laird French

The food was great, as it always is at any S&S I have been too. The staff was awesome. We had told them we were visiting the area from CT, told them we didn't have a S&S there and needed the fries! When we were just about finished eating the Manager brought us extra fries to ensure we had enough! so sweet!

Lauren Lopez

Going downhill fast. I use to love Steak ‘n Shake. Recently every time I order it’s just getting worse and worse. With my most recent order today I ordered the Frisco melt with pickles lettuce and onions. I received no toppings that I ordered. My shake was melted and runny. They don’t add cherries anymore to top your milkshake. We asked for Parmesan fries. We were told they no longer have it as an option. My husband ordered ketchup, mayo, and mustard with no tomatoes and no onions. He got no condiments and received onion and tomato. And last but not least they forgot my son’s meal altogether and we had to go in for it. Way to go Steak ‘n Shake. Your employees completely failed at food safety and customer satisfaction.

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