Steak 'n Shake

100 Sandhill Dr, Middletown
(302) 223-2505

Recent Reviews

Tyler Albertson

It's okPrice isn't bad for the food you get

Sharde Morris-Tate

Well, it was ok. The burgers were good, the fries are skinny so, eh... I didn't think it was a drive-through type place but it's another fast food joint with their own twist. I'd eat there again but it's far from my house so it's not really worth the drive. ??‍♀️

Darren Green

Good food and service, I liked the environment as well.

Nakhia Alexander

I did not enjoy it at all. My burger was warmed up and I had to send my fries back. The cashier was sweet though.

Ash Sarfaraz

I went Saturday drive thru around 2 pm

Tony D

Visit here once a year when I am in the area and still the best Western BBQ Burger I have had yet! Fries need to be hot though but still a great place!

J House

Had a good visit. The mushroom and swiss burger was fantastic, the butter burger is good as well. Really enjoyed the fries and the variety of dipping sauces for them. The milkshake selection was huge, and enjoyed the reeses shake alot. Will be back the food was really good.

Reymar Jackson

They lie about hours. There drive thru is simply the slowest moving thing on planet earth. All of the nice employees left, and mean ones remain. It use to to be a nice welcoming place but not anymore…. Im not sure if covid wrecked how they operate, or the manager is out of his gourd… safe to say I wont be dining here as often as I use to.. shame

Khory Bivens

While the burger was the size of my fist, the taste of the steak-paddy was amazing; better than any other burger I had before.

Gina Broom

Delish minus the lobby never being open or no trash can outside

Jonathan N.

Great service and really decent burger, fries and onion rings. The place was deserted at 7pm on a Tuesday evening. Not sure why because it's reasonably priced and a pleasant take out/ fast food joint.


the prices are cheap and the food is great. the burger reminds me of Smashburger and Shake Shack.

Garry F

Very good burgers ??not a fan of them tiny fries tho

Ashley Turbeville

We ordered 2 meals with shakes. My burger was supposed to have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Unfortunately they forgot the ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Our shakes were just, "eh". The Nutella milkshake just tasted like a vanilla shake with little bits of chocolate syrup here and there. The peanut butter Reese milkshake also tasted like a vanilla milkshake with some pieces of Reese in it. No peanut butter. Seems like neither milkshake was mixed properly or ingredients were left out.

William Barrett-Strake

Me and my family have always loved Steak n Shake. All the ones near us closed and so this one is the closest to us. It takes us about an hour one way to get to that location. Unfortunately the last 4 times,l there has been issues, twice only discovering there was an issue only when we have gotten home. This time, steak burger with cheese and chipotle sauce was missing chipotle and cheese. Four ingredients and half were missing.

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