Waffle House

598 W Main St, Middletown
(302) 449-0110

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Was very impressed. Service was good, food came out quick and everything tasted good. Will go back. Great prices for 2

Marilena Rivera

Staff did not acknowledge us upon entry. The chef finally acknowledged us and said someone would be with us. Finally a manager had ce out and began speaking with someone who was cleaning the dishes and finally looked over and asked if we were picking up food. We advised no we were waiting to be seated and served. Finally seated we placed our order. We received only half of the order with Noone coming over to see how we were etc. We did however receive the bill and the bill included items we never received. The bill was finally corrected. They need either more attentive staff that care or simply more staff. Will not be returning.

Robert Johnson

Waffle House is going to loose out in today's market having such a limited menu. I don't eat pork and at this restaurant it means that I can barely eat anything served here. They have limited cooking surfaces they prepare food and pork is cooked everywhere!They do have small skillets where they cook eggs but anything else is contaminated with pork. And if you are vegan or vegetarian there's probably less than that on the menu you can eat. I will not be returning bc the staff offered no alternatives at all. This restaurant had about 12 tables and 4 servers could not serve people in a timely manner anyway. By the tume i received my waffles my eggs were terribly cold..if you have any dietary restrictions Waffle House has thought of zero options for you to have besides the waffles which are delicious but they aren't that good.

Kim C

I had a breakfast bowl. It was tasty, but the grits were lumpy.

Ryan Norris

I've been to A LOT of WaHos. This was probably the worst. I spent so much time looking at unclear tables while groups in front of me left. Finally sat down and waited another 15 minutes to have nobody come take our order.The crazy thing is, this particular location was better staffed than any other Waffle House I can remember. There were probably about 10 people working the day I visited. Something just wasn't right with this location in particular.Genuinely disappointed, and that's from a real Waffle House fan.

Rakesh A.

For me being from New Jersey I have never eaten at one and since I got a job at a company I decided to try new places like Hardee's and this Waffle House on different days. First thing is that they had a sign say to pay in cash so there's a Wawa in the area for that. From that point on, I went into the Waffle House it was self service seating and the funny thing is that while waiting there a clerk acknowledge me while being on break and a second clerk ignored me. They use code words for eggs and food tastes okay as if it was homemade.

Frank Miller

My wife and I stopped in for brunch.. We had to wait maybe 15 min that went very quick. The service was great and food was good. I would definitely go back if I'm in the Delaware area.

Helen Payne

I wouldn't give this place a 1. We went in and as usual someone told us to take a seat. The booths were all dirty with dishes and food. We found the least dirty and sat down. Finally after about 10 minutes of being ignored someone said they would be with us. After looking around everything was dirty. The floor looked like a barn floor. A man came out of the bathroom claiming his food made him sick. I looked at my husband and we got up and left. The place was not crowded with at least 7 people behind the counter. Never ever will we go there again. Hope the employees keep their homes cleaner than where they work.

Bill Sahm

This waffle house is much cleaner than the last one I visited. Oddly enough it's owned by the same company. Staff in Middletown are awesome!

Matt Casey

I have eaten in literally HUNDREDS of Waffle Houses around the country. HUNDREDS. I love Waffle House so much, I pick hotels close by so I can get to WH first thing in the morning. I sometimes eat there twice in a day. Love, love, love da House!! I am their biggest fan, and share accolades on my social media all the time!

WIllie Newson

The food was great the manage needs to work on customer service with his employees let them know they're at work and not on the street playing with each other

Gissell G.

stopped in with my boyfriend and his mother for some breakfast, so 3 of us. Nobody greeted us as we walked in. Eventually a waitress did greet us nicely and advised we could sit wherever we wanted and the only table available to seat all of us was by the bathroom! all the other tables that could fit us still had the food from the previous customers. I understand one might be short staffed but there was a group of workers in a corner possibly on break just sitting there. those tables should have been clean, if they had been maybe we would have stayed but we immediately walked out.

James Greene

Good food, but they need to clean their tables better

Teri Ralston

I get places are understaffed due to covid, but they still have half the dining area closed off (half was being used, other half had red tape across it) and you couldn't get take out either, why? The staff was grumpy.

Joe E.

Store says open 24 hours. Closes at 2pm. The quick brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog.

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