Chelsea Tavern

821 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 482-3333

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Great food! Maddie was a friendly & helpful server!

Ralph Trites

Slow is Chelsea Tavern’s motto this afternoon. Hostess doesn’t know if they have a high chair. Not a good start. We are seated at 12:30 & we wait. Waitress stops by, serves us water & ghosts us; because 15 minutes later a different waitress announces she’ll be waiting on us. We ask about gluten-free options & she is going to check & she ghosts us! Gone 15/20 minutes before returning to give information & take the order. No salt or pepper to be had. Dry pancakes (not fresh), wet eggs (not fresh). To top off a poor experience: a forced 20% gratuity added on! Very disappointing all around. Lots of empty tables: there was not a Sunday rush (and now we all know why).


The food was ok. I was expecting a little higher quality from the menu descriptions. The service was pretty good for being short-staffed. It was a little dark and loud for a comfortable brunch. Would probably be fine for dinner and bar time. The thing that put us off the most was the 20% additional "COVID FEE". I was trying to find out if that was a normal thing in Delaware, as we are from out of town. I am hoping that the restaurant utensils, tables, etc. were being cleaned thoroughly before the pandemic. So I'm not sure of the charge. I hope it doesn't cause people to tip the servers less. I know they are struggling right now.

opentable dinner

Everything was exceptional

Lucky Blackwell

Ordered Medium well and Rare...The Burger was good but Too much bread.Friendly service...


Our go to place. Always good food and beer selection.

opentable dinner

We arrived at 1230 and did not get our brunch order for an hour! Our drinks also took forever. The food was great and our server was nice but 2 hours for breakfast food and drinks is not acceptable.

Crystal Dennison

The atmosphere was nice. The food was good n came out nice n hot.

Lord FatSam

What can I say except for the fact this place is extremely well rounded. The food has been great but most of all the staff is AMAZING!!!! I’m traveling for work and this has become my after work delight. Spencer, Lee, Abigail, Dorothy, Alicia, Tatiana, and let’s not forget Sammy! They are truly the high points of this establishment. I have never had such an amazing group of people working in one single place. The employees truly make this place with their amazing skill and personality! I will forever remember the service and good times I have had here. Elvis you have a great crew, kitchen, and bar. Thank you

Anthony Carrell

Very disappointing! I ordered a " grilled" rib eye sandwich and I knew I was rolling the dice. I did order it medium rare, but it was fatty and pretty disgusting. It came with 8 or 9 steak fries and I was extremely disappointed. I also was very upset with the service. We went on a Wednesday night, and it wasn't busy at all. My wife and daughter got drinks quickly, mine took forever. Food was slow to come out. I must say my wife and daughter liked their meals. Appetizer of soft pretzels was good. Excellent dipping sauces. Drinks were good. I think I just ordered the wrong thing. Poor service compounded my opinion of this place. The waitresses automatically get a 20 percent service fee, which I totally support in the age of covid, however, I don't know how much incentive the girl had to give us good service. I had to ask where my drink was, the food took a while and I had to ask to get my check. Finally, when walking back to car, we noticed a gentleman dropping f bombs out loud. He stopped and stared us up and down. It was upsetting as my young daughter was with us. He then continued yelling out f bombs and talking to himself. I've been to places on Market a few times the past two years and unfortunately have seen some upsetting things and heard upsetting things. I suppose there is not much you can do to make the area more enjoyable and attractive to visit. Overall, a disappointing experience.

Trish D’Amelio

Came to Delaware for a two-night stay and ate out Chelsea's tavern. The food was great. They were out of some beers that we requested, but that is understandable. We asked to be seated outside and were taken to a lovely outdoor area on the side of the restaurant. It was very nice until the homeless in the area started begging at our tables for food and money. We tried to not let this to put a damper on our evening, but it was quite annoying. I think management should try to do something to curb this.


Tip should be according to service not automatic, this allows a server to choose when to return to the table.

Shaun Bush

The drink service was very attentive and friendly. I’m addition the vibe was amazing. The jam sessions are not to be missed


CT continues to be a consistently good place to eat. Outdoor seating along the side of the building was very nice for a July evening with low humidity. Service was OK and I think the kitchen staff is a bit strained based on comments from our server. Meal was good but not quite as good as we have had previously. I had tuna and my husband had the seafood stew special. All fresh and cooked correctly. They are adding a 20% service charge to all checks which goes to the servers. It is called out on the menu so there is no surprise when the bill arrives. We were fine with that approach given the beating the food service industry has taken during COVID. Tip: Always order trio fries!!


Food was really good, but the restaurant itself was extremely hot. My boyfriend and I left minutes after getting our food simply because it was so humid. If you don’t mind sweating while eating you’ll love it here. Also the 20% surge charge is kind of ridiculous since no one was wearing mask anyway.

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