DiMeo's Pizza

831 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 655-1427

Recent Reviews

Bill Huttinger

Pizza a good. Parking lot is a cluster. I will not be going back due to this. Couldn't get in or out without others in the way. Sorry.

Shanequa Williams

I love their food theirs some occasional nuances based on the dish, but you'll survive, overall very good. There's been this middle aged lady that's been working there for years and that could be a sign in small shops they know how to treat their employees and are consistent. There's also this other guy, real tall appears gruff, but when you interact with him he's sweet and very nice. I always get their chicken Alfredo but I add shrimp and ask them to make my sauce blush. One ti.e they did a taco pizza and it was so good, but I have not seen it in 2 years. Their wings are ordinary but I like their subs and those little pepperoni pinwheels or even the broccoli ones. Very affordable.

Alexis M.

Always great food & atmosphere . I especially love the pasta so authentic & fresh . Wings are good as well , try them out In Wilmington Delaware you won't be mad

Aga R. Ramos

Good pizza ? ? and salad

Olivia K.

I've been going to Dimeo's since they opened and had no idea what I was in for this last time... my sister ordered the roasted cauliflower and brussels to go and what we got was NOT roasted not sure if they're under the same management, used to love this place but this was not it

Dainti Richardson

Watch out, the people who makes the food likes to use there phones and not wash there hands after. The pizza is good, if you can get pass the not washing hands!

B Dlyn

Delicious food, a great little gem for take out, or stop in and have a slice NY style with a perfectly chilled glass of wine ??

Elizabeth Vitela

Consistently good and good customer service. Prices are reasonable and restaurant is clean.

Doree J.

This food is so good. Their wings with their house made sauce and onion was super excellent and so is their pizza.

Michelle S.

I was impressed! I ordered a calzone and my husband had the meatball hoagie. The order came to our hotel in a timely matter. The food was better than expected. I seen some bad reviews but was very happy we were pleased with our order.


I'm so sad that I got the gluten free pizza... It wasn't really edible. Yucky all around. They forgot my pepperoni which didn't help. Sorry, I hate giving bad reviews but the front desk at the hotel recommended them-disappointed.



Michelle B.

My husband and I was pleasantly surprised. We were visiting from out of town so we didn't know exactly where to order a pizza from. When we called to make our order the young man on the phone who took our order seemed not knowledgeable about the pizza's they sold. When the pizza arrived it was not exactly what we ordered however it was still good. I understand during this time it's hard to get good help because of unemployment checks!

Muriz A.

The most disgusting pizza I've ever had in my life. I ordered the ranch chicken pizza and it was not even edible because the deal was uncooked and everything else on top of it and it was uncooked so I had to toss it in the trash that's how bad it was. I will never recommend to check or try this place out please do not stay away

Mail Man

Best mozzarella cheese and dough around!!Sausage pizza is delicious ?❤️If you like wings then this is the place to get your wings they are great.Pizza crust taste authentic...After a day old you put in the oven and it's still taste great ?Fast delivery...Nice restaurant.. authentic feel..All around great establishment!Edit: I can't review twice apparently, so I gotta edit a update an say the pizza at DiMeo's is fantastic!

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