Manhattan Bagel

3209B Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 477-0700

Recent Reviews

Joseph Massaini

Still Best Bagel place in America

Sharnair Jemmott

The best chicken salad ever! I got it on toasted white bread.

Xavier McLean

The employees are VERY rude. Went there for breakfast. I was rushed in choosing bagels. I will NEVER GOING BACK. I'm 51 yrs old & very surprised by my treatment.

Edwin Lockman

Cheesesteak Egg and Cheese..(With the onions)In A Bagel Of Your Choosing...Will Be Your Favorite "Quick Bite"From Now Till The End Of Time!

Bill Doherty

Very nice and clean also friendly

Christine Figueroa

This place has alot of good reviews but when I went my bagel was hard and bland, and the coffee was cold. I'll give it a second chance though.

Wolf Dog

Never been there, good, friendly service, I will return.

Elijah Park (Fluffymuttins)

Good bagels and coffee here ?. Loved the Farmhouse.

Joan Pizzini

The bagels are awesome and the staff are really friendly.

Elijah Park

Good bagels and coffee here ?. Loved the Farmhouse.

neil sherr

Worst in town! They used to be awesome....I'm not sure what happened but I can assure you they are not fresh on Sunday mornings! ?

x.The. Tina.x

Great, affordable sandwiches. Nice staff. Clean location. Easy to navigate website. Disappointed by lack of availability on plain bagels on last visit (I mean, really? No PLAIN bagels?!) However, next location very easy to find online.**Revised* Thank you very much for the response of the owner explaining how to remedy my issue. Now I know to call ahead.. 5th?added**


Great breakfast sandwiches at fair prices

Joe Forbes

Their getting skimpy with the cream cheese.

Patrick Nicholson

Great bagels. Great service.

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